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Honey, They Shrunk The Plane MEM On The ERJ140

Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:49 pm

It's been abut six months since I did one of these, so bear with me,
August 4, I got called and told not to show up at work in La County. Two weeks, I was asked if could do a one year contract with the State of New York. I said yes, and got myself up here.
I had bought some tickets back to Ol' CGI (Via STL), but my mother has been having issues(She is 84), Coupled with less than reliable relatives in Missouri, We wound up moving her to where the reliably relatives were: Memphis. And since she named me in a power of attorney for her. I needed to go to MEM to get everything lined up.
Thankfully, I had enough AAdvantge miles to do it, The only problem being that AA doesn't do ALB. So I wound up doing BDL-ORD-MEM )
I woke up on the 29th, It was 9 degrees here in Albany ay 0700.
I started up my car and drove over the Berkshire Extension of the New York Thruway (toll $.84),the Mass Pike (toll $.00), and I-91. at 0900 I got to Bradley, and checked in. I used the E-boarding pass, which promoted me to the "Trusted Traveler" status in the eyes of the TSA.
I wandered around for an hour and a half, until n645ae pulled up:

No First class on this bird, Port side is as good as it gets:

pushing back:

I noticed an old 747 on takeoff -sorry no picture
ETOPs on a 145?

I had an 2 layover at ORD. Strangely, My E-boarding pass would not work here. I had to resort to the old fashioned paper.

Before getting on N820AE, which is an Embraer 140, Inside, it looks about like any other ERJ:

But it only holds 45 passengers, versus 50 for a 145.
Soon, we were crossing old man river:

Picked up my Kia soul from Alamo:

Which worked out pretty good, although the Hip-Hop Hamster are probably mad at me for hauling a walker in the back,and headed off to have supper with Mother:

I did take mom to Beale Street for the first time in 60 years:

and walked around Overton park:
E.H. "Boss" Crump

Brooks Musem:

Levitt Shell, Site of Elvis' First Concert

World War I memorial:

and the zoo:

Coming back, I went to Beale Street, and stopped to say hi to the King:

and a parting shot:

So ended my walking in Memphis. A lot of change, The Mall of Memphis is gone, and The Pyramid is being changed in to a Bass Pro. Next thing, they'll bulldoze Stax studios.
Oh wait, they did that. And the Air Force repossessed the Memphis Belle, so all that's Left is this:
From 1-4-2012

and the pedestal where it stood on Central Avenue.
Anyway,Once the shuttle bus driver picked me up , she asked what airline I was flying.
"American." I responded
"American?! She replied "You talk like that, you should be flying Delta, like us. You going to Dallas?"
"New York State. Via Chicago."
This really threw for a loop, almost as bad as some of the folks living at the Parkview. Having tried and failed to convince her that New York State and New York City are two different things, I reverted back to more easy conversation.
A joke.
A Man dies in the Southeast. When he wakes up, He realizes that he is at the local airport, at the Delta gate, Saint Peter is standing behind the counter.
He approaches Saint Peter, who hands him a boarding pass.
"I noticed the arrival time has been delayed." The man says. "Is there anything I did?"
"Nah" Saint Peter answers "The Plane's coming here from Atlanta. There's thunderstorms there today. Delta's Chairman stubbed his toe and said something the Lord didn't like."
A little out of date, now that Delta and Northwest merged and Delta took over the Memphis hub.
The king runs the Airport, too:

I was composing an e-mail, when I noticed the flight for Dallas was operated by N984TW. Can't get away from TWA.
My Flight to ORD was on N610AE, another ERJ145.
Downtown Memphis:

Taum Suak Power Plant in the Ozarks

Back at O'hare:

My Flight back to Bradley was not on the ERJ, but on the CRJ-700. Nice riding plane for a regional, despite the odd window arrangement(maybe picks next time).
Got back, and it was still cold. Still, it beats unemployment. That's what I keep telling myself.
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RE: Honey, They Shrunk The Plane MEM On The ERJ140

Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:08 pm

Great Pictures! I would love to see Memphis. I flew through MEM on a connection flight, ironically ORD-MEM-STL-MWA, on Delta and then Cape Air, and it was a great little airport.

I see you moved to New York State then for a year, will you need to change your name to ALB2MEM?  

Miss your CGI Trips, great things are happening down here in the SEMO/SO ILL Area.

How many miles did it cost to get to MEM, 25K?

Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who go AFTER it!
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RE: Honey, They Shrunk The Plane MEM On The ERJ140

Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:30 pm

Quoting atrude777 (Reply 1):
New York State then for a year, will you need to change your name to ALB2MEM

I didn't know I could do that! My mother has Dementia, so I'm not sure who much longer I'm going to stay here and manage her affairs, as my cousins who are helping me with her are considerably older than I am. I would stand a better chance finding something in my profession in MEM than CGI (aside from getting a masters and teaching @ semo or SIU). Wish I could have kept her there, but with her budget and my less than helpful relatives, wasn't going to fly.

Quoting atrude777 (Reply 1):
How many miles did it cost to get to MEM, 25K?

50k  Wow! To get the dates I needed. I had to be there on the 29th to put my name on her checking account. I could have done via JFK-BNA-ORD-MEM, but that was a little too far, and the ALB-JFK shuttle bus is $150, which was a little too much connecting and money, as I had to pitch in some of her moving costs. leaves me w/ 1K -probably will donate it to miles
MEM is quite a nice airport. I had been there a couple of time in the past - A cousin's Husband is a retired NW GA who started with Southern Airways, and I picked some cousin for funerals there. It is a bit like STL, in that's noticeably empty since the DL/ pulldown(I could have been there during Non-bank times). They also have a place that serves Fried Baloney sandwiches. They do have plenty of DC95's and lots of Purple planes (wonder why?) Was buzzed by a Fedex 727 when returning the car. Forgot who loud those things are!
I did transform my ALB-ORD-STL Xmas trip into a ALB-EWR-MEM trip during tax time. Maybe I should change my name to ERJlover, since EWR-MEM is on ExpressJet (Alb-ewr on Colgan). After that, it looks I'm going to start accumulating skyPesos or DividendMiles.

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