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Pacific Coast Revisit: Shorts 360 YVR-YBL-YQQ-YVR

Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:09 am

Here is another trip report on Pacific Coastal Airlines – instead of a complete trip report, it is a follow-up of my previous report. After notified by a fellow that Pacific Coastal is going to retire the Shorts 360-100 after this summer, I made another trip to Vancouver in order to fly the Shorts.

Pacific Coastal Airlines is a Canadian regional airline based in Vancouver’s South Terminal and runs a number of flights to and from smaller cities in British Columbia. I flew their Vancouver to Campbell River to Comox flight in May but got a last minute aircraft change – a Beechcraft 1900 was used instead of Shorts 360. So this is my second try and I am glad that there is no aircraft change and I am able to fly Shorts 360, which is very nice and the comfort level catches me off guard. It will be missed. But since I have already written about the service, this will be a very short report. I have enclosed the album link so you can check out the photos of this beautiful plane.

Album link:

Flight information:
August 1, 2012
8P 701 YVR-YBL Lv0815 Arr0900 Shorts 360-100 C-GPCF
8P 701 YBL-YQQ Lv0915 Arr0925
8P 705 YQQ-YVR Lv1220 Arr1255

C-GPCF was the plane used on this particular day and I flew it on all three legs. This aircraft was delivered on August 1983 and spent its early life down under with Murray Valley and Sunstate Airlines, before sold to Pacific Coastal in 2000.

These flights were all on time and even with a late departure from YVR due to the busy morning traffic, we arrived Comox more or less on time. The return from Comox to Vancouver managed to arrive at gate only nine minutes late. The flight time was around 30 minutes on the YVR to YBL, and YQQ to YVR flight, and the YBL to YQQ flight was only eight minutes long. Turnaround was quick at the immediate stops and refueling only took place in Vancouver. They just load and unload passengers and cargo at YBL and YQQ.

C-GPCF at Vancouver

Close-up of the Propeller

Landing gear and Shorts logo

Departure from Vancouver

Engine in action

Comox airport from the air

Stop at Campbell River

Interesting planes at the tarmac of Campbell River – Northern Thunderbird Airline

Central Mountain Air of course

Wing shot

Comox Airport

C-GPCF at Comox

Going out to YVR
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RE: Pacific Coast Revisit: Shorts 360 YVR-YBL-YQQ-YVR

Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:10 am

Pacific Coastal counter at YQQ

Boarding pass – very nice

Layover at Comox
Westjet arrival – highlight of the day

C-GPCF coming back to YQQ again

Leaving finally

One great thing about the Shorts 360 was the availability of cabin service with one flight attendant. To be honest I am not sure what to expect, but Pacific Coastal does not disappoint.

Paul was our flight attendant this morning, and was courteous and friendly. He worked basically the whole day and when I asked him, “are you done for the day?” He just smiled and said, “No… working till late tonight”! I guess they worked the whole day up and down the BC coast.

Of course there was no service on the eight minutes flight from YBL to YQQ, but for the two longer flights, here is the service:
Express beverage service – boxed orange or apple juice, and water on request
Snack basket (yes snacks – you are more than welcome to have more than one item) – Rice Krispies treat, Kellogg’s Nutrigrain bars (various flavors), or Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie
Candies prior to arrival

All in thirty minutes

YVR-YBL (OJ/Rice Krispies/Nutrigrain Apple-Cinnamon bars)

YQQ-YVR (AJ/Rice Krispies/Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie)


Shorts 360 Safety Card
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RE: Pacific Coast Revisit: Shorts 360 YVR-YBL-YQQ-YVR

Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:10 am

I will describe Shorts 360 Cabin as a giant box – unlike other planes, there is not much curve and you feel like sitting inside a box. The windows are huge and there is tremendous amount of headroom, which is an issue even in the newest turboprop Dash 8-Q400 or ATR. I am 5feet 10inches and feel very comfortable standing straight up. The seating arrangement used by 8P is three abreast (A-BC), which is very comfortable. BTW, there is no advanced seat assignment and everything is OPEN seating. The noise level though is higher than Beechcraft 1900 and all the other facilities remind you that this is an aircraft with older design. There is a lavatory, but I don’t recommend using it. There is no sink but it makes an interesting experience.

Cabin shot

Exit Row

Door opener


Seat belt/smoking sign

Huge window


Back of seat

Tray Table

Overhead lights and nozzles

Lavatory – old style and please note that there is no sink, but they have disinfectant wipes.

What is this indicator?


Arrival in Vancouver

C-GPCF in Vancouver – Goodbye and thanks for the sweet memories!

Nearby Beechcraft 1900

In conclusion, Pacific Coastal is a very good regional airline in Canada and I highly recommend it to everyone.
My next report will come shortly after – another new airline for me!


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