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Munich To Bangkok First Class On Thai Airways

Wed Sep 26, 2012 12:12 pm

Hello everyone,

This is a report with video of my recent trip. Please see my video at:

I've tried to add a number of pics to this post, but have constant error messages, so I'm afraid you can't see the things I mention in this report.

TG925 MUC~BKK is an overnight flight with scheduled departure 21:50, arrival 13:40 the following day; flight time 10 hrs 50 mins.

My journey started in Munich. Of the dozen or so lounges I've used recently, I have to say that, unfortunately, the LH Senator Lounge in MUC has been my worst experience. Despite flying in First Class, this was the only lounge I could choose. LH First Lounge is for LH F passengers only. The Senator Lounge was very crowded, noisy, a basic, large room with almost no food and no internet. I asked the staff about this and they said that because so many people were accessing internet, the system was down. I thought that was very weak because if the lounge gets crowded every day as it was, does the internet cut out every day as well?

The only redeeming feature of the lounge was the shower. It was a generous size, clean and offered basic amenities.
Fortunately I didn't have to wait long (travelling in F) for the shower, although there was a long waiting list and it was the end of a very hot and humid day in Germany. I appreciated being able to freshen up before my long flight.

I felt there was a very poor selection of food for a business/first lounge.There was some kind of local meatloaf, pickles, potato salad (and something else)...

Staff do not accompany F passengers to the gate as they do in Thailand. So I left the cacophony of the Senator Lounge and went to my departure gate, where most people waited in a much quieter 'zombie' mode. Boarding was delayed by 15 mins and by that time, I just wanted to get on the plane into a comfy seat and have a cold (real) drink.

The flight was on HS-TGK, a 744 which first flew on 11th January, 1991. Thai Airways have named this aircraft "Alongkorn".

It was a pleasant surprise to see door R1 open, a rare sight and even more so with nothing being loaded/unloaded. I wanted to peer over and down the empty space, but didn't want to freak out the lovely TG attendants.

There were only five of us in the F cabin, which has 10 comfortable, lie-flat sleeping pods.

Something that is very different in policy and practice between TG and SQ is that on TG, we could listen to music and change into pyjamas before take off. On SQ, for safety reasons, they state and show on the video that headsets should not be used before take off and to keep your footwear on and securely fastened. That makes sense. I would not like to slide down an emergency chute wearing pyjamas and no shoes...

The flight itself was smooth, memorable for the fine champagne, meals, comfy pyjamas, good rest, wonderful service, cart to express immigration clearance in BKK (which took only moments). My bag was the first delivered and the TG staff who had accompanied me through immigration, offered to carry my bags to wherever I needed to get transport. I politely declined and headed straight down to the airport train for Phaya Thai BTS Station.

Thai Airways International offers a quality First Class product. The attendants were all genuinely warm and attentive. I wanted for nothing, which is all part of a first class experience. I also appreciate that the F tray tables are large enough to spread documents and be able to use a laptop, or to have dinner/a meeting for two without feeling cramped.

It takes time to prepare and post trip reports, so I would really appreciate your comments to my video (see the link above) or to what I've included here. Please also check and comment on my other recent posts about First Class on TG, which have received thousands of views, but very few comments.

Thanks, and happy flying!

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RE: Munich To Bangkok First Class On Thai Airways

Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:04 pm

Wow, that was a great report. Thai really do offer a fantastic First product.
How did you manage to walk off the plane after all that food in 10hrs? 
really like the idea of a buggy ride at the end to beat the queues, does Thai offer a First Class arrivals lounge?

Quoting trent1000 (Thread starter):
The attendants were all genuinely warm and attentive. I wanted for nothing

Agreed, the Far East airlines do Customer service very well.

Look forward to another report, thanks for sharing.  
you don't get a second chance to make a first impression!
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RE: Munich To Bangkok First Class On Thai Airways

Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:09 am

Quoting readytotaxi (Reply 1):
does Thai offer a First Class arrivals lounge?

No, There is no F arrivals lounge, but in transit the F lounge and Spa are wonderful and offer a super range of products and services.
The cart ride is a really civilised addition. You can easily walk a kilometre or so to/from a gate at BKK. Although there are moving walkways, it does take time. The carts zip through the terminal in minutes.

Thanks for your reply.
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RE: Munich To Bangkok First Class On Thai Airways

Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:18 am

I'll try to post my pics again here in reply.
This was the extent of the food in the LH lounge.

The nice shower and amenities

Door R1 open

Let's hope the pics can be seen this time.
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RE: Munich To Bangkok First Class On Thai Airways

Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:21 am

I can't understand where these Thai people learn to make breakfast. Their dinner is fantastic, but their breakfast reminds me of when I first started to cook. Oh, and the dessert is something they give in some long distance bus in Brazil when people who can't buy plane tickets go. I mean, the dessert has no chocolate and the stick was just white chocolate? It is like what I imagine people had to suffer when things were rationed in East Germany!!! Oh, the bed was very nice and it is nice to see so much space. But, the best was of course the normal champagne that everyone should get as a fundamental right in First Class.

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