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JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:01 pm

Barely a couple of weeks after my working trip to Indonesia, I was flying off for another extended weekend getaway, this time to Beijing in China! My last visit to the Chinese capital was 20 years ago and it would be interesting to see how the city has changed. What was more exciting was that I would be flying Business Class for the entire trip!! Jetstar up to Beijing and Singapore Airlines back. And not only was I trying a new airline's Business Class offering (albeit Jetstar is a LCC), it would be my first experience on SQ's long-haul Business Class seat on its B773ER (I have tried the old regional seat on B772 and new regional seat on the A333)!! And what made the flights interesting was that both planes operating my flights were in "special livery", with my Jetstar flight operated by the only plane with white instead of grey livery, and the SQ flight operated by the all-white Star livery aircraft. Warning: This report would be very photo-intensive.

My flight to Beijing on Jetstar in Business Class cost me a "ridiculous" offer price of S$298 all-in, inclusive of 30kg baggage, all meals/beverages/amenities and inflight entertainment. This was even cheaper than SQ economy promotion fare for the flight departing at almost the same timings! Fares in economy class on Jetstar could even be as low as $138 one-way! Check-in was done earlier online and I just needed to get my boarding passes at the airport.

Jetstar Business Class check-in counter. There was only 1 counter for Business Class passengers.

Boarding pass was the same as in economy. I was in seat 5A. My initially chosen seat in Row 1 was not available during online check-in (reasons unknown) and thus I reassigned myself to seat 5A after ascertaining that Seats 4A/B remained empty. This was so that there would be no one reclining into me!

Cleared through immigration using the automated lanes and proceeded to the Skyview Lounge, courtesy of my Priority Pass. The lounge, which is mainly used by CX passengers and some other airlines, was recently renovated. No lounge access for JQ Business Class passengers unless you paid extra for it (around S$200), which would then grant access to QF Lounge and earn QF FF miles.

Reading area.

Work area.

Tarmac view from lounge. Lots of Jetstars including the A332 which arrived from MEL. Interestingly, a different plane would be operating the continuing flight with the same flight number to Beijing. Note the EK A380 parked at the background? Apparently EK is already operating the A380 on certain days, well ahead of the "official launch" date. Months ago, AF did the same as well.

The lounge is rather big and new!

Lots of seating.

Food buffet. However the buffet area is not too exciting. Lots of drinks selection but not too much on food. No desserts spotted as well.

Hot choices.

The dim sum is nice though.

At about 1800hrs, I left the lounge and proceeded to the gate at D49. Boarding has already started.

21 September 2012
Jetstar Airways
JQ 7
Singapore (SIN) - Beijing (PEK)
Business Class

Operating my flight today would be VH-EBC, the white-livery aircraft. Another aircraft was used to operate the arrival MEL-SIN sector.

Boarded the aircraft through door one and was welcomed by a friendly Jetstar crew. Directed to my seat at Row 5, which is the second last row in the Business Class cabin of the A332. There were a total of 36+2 seats in Business Class on Jetstar's A332, all in the forward cabin. Seats 6H/K were apparently reserved for crew rest (a curtain around them while inflight).

Across the cabin from my seat. The configuration of Business Class was 2-3-2. Seats were leather-clad and of the old style recliner type. They were also used on Qantas domestic Business Class routes. Not full-fledged international business class seats, but definitely much more comfy than any economy product out there!

Seat pitch is not wonderfully generous, at 38". However it was more then sufficient for the mostly "economy-flying" me.

Seat controls were manual. Radio channels, call button and lights were on the arm rest.

Once seated, the crew offered a complimentary blanket and amenity kit, all for yours to take away.

Amenities in the amenity kit: Socks, eye shades, toothbrush set, ear plugs, blow-up pillow and two tubes of cosmetic products. Really generous!

Close up of the cosmetic products. Face cream and lip balm. These are not available in the normal economy purchased amenity kit.

Noise-cancellation headphones were then offered.

This was followed by welcome drinks! Crew offered a selection of orange juice, apple juice or sparkling rose wine!! These were served in proper wine glasses. The sparkling wine was great! Jetstar kept surprising me!!

Jetstar magazine, inflight entertainment guide and safety card in the seat pocket.

Another surprise. A menu was offered!

On Jetstar Business Class, all food, drinks and snacks (snacks from the BOB menu) are complimentary. Lets take a look at what is offered. First, the beverage list. Not a bad selection.

And the wine list. Jetstar was awarded 2nd by Business Traveller in 2011 for having the "Best Cellar in Business Class". Its awarded Best Business Class white wine, however, was not available on this flight. The rest of the choices were still rather decent though. I especially liked the Rose.
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:15 pm

The menu listed out all the meals served in Business Class on Jetstar's A332 network.

Lets see what is served on the SIN-PEK flight tonight. Starter, 3 choices of main courses, cheese and dessert. Seemed like a proper business class offering.

The business cabin filled up to about 20 pax out of 36 available seats. Not too bad, but if most of them were to pay similar fares as me, I really do not know how Jetstar is going to make a profit on this route. Flight time was announced as 6h5m. The flight map was shown on the overhead LCD screens, which were also used to show short features throughout the flight. Pushback was delayed for about 15min due to congestion in Changi. Initially during boarding, 3 crew members were in business class but later inflight, more crew came down to assist during the meal service. In the meantime while waiting for pushback, crew went round to take dinner and drink orders.

Finally we pushed back. Safety demo was both shown on the overhead monitors as well as performed by the crew, aka QF-style.

Spot the AF A380 which had just arrived?

It was only a short taxi to Rwy20C. SQ B772 waiting to let us pass.

View of the cargo/maintenance area.

And takeoff!

Shortly after the seatbelt signs were turned off, the crew distributed immigration forms and a bottle of water for each pax in business class. This was followed by real hot towels! Hot towels on Jetstar? What luxury!

Next up, complimentary i-Pads were distributed. The i-Pads had replaced the previous bulky portable IFE system and were also uploaded with increased entertainment options. New releases were almost exactly the same as on SQ's Krisworld for the month.

There were other options such as e-magazines as well...

and more as seen using the link below.... Not as extensive as SQ but sufficient for this mid-haul flight.

Apart from the i-Pad entertainment, short features were also screened on the overhead monitors. Radio channels were available too. About 45min after takeoff, dinner service started. The crew started serving from the front of the plane. One crew was serving on each aisle, with the crew-in-charge working in the galley.

As the load was not too high, service was rather fast. Soon the meal cart was approaching my row.
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:46 am

I didn't know Jetstar used their A330 on the PEK route. Interesting to see the Business Compartment product. Do I need to ask which one is better, SQ or JQ?  
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:03 pm

Tray table out from the armrest.

Appetiser, main course, bread roll and chocolate were served on a linen-covered tray with metal utensils. All the food come in proper Business class serviceware. Salt and pepper were offered by the crew using rock salt and pepper grinders ala First Class style. A rather classy way to cut cost and save on the salt/pepper cartons on the trays. I had an orange juice and a rather nice Sauvignon Blanc, all served in glasses, to go with my choice of Chicken Curry. Overall presentation of the meal is comparable to many full-service airlines' business classes.

Appetiser: Thai noodle salad. A very simple starter.

Warm bread roll with butter. Note the Jetstar-branded metal utensils!

Chicken curry kapitan. Above average but not fantastic.

The other choice of pork belly with linguini. This was delicious but the greens were overcooked.

Jetstar linen.

Jetstar-branded wine glasses.

Just after the main course trays were distributed, 3 more crew came down from Economy class to assist, presumably service in Economy has ended rather early. So we had up to 6 crew serving us 20 Business Class passengers! Rather overwhelming I must say.

After we had finished our main courses, the cheese and dessert trolley was pushed out. Meal trays were also collected back prior to serving of the desserts. As both selections looked great, I requested for both the cheese and cake, which the crew gladly offered. The ever-friendly casual Jetstar crew even coerced us passengers to have a glass of Baileys and a cup of coffee to go with the cake, which I agree totally was a heavenly combination!!

All the desserts with Baileys and coffee!!!

Cheddar, camembert and gruyert cheeses with crackers and fruits.

Rich and creamy opera cake.

Till the end of the meal service, the Jetstar crew on this flight (whom I guess are mostly, if not all, Singapore-based crew) have performed remarkably well, making small chats and jokes with passengers and providing a casual and friendly service with character. They could really give the SQ crew a serious fight!
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:28 pm

Hey! Thank you for the wonderful report with the lovely photos. I've wanted to read something on Jetstar's long-haul business for quite a while so thank you.

It looks like Jetstar really offers value for their business class! Their products look solid and definitely give SQ economy a run for their money, especially since you've got yours at only $298! The movie selection looks good and the hot towel was definitely a nice touch. I wonder how Scoot's long-haul business is like...

I was in Beijing last month for a couple of weeks, hope you enjoyed yourself!
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:32 pm

Wow this is really good. I never knew JQ's business class can be so interesting. Do you know where else they deploy the A330 apart from PEK? Thanks for sharing. Cant wait for your return TR too now
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:41 am

Hi Yapple!

Thanks for an interesting report with nice pictures !

Seats don't look too impressive; very similar to domestic First on US carriers. Meal options also resemble that. All in all a good deal it seems and it's way more comfortable than Economy class.

Looking forward to part 2!

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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:29 pm

After dessert was cleared, I settled down, reclined my seat and played around with the iPad. Decided to watch the movie "Brave". Even though the new iPad IFE is bigger and lighter than the previous heavy and small portable IFE, it is still cumbersome to place it on the tray table to watch. So, observing what a clever passenger on the other aisle did, I clipped the iPad over the seat in front! Tadaa, an in-seat video monitor! (Disclaimer: Please only do this if the seat in front is not occupied.)

Lights were then dimmed to allow passengers to rest. Even though it was the lull period, the Jetstar crew still made their rounds regularly to check on passengers and clear any trash or cups. As stated in the menu previously, another benefit of flying Business Class on Jetstar is that one gets to choose a range of snacks from the BOB menu for free!

After my movie, I ordered a hot chocolate and Oreos cookies (chocolate overdose!) while my seatmate got a chamomile tea and cashew nuts. These were delivered promptly.

Sometime midflight, the crew came round with a tray of assorted snacks for us to choose from. All the snacks were from the BOB menu. I grabbed a can of Pringles and a Kit Kat. Ok, I am seriously impressed with Jetstar Business Class service by now.

About an hour before arrival, the cabin lights came back on and crew started collecting the iPads and headsets from passengers who were not using them. Passengers who were still using the iPads can continue to do so till 30min prior to landing. An arrival video into Beijing was also screened on the overhead monitors.

Crew prepared the cabin for arrival about 30min from landing. A tad early for Jetstar standards I think...
Descending into midnight Beijing.

Lights of the city.


Smooth landing into Rwy36L at 0105hrs, 5min behind schedule.

Had a rather long taxi to Terminal 2, passing some parked Chinese airlines.

Parked beside a Delta B763. AirAsia X has also just arrived.

My comfortable seat for the last 6hrs.

Waiting to disembark.

Immigration took quite a while as there were a number of flights arriving at the time. Luggage, however was already on the belt after immigration was cleared.

The was a really comfortable 6 hours flight on Jetstar Business Class. The seat was comfortable enough for a mid-haul flight and I had the luxury of not having anyone reclining into me. With the good food and drinks, free snacks and inflight entertainment and great service, Jetstar Business Class has certainly surpassed my expectations. In fact, I felt guilty for paying such low prices for its Business Class. Jetstar Business Class is truly the way to fly if you don't want to burn your pockets on regular premium Business Class. In fact, their promotion Business Class fares could be even cheaper than economy class fares on premium airlines!! With Jetstar poising to start SIN-KIX non-stop service on their A332 from November (with one-way Business Class fares from $498 all-in) and the current destinations of PEK, AKL and MEL, finally some of us regular economy flyers can now fly in more comfort than before.

Lets see how SQ Business Class will compare on the return.
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:33 pm

Quoting captainsloo (Reply 4):
I wonder how Scoot's long-haul business is like...

Scootbiz also has 38" pitch but without legrest. Also food and drinks are similar to what is sold in economy class and no additional free drinks/snacks. No amenity kit too, just a blanket and an eyeshade given out.

Quoting groomyjl (Reply 5):
Do you know where else they deploy the A330 apart from PEK?

Jetstar A332 also flies from Singapore to Auckland, Melbourne and from November, Osaka!

Quoting The777Man (Reply 6):
All in all a good deal it seems and it's way more comfortable than Economy class.

It is an incredible deal!
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:58 pm


Interesting report, thanks for sharing it with us.
JQs "J" (or Y+) looks pretty comfy! Would indeed be better than any Y-seating.
Meals look good as well

Next trip report: Well worn A330s and Hassle free MUC transfer
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Sun Sep 30, 2012 4:54 am

Quoting ycp81 (Reply 8):
Quoting groomyjl (Reply 5):
Do you know where else they deploy the A330 apart from PEK?

Jetstar A332 also flies from Singapore to Auckland, Melbourne and from November, Osaka

Not to forget the Australia ops serving DPS, BKK, HNL, NRT, KIX.... Quiet an impressive operation they have going there,
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:40 pm

Beijing Attractions

Tiananmen Square



Forbidden City "Gu Gong"









Great Wall @ Mutianyu







Underground Palace


Olympic Park



Sanlitun Village

Wangfujing shopping street


Interesting "delicacies"




Real Delicacies



Local Market


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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:01 pm

And now for the return flight home on SQ Business Class. This flight was booked using redemption miles, at 29750miles for a saver award. Out of the 4 flights daily from PEK-SIN, I had chosen SQ807, which is the evening departure from PEK, as (i) the flight is operated by SQ's B773ER with long-haul Business Class seats which I had not tried before, (ii) full dinner service offered and (iii) saver awards were surprisingly widely available!! The return trip would mainly be picture based as I guess SQ Business Class had been reviewed countless times in various forums.

Trip from my hotel to Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3 (which is really massive), took about 45min due to heavy traffic. Arrived at the airport 2hrs prior to departure.

In Terminal 3. The layout reminded me of HKIA Terminal 1.

Business Class check-in counter. There were nobody in the queue.

Got my first (and only) SQ blue boarding pass for the year.

Lounge invitation to BGS Premier Lounge was given. Details were hand-written, not too classy....

Proceed to the inter-terminal train to T3E.

Departing from gate E10 today.

Immigration and security, which were very crowded, were cleared at T3E. Both took a total of almost 30min! Rather tiring...

Duty free shops after immigration. Not too much of a selection. Guess not much time to shop too after the immigration and security checks.

Proceeded to the BGS Premier Lounge after buying some liquor (Absolut Wild-Tea, not available in Singapore!!). There were First and Business Class sections. The Business Class section was rather packed. However still with ample seating, even though the lounge is not too big.

Emptier section towards the rear of the lounge.

Buffet selection with not too many choices. There was also a "Zha Jiang" noodle and udon station. However there was plenty to choose from for beverages.

Coconut rice with curry chicken.
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:01 am

More food from the lounge. Rather tasty minced-chicken "Zha Jiang" noodles.

Dim sum and onigiri. The dim sum is nice but onigiri is tasteless.

Something sweet. Coffee mousse cake and danish pastry.

At about 1615hrs, a lounge attendant walked through the lounge, announcing the boarding of SQ807 to Singapore. Most of the pax in the lounge, who apparently were on the flight, started to get up and proceeded to the gate.

25 September 2012
Singapore Airlines
SQ 807
Beijing (PEK) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

Gate E10 was not too far from the lounge. Boarding had already started, thus no wait for boarding.

As mentioned in the first post, the "Albino" Star-livery 9V-SWI would be operating my flight back to SIN.

Down the gangway and looking at the nose. It had started to rain at this time.

Emirates A380 parked beside. I am so gonna fly this big bird someday.

Boarded the aircraft at Door 1, greeted by name by the IFS and directed to the correct aisle. Passed by the under-whelming First Class cabin (and saw Asian/Hollywood celebrity Jet Li sitting on 1K! He was the only pax in F today!) and reached my seat just behind First, 11K, which is the first row of the Business Class cabin, and also within the private 2-rows section. Through review, the Business seats on this row on the 773ER are supposedly the best! Mini cabin. away from galley, no bassinet points and lots of legroom! Almost equivalent to a First Class seat! Not sure why would anyone want to pay for First on the B773ER, of course unless you are a VVIP, haha.

My seat at 11K. Already on the seat were a pillow, blanket, headphones and menu. The seat is really wide!!

Seat controls, IFE handset and armrest cushion which was introduced after everyone complained about the absurd width of the seat.

Fantastic legroom on Row 11!

Staring into First.

At the gate. It was a rainy afternoon.
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:55 pm

Welcome drink. I had an orange juice.

Noise-cancellation earphones.

All the mags and menu.

Menu for this evening's flight.

Total load in Business Class was about 30+ out of 42, with 6 pax in my forward mini-cabin. All passengers were boarded on schedule. However, the pilot came on and announced that pushback would be delayed for about 20min (which extended to 30min) due to congestion in Beijing Capital. Compounded with the bad weather, I had sort of expected this. However the good news was that flight time would only be 5h25m, almost an hour shorter than scheduled. Due to the delayed pushback, I just relaxed on my seat with the flightmap on. No IFE on the ground. Unfortunately, there were also no additional offering of drinks (although I am sure the crew will offer if you ask, but I would expect them to be more proactive, especially in Business Class) even with the delayed departure.

Finally we were pushed back after about half hour's delay.

And then we were allocated the furthest runway at Rwy36L, all the way at the other end of the gigantic airport. This resulted in another half hour hike across the airport! The taxi to the takeoff runway almost took as long as the cab ride to town!!

Finally reached the runway. Next to depart after the CZ A321.

KA A333 behind us.

And finally took off at around 1750hrs, more than an hour behind schedule! None of SQ's fault though. (Sorry for the inverted video)

Curtains to another heaven closed shortly after takeoff.

Advantage of Row 11 or 14, you would have an ottoman to rest your feet and do not need to sit at an angle to fit your feet in the small cut-out hole at the seat in front. Again, this ensures that you would also be able to lie straight instead on at an angle while in bed-mode.

"Amenity kit" of socks and eyeshades given out.

My post-takeoff drink of Silver-Kris Sling. Dinner orders were also taken.

First up, the famous satay! These were again, great!

Very cloudy weather out there, with some slight turbulences.

Made a trip to the well-stocked lavatory.

Moisturizer, mouthwash and colognes.

More amenities.

Back from the lav, I settled into a movie on the Krisworld system. Coincidentally, most of the new releases on SQ were exactly the same as on Jetstar's ipad IFE. I settled for a romantic comedy. Sun is also setting by this time.

Finally dinner is served, about 1hr after takeoff. Tables were laid and the starter was served. No trays were used on the B773ER aircraft (as well as A380/A345) with long-haul Business Class cabin (with the exception of SIN-HKG route) while trays were still used on the rest of the fleet with regional Business Class cabins.

Nicoise Salad. Just a cold average starter.

Garlic bread and breadstick from the bread basket.

Midway through the meal, the IFE system on the entire plane crashed. Crew made an announcement to apologize and rebooted the system. However the rebooting process took almost half an hour , with a black screen with words "Please Wait" shown on the monitor. Well, at least I can enjoy my meal without distractions.

Across the aisle.

My main course: Stirfried sliced beef fillet with fried rice. This was created by a celebrity chef, Zhu Jun, of Jade Garden restaurant in Shanghai. Well, the creation is certainly not too imaginative, but the dish was definitely delicious!

Another choice of Panfried cod with millet. According to my friend, it tasted just like how it looked (sadly).

After mains were cleared, dessert was served. This is the Raspberry sorbet.

The other choice, Chocolate ice cream, which I preferred more.

As for drinks with the meal, I tried the champagne, and as most of you in the forums who expressed disgust with it, I felt the same too... Can't even force myself to finish a glass. No post-dinner liquor offered too, unless one requests for it. Unlike on Jetstar Business, or even KLM economy, where post-dinner liquor was proactively offered by the crew.

After dessert is the cheese and fruits service. The cheese plate looked pathetic when compared to Jetstar's offering. I did not have the cheddar though.

Assortment of fruits, including apples, bananas, melons, longans and strawberries available. I had a melon slice and strawberries.

Some Pu-er (well, it is a China flight) tea to end the meal.

And pralines.

My seat was then converted into a bed, which was actually pretty easy to perform. There was an extra big pillow and duvet "hidden" behind the seat.

Movie in bed. Bliss....

A bottle of water was also offered.

Lights were then gradually dimmed to allow us to rest. I spent the rest of the flight watching movies. Crew did checked on pax rather frequently and asked if drinks were needed to anyone awake. Midflight, I had a tea, which was served together with a pack of apple chips.

There were instances of turbulence during the flight, but nothing too major. Seatbelt signs came on quite regularly (trigger-happy pilots again), but no announcements were made, Cabin crew just came round and discreetly checked on passengers. 5.5hrs literally flew past and we soon started our descend into Changi.

Landing on Rwy20R about 15min behind schedule.

Parked at Terminal 3.

My messed up seat before disembarkation.

Overall service on SQ on this flight was fine. Slightly robotic but not bad either. Meal was average to good, depending on the choices made. However the food/service still lacked my previous TPE-SIN flight last year. However the famed long-haul J seat is really awesome! I have no qualms flying more than 12hrs on it. Probably my comfort was enhanced by me seated at the first row. Not sure how comfortable it would be at the regular rows.

Hopefully this report would have given an idea of the onboard service on Jetstar's Business Class, which was rather decent and definitely worth it for the price paid (in fact as I am typing this, Jetstar is having another S$298 offer to PEK in Business again!). SQ, on the other hand, is on another league and has maintained its high standards of offerings, but also with high prices to boot. Seats are definitely more comfortable and choices of food/beverages and amenities much more diverse. Definitely worth my redemption (especially since my flight is operated by the B77W), but not sure if it would be worth paying through my own pockets for it. Well, lucky if you can afford it!

Up next in a couple of months would be a short getaway to Melbourne for a family visit, flying on Qantas A380s! This could most probably be my last chance of flying QF's A380 as QF is re-routing its LHR flights via DXB instead of SIN. Thus by April next year, Changi would not see QF A380s anymore and therefore the ride on Qantas A380 would definitely be something I am looking forward to!

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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:33 pm

Hey, Seat 5A on VH-EBC is mine!  

Thanks for the great photos and comparison between what I consider is really premium economy (Jetstar) and a real business class (SQ). I'm surprised that JQ's iPad and SQ's IFE offerings were so similar, as I've always found JQ's offerings to be rather lacking in recent watchable movies (though I daresay the games on offer on the iPad are better than most seatback IFEs now).

Enjoy the Qantas A380. Best economy product I've ever experienced.
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RE: JQ & SQ Albino Jets To Beijing In Business!

Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:07 pm

Quoting allrite (Reply 15):

Thanks for the great photos and comparison between what I consider is really premium economy (Jetstar) and a real business class (SQ). I'm surprised that JQ's iPad and SQ's IFE offerings were so similar, as I've always found JQ's offerings to be rather lacking in recent watchable movies (though I daresay the games on offer on the iPad are better than most seatback IFEs now).

I initially had low expectations on JQ Business, but JQ exceeded by expectations by a lot! More than worth the price paid! In fact, I am already tinkering with the idea of flying JQ Business to Osaka next year, for almost the same price as SQ Economy!

As for IFE wise, judging from my last couple of flights with SQ, SQ has been rather lacking in its IFE selection recently, so much so till JQ's IFE is almost comparable.

And thanks for reading  Smile

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