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"Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:40 am

Hello! It's JohnDavid here again, back with another Trip Report. This is the return flight of my trip to Tokyo this winter, and that flight to Tokyo was on the Korean Air A380 First Class from ICN-NRT, the report can be found here.

*All Photos By iPhone 5, To Meet the 10,000,000 MegaBytes, I had to make them a much worse quality... my apologies*

Korean Air A380 First Class (ICN-NRT) KE705 (by boeingfan08 Feb 22 2013 in Trip Reports)

The ticket was purchased already, round-trip. My mom was telling me that it might be a little hard to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get on a bus to Narita. I knew I couldn't give up the Queen of the Skies, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try the 747 First Class from Haneda.

After a gruesome 30 minute call with Korean Air in Tokyo, they finally found a First Class flight from Haneda. The flight left 10 hours later than the flight I planned to take, but I missed the previous Queen of the Skies, so I was excited to meet her again.


This time, we took an Airport Limousine from "Four Seasons Hotel in Chinzan-So" This ride was around 2 hours and 30 minutes with lots of traffic since. However, the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower made it a manageable ride.

Rainbow Bridge

Airport Limousine at Haneda

To the Check-In!

Impressive Decor..

The driver dropped us off near the Asiana Airlines and Korean Air Check-In Desks. There was a short esclator ride to the Check-In bays. The Korean Air Check-In Desk was clearly pointed out.

There was no wait, and we were greeted by a Japanese Agent, who was working for JAL.
Korean Air and Japan Airlines are alliances, and Asiana Airlines and All Nippon Airways are alliances. Together they battle in Japan!

There was a Korean officer helping all of the agents working for JAL help the Korean Air passengers. He was awaiting our arrival.

More of the Impressive Decor...

Korean Air Check-In Desks (SKY-PRIORITY)

He told us since we had booked the flight very late last night, he was unable to contact the Gimpo Catering Center to tell them that they needed a First Class Meal, since I was the only passenger in First today.

He told me that he had kept 1A open for me, and they only had Bibimbap for First Class today. My dad had his Prestige Class ticket printed out, and my First Class ticket printed, along with Lounge Access Cards for the Sakura Lounge. Korean Air First Class passengers are not allowed to have access to the JAL First Class Lounge which was quite a disappointment but it was at least a new experience to try a Japanese Airliner's lounge.

KAL/JAL Lounge Access Card



Security was literally deserted, not a passenger in sight besides me and my sister. My dad and I planned to meet in the lounge after he had dinner with my mom. Since my sister was flying Business Class on Asiana, she headed to the ANA Lounge and I headed to the JAL Lounge, which were both on the complete opposites of the airport.

Before I headed to the lounge, I checked to see if our plane had arrived to Seoul yet, but it hasn't

After Immigration

Our Gate! (112)


The Sakura Lounge was just a minute walk away from our gate which was extremely convenient. It's very possible you didn't know your gate was on the other side of the airport as the lounge, and you end up missing your flight.

Sakura Lounge Entrance

Sakura means "Cherry Blossom." I found that cool, "Cherry Blossom Lounge..." or they could have just stuck with JAL Lounge...

Fax & Print! Always useful for urgent business trips... *cough* Dad *cough*

Telephone! Never know when you're gonna find that useful

For some reasons, I have this policy for lounges. "No Shower... No Good." But as Airlines make new more prestigious lounges, there are more lounges with showers, which I find convenient.

There is a variety of Western to Chinese to Japanese snacks in the lounge, and there is a bar with no bartender however. The seats are very comfortable, although there is no privacy and partitions or cubicles like Korean Air's Prestige Class Lounge in Seoul.

Buffet Style

The Lounge

Shower Time!

Shower Card


LOAD: 80%

Our Route


By the time I got to the gate, my dad was talking with the Korean Air Agent that we met a Check-In, although I didn't know what they were talking about, it didn't interest me, I was going to meet my "Ex-Queen of the Skies"

Korean Air has their Medium/Short Haul 747s equipped with the Prestige Plus Seat and the First Class Sleeper Seat. The Prestige Class Seat reclines to 168 degrees, and the First Class Seat goes all the way to 180 degrees.

Korean AIr has their Long Haul 747s equipped with the Prestige Plus Seat (168) and the First Class Kosmo Sleeper (180) the 777-300ER and 777-200ER and the A380 has the newest, Kosmo Suites.

The agent scanned my ticket and immediately granted me access. There was a short escalator down and again, there were 2 different gates. 1 for First & Business then another one for Economy. There was a line for the Economy Class gate, and I started my way down the First & Business Class Jetway. There were 3 different flight attendants that all greeted me with a smile and asked to see my ticket. I gladly presented it, they smiled and the Pursuer asked the Flight Attendant to escort me to my seat.

She escorted me to 1A, and asked to take my jacket. She stored it in the closet at the nose of the plane, and she asked if I wanted a drink and macadamia nuts. I agreed and she disagreed into the Galley.

Nose Decoration

View of Terminal from Window

First Class Seat

Three Windows to Myself!

Seat 1H and 1J

The Gates Pulled Back, So Did We!

Surprise Surprise! The Greenest Thing in the Sky! The 787! My First!

More Shots of the Greenest Thing in Sky...

The engines come to life, and the safety video starts, the flight attendant comes around and teaches me how to access everything, however on the A380 First Class, this did not happen. I felt like I was at my first day at school learning about my desk and how to use the classroom.

The remote control function, how to pull out the monitor, how to move the seat, and I was an expert!

Our Tug!

At around 7:58 PM, we lined up with the runaway, and we sped down. It felt very scary since you were right above the nose gear and you can hear each bump it hits and the sounds felt like we were falling apart. Not my favorite take off, but it was a new experience.


The pilot took us over Tokyo Bay, and we turned and we flew aside Tokyo Disneyland, which of course I had to visit during our stay.

Tokyo Disneyland!

After the seat belt sign turned off, I took the TV Monitor Out, and began to watch Ted again. The captain makes an announcement 30 minutes after take-off and then 30 minutes before landing. On this flight, flight between Korea is 15 minutes and flights to the US are 40 minutes.

I decided to try out the seat functions, and change to 180 degree recline.

Full-Flat Position

Dinner Time!


The flight attendant brought around a warm wet towel and she had her apron on. She told me that my father was willing to give me his chicken and he could have the Prestige Class Chicken. I agreed and she said she'd be right on it.

Wide Tray Table


Butter, Salt and Pepper


After finishing my chicken, she cleared everything. She told me that for dessert they had prepared a fruit mix, and if I would like it. I told her to bring it out and within a few minutes she presented a fruit mix.


Shortly after the meal, I decided to do my cabin walkthrough I do for every single flight, regardless of length. Economy Class was still in Meal Service so it took me a little while to get around between the carts and flight attendants. One of the flight attendants asked me where my seat was so she could "help" me find it... more like force me to sit back down.

But after realizing I was the First Class passenger from 1A, she was asking if I was just looking around and told me that if I wanted to see anything else I was more than welcome to ask her.

First Class Seats

I got back to my seat an continued the movie, and had another glass of Sprite. In lie-flat position, I realized two things I didn't see before.

Seat Light

Seat Back Storage (Shared with 1B)

The flight attendant came around and saw me with my bed at lie-flat position and asked if I'd like her to turn the lights off. I was shocked at first... I had control of the First Class Lights? I immediately agreed and soon the lights turned off and I could barely see anything but the movie.

Before the Lights Are Off!

Seat After the Lights are Off! (Flash)

Remote Control (Same as Business & Economy)

Seat Functions

Mini Self Serve Bar

747 L1 Door


Goodbye 3 Windows, Thanks for the View!

Seat 1J and 1H before landing.

At 30 minutes before landing, the captain told us the status and wished us a good afternoon and Merry Christmas. At 20 minutes the captain said "Flight Attendants Please Prepare for Landing." Shortly after the flight attendants made a landing announcement.

The flight pursuer came by and thanked me for flying Korean Air, and she hoped to see me on another flight. She got my jacket out and helped me put it on. She said goodbye one last time before heading to her seat.

At around 10:28 PM, we touched down on Korean ground, we made a loud reverse-thrust and slowed down and without stopping just turned into the taxi-way.


We arrived at the gate a few minutes later, and we abruptly stopped. After the "Ding" I got out of my seat and the Pursuer was already there to get my bag out. The other two flight attendants blocked both sides of the alley to stop Prestige Class passengers from leaving the plane before I do.

One of the flight attendants said "It must be so cold." and she rubbed my arms. Which was right as soon as she opened the door the Korean Breeze hit me. Tokyo wasn't very cold so I definitely didn't think ahead.

The pursuer allowed my dad only and she helped open the door after the pilot and ground crew gave clearance and she did the "thumb check." (Pressing their thumb to the window and the outside does when they are ready.)

All 3 Flight Attendants said Goobye and allowed me to leave the plane with my dad before the Prestige Class passengers deplaned as well.

Goodbye HL7489


Amazing Flight! I have to say, the return trip was much better. I actually expected the A380 Flight Crew to be much more hospitable and kind. Although the A380 Seat and Cabin was much better, their 747 was amazing as well thanks to the crew. I wish I could have gone all the way to Los Angeles in that.

The crew was very kind, and more attentive then the crew on the A380. My A380 flight would have been amazing if the 3 flight attendants could be there too.

Overall... Thanks Korean Air!
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:47 pm


Nice TR, thanks for sharing it with us.
Always nice to see how even an older product can still be comfortable.

Next trip report: Well worn A330s and Hassle free MUC transfer
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:53 pm

Good TR. I love KL livery, it suits A380 so much, however interior looks little dull. Light green colour seats does look like hospital bed-sheets to me. Looks very quiet in J, not much load on?
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:04 pm

That F seat looks exactly like the previous iteration of AF´s La Prémiere seat. Are they the same. I do find them incredibly comfy, more than the one they use nowadays.
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:44 pm

Quoting AR385 (Reply 3):

You beat me to it! I was just thinking of this seat reminding me of the l'espace premiere (La Premiere is later)... I also miss the l'espace 127 seats... soooooo comfortable!!!!!

Anyway, great trip report on one of my favorite airlines!

bon voyage,

Air Afreak
Economy Class. You vision of loveliness; Prince Charles called and he wants you to fill in for him next week.
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:18 am

Quoting AR385 (Reply 3):

Thinking about it, it does really look like AF's la premier seats! How cool!
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:19 am

Quoting TheAviator380 (Reply 2):

Yeah, it was only me in First Class, and then in Business Class only around 20% of the seats were full, but the upper deck was completely empty so the flight attendants allowed me to tour the upper deck.
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:11 am

Quoting AirAfreak (Reply 4):
I also miss the l'espace 127 seats... soooooo comfortable!!!!!

For its time that was probably the most comfortable C seat out there. You could sink into it and sleep for hours. I loved it. I did many A340s flight on it.
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:29 am

Quoting MSS658 (Reply 1):

It was immensely comfortable! hope everyone gets to try First Class on KE someday!
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RE: "Sleeper Seat" Korean Air 747 First Class HND-GMP

Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:41 am

Quoting AR385 (Reply 7):

I would honestly take a L'espace 127 seat over any Asian Carriers' Regional Business Class Seat any day. =]
Economy Class. You vision of loveliness; Prince Charles called and he wants you to fill in for him next week.

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