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2 Trips To Memphis From ALB

Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:33 pm

I decided to visit my mother over easter weekend. I had booked this trip on UA, and left on good Friday.
going to ORD:

No more 734's to CLT:

Free Wi-Fi at ALB:


Soon, it was time to go over to EWR on the Q200:

Who says AA no longer serves ALB?

we're off!

Ashokan Reservoir:

Still time to get a run or two in:

Gear down:

Yes, This is Newark:

The Blue suede burger:

Off to the "Zoo":

Flight 93's gate:

The trip to MEM was on a 145xr:

It was overcast all the way down, so not much to see until this:
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RE: 2 Trips To Memphis From ALB

Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:54 pm

We really didn't do that much while I was there. The City of Memphis had voted to rename several Confederate themed parks with more innocuous names and the KKK had organized a march that Saturday. Sunday was nicer:

Speaking of Confederates, here's General Forrest in Medical Center Park:

I got to use the new rental car facility. Much nicer than the shuttle bus:

Ghost Hub:

and lots of FedEx:

Once we boarded, we were told to get off: 2 hour Ground delay at EWR.

Lake Erie:

Back in Newark:

I was a bit worried, but it turned out that the Q300 that flew us to ALB had to be ferried in from CLE. We did manage to get on the way after another delay. Crossing the Hudson south of Bear Mountain:

on the Ground at ALB:
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RE: 2 Trips To Memphis From ALB

Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:15 pm

I've been trying to get a job closer to home. I had a promising phone interview about a month ago, and they called me the day I got back upstate: Would I be available to come back down and interview in person?

The Trip to CLT was on a US A319. I had an aisle seat, and a tight (
Mesa CR9 to Mem

The day was busy, and I think things went well, but haven't heard anything either way. Time to go back:

The trip back was US via DCA. MEM-DCA was on a PSA CR2. It was amusing to hear my fellow pax complain about the 'little' plane(wonder what they would say about a 9k 402), and it grew even louder when we got off the plane in the remote parking area. The window was fairly well worn, and we got in to DCA after dark, so no photos  
DCA-ALB was on a Republic e170. much nicer. I managed to get back to my car shortly before midnight (thus avoiding another $5 in parking fees)
So in the words of Elvis. Thank you very much!
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RE: 2 Trips To Memphis From ALB

Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:05 am

Quoting Thread starter):
Off to the "Zoo"

Ugh, don't remind me!

Quoting Thread starter):
Flight 93's gate:

I've got the exact same photo from December last. Other than being overcast rather than sunny, every feature is the same!

Thanks for the report, as much as a lot of people hate them I quite enjoy flying regionals in the USA. It's probably because we don't have any RJs in Australia so it's "different", but I always get a bit of a buzz! And it's always nice to see good ol' EWR (for me atleast )

Good luck with your interview, I hope it works out for you
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