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Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:54 pm

Malaysia Airlines has been a carrier of "choice" for me this year due to the greatly discounted fares out of Singapore. A couple of months back, they ran a promotion offering fantastic fares to some Asian destinations and without much hesitation, I booked myself a ticket to Osaka for only around S$550 all-in. A fantastic deal considering MH also allows 30kg baggage allowance in economy! Recently, they ran another promotion offering tickets for an even cheaper fare of S$497 to Osaka! Sorry SQ, but with MH charging less than half of your ridiculous S$1.2+k fare to Osaka on similar departure dates and timings (albeit MH flights will have to transit via KL), I simply could not resist her! In fact for S$1.2K, I could have scored myself a KUL-KIX return in Business Class on MH, but I decided to save the money instead. This would be my 3rd flight report on MH this year, with my last 2 being to Kathmandu and Kuching. It would also be my last report for a while since I will not be doing much flying after this trip, at least for the next couple of months ahead. Please be warned that the report will be picture intensive!!

MH allows online check-in 48hrs before flight, which I was able to perform without much problems. On the day of departure, I rushed to the airport after reaching home from work and picking up my bags, to make it for the 2115hrs departure. MH departs from Terminal 2 and even though the flight this evening was supposed to be full, the check-in counters were almost totally empty 1hr prior to departure.

Boarding passes for both sectors were issued and I was off through immigration.


Departures were mainly to South and South-east Asia at this hour.


Some plane-spotting. Scoot B772 preparing for flight to Gold Coast. Silkair is totally dwarfed by it!


Silkair A320, Swiss A340 and Etihad A330.


From the sunflower garden: A range of SQ and MI aircraft plus the Scoot B772.



02 August 2013
Malaysia Airlines
MH 610
Singapore (SIN) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Economy Class

Departure tonight for the short flight to KUL would be at F33. The gatehold room was already half-filled when I arrived. The incoming flight had just arrived and was a bit late.

An older 9M-MLH in old MH colours would be operating the flight today. Guess they needed the additional 6 seats on this leased aircraft for this full flight.


Boarding was called by Business Class, pax with status, followed by row number from the rear of the plane. It was all very orderly. Soon, I was entering the plane of the newest Oneworld member.

Passing the recliner Business Class seats, with pillows and blankets in every seat.

However, nothing on the seats for us seated at the rear. Some pillows were available in the overhead bins though.

Cabin crew assisting with bags during boarding. With MH's generous luggage allowance, not many passengers were bringing onboard cabin-sized bags. Thus the overhead bins did not fill up even though the flight was totally full.


At the gate.

Nothing fanciful with the economy seats on this leased plane. Legroom was sufficient though for this very short flight, and felt slightly more than the new BSI planes.

Inflight mag, safety card and airsick bag.

Boarding was completed very quickly and doors were closed. As luck would have it, the seat beside me remained empty even though the rest of the plane filled up to the brim! Safety demo was shown on the drop-down LCD screens and we pushed back slight late.

Tiger at the E gates.


Swiss A340, which will depart for Zurich later at night.


Lufthansa's whale in front of the Changi Tower.


We departed from Rwy20C for the 40min flight to Kuala Lumpur. Nice views of the waters off Singapore can be shortly seen after takeoff.


Making a 270 degrees left turn after takeoff and overflying Changi. Nice view of ships and the night lights of Singapore.



Seat belt signs were switched off very early and we were still overflying Changi! Service announcement was made.


View of Singapore. We would be climbing to a cruising altitude of around 27K feet.


As the usual MH short-haul service, peanuts were quickly distributed by a stewardess. This was followed by juices distributed from trays. There were a choice of orange/apple juices and plain water. It seemed that coffee/tea, and even soft drinks (I saw someone requesting a Coke and got the whole can) are available on request. I just had an apple with the peanuts.



Surprisingly, the crew came around offering seconds of peanuts after drinks are distributed! Great service!


Very quickly, the cabin was cleared and we descended into KUL. It was almost totally pitch black outside till we landed on Rwy32L.


Unfortunately, as our gate was still occupied, we needed to hold on the taxiway for about 10min while waiting for the aircraft to pushback.


Arrived at the gate at the Main terminal. It was yet another smooth MH SIN-KUL flight.


As the connecting flight would be departing from the Satellite terminal, I would need to take the Aerotrain over.


There was a 1.5hrs transit timing and thus I decided to visit the newly-renovated Plaza Premium Lounge. It was rather crowded at the time with premium passengers of Air France, KLM and JAL (and maybe more airlines?) as well as various credit-card holders (including yours-truly). However the seating was still sufficient as the airline passengers cleared after a while.

The bar was already closed at the time but the buffet area was still open. Nothing much on offer that interest me though, and most of the hot dishes were already emptied. There was also a salad bar and some canapes on offer.

A shot of part of the buffet.


I just grabbed a minestrone soup, canapes and a drink.

AF and KLM aircrafts can also be seen from the lounge.

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:20 am

After half hour in the lounge, I proceeded to gate C25 for the onward flight. Judging by the faces in the gatehold room, this flight would be predominantly Japanese passengers, with only a few foreign faces.

02 August 2013
Malaysia Airlines
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Osaka Kansai (KIX)
Economy Class

It would be my first flight on Malaysia Airlines' new A330-300 aircraft. This particular plane I would be flying on was delivered less an a year ago. Unlike SQ's A330s with Rolls-Royce engines, MH's were equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines. This would be also one of the few reports on MH's new A330-300 fleet.


Boarding has just started.

Boarding in progress. Was welcomed at the door and directed to the correct aisle.

I would be sitting at 12K, the 2nd row of economy. On each seat were a pillow, blanket and headsets.

Seat-back with touchscreen IFE monitor, handset and USB port. There was also a power outlet under the seat to be shared between every 2 seats.

Seat pitch at 32", is not overly generous, but sufficient. No legrest to restrict my legroom though. However I found the seat base a bit too short for my comfort.

Other than the inflight magazine, there was also the inflight shopping catalogue. Cabin crew also offered Japanese newspapers.


At the gate with Garuda and China Southern beside.


Select IFE was already switched on for use while on the ground.


At STD of 2345hrs when it appeared that all pax had boarded, the plane still appeared quite empty for a supposedly full flight. Then the pilot came on and announced that we were still waiting for 56 connecting passengers from another MH flight from Jakarta which was delayed. Thus we would have to wait for them, which could take up to an hour for the flight arrival and transfer of bags. I was still hoping that my seat beside would remain empty, but I guess this would not be the case later. With the delay in sight, the MH crew decided to serve us our after take-off snack while on the ground. And with the IFE switched on, we could entertain ourselves. Guess this beats waiting in the gatehold room.

MH crew preparing the refreshment service while on ground.

A huge tuna sandwich was served to us.


Orange or apple juices were also offered with the sandwich. The sandwich was delicious and filling! Unlike SQ which did away with post-takeoff refreshments on similar SIN-KIX flight, MH still retained their refreshment service. However, MH has removed other frills in economy, such as menus, hot towels and amenity kits.


Starting with a HK comedy during the refreshment service.

Also made a visit to the lavatory while on ground. The lotions and colognes were still available though. Not sure if toothbrushes were available from the crew.


Also I noticed that there were well-stocked magazine racks at the mid and aft of economy cabin. I don't remember any other airline which stocked such a huge variety of magazines in economy class (don't think SQ have such a huge selection as well). The variety is more suited for Business Class!

Grabbed 3 magazines for the flight.

The cabin was dimmed to allow passengers to rest.

After about less than an hour's wait, our connecting passengers from Jakarta arrived and boarded the plane. Again, all were Japanese passengers and the plane ended up totally full in economy. Doors armed, safety video played, and we pushed back after slightly more than an hour of delay. Flight time would be 6h30m.


Taxi to runway.


We took off from Rwy32R. Note that ATC allowed us to depart ahead of the A380! There were nice views of Putrajaya after takeoff as well.




Bound for Osaka. The crew came round again with more tuna sandwiches, offering to those who were late connecting from Jakarta. Drinks were also offered where I had a cup of water.

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:00 pm

By the time I had finished my movie, we were an hour into flight. Time to sleep!

After about slightly less than 3hrs of not-so-restful sleep (it is an economy seat after all), the sun was beginning to appear round the horizon.


Cabin lights were switched on and we were somewhere between Philippines and Taiwan.

I felt that the cabin lights were switched on a tad too early as we had 2.5hrs of flying still. Also, breakfast was only served almost half hour after cabin lights were turned on.

Sun is out.

Breakfast service started from the rear of the plane, thus it was a while before I got my meal. Being one of the last to be served, I was afraid that there would not be any more choices, but fortunately both choices of main courses were still available. On offer this morning were Omelette with sausage, hashbrowns and peas or Chicken noodles with vegetables. Sadly, the famed MH nasi lemak breakfast was not offered on this sector, but guess with the passenger profile of mainly Japanese, it would not be a very popular option. I selected the chicken noodles for as my choice.

New serviceware was used on this flight, unlike my previous flights on MH where disposable wares were used. This made the meal presentation much more pleasant.


On the tray were also some cut fruits, a strawberry yoghurt, a warm roll with jam and butter, a small muesli bar and packed orange juice. I also had a coffee to go with the meal. It was all very substantial, and I daresay better than what SQ serves on their overnight red-eyes to Japan.


Fruits (honeydew, rock melon, pineapple and grape) and strawberry yoghurt.


Muesli bar, butter and strawberry jam for bread roll.


Chicken in black pepper sauce, noodles and vegetables. Not too creative but still of acceptable taste. A rather large portion too I must say.


Service by the MH crew so far on this flight were still acceptable. I observed that call bells were answered and requests were attended to promptly, similar to what you would expect for crew from a premium carrier. Nothing too outstanding about them though, but guess with this being a red-eye flight, there is not much of "service" that can be performed. I am not a difficult passenger, and as long as the crew serving me is not rude and does not pull long faces or roll eyes at my requests, I will be more than satisfied. Also observed that there is a Japanese stewardess serving in Business Class, and probably another one at the rear of economy.

Overflying Okinawa during breakfast.


View towards the rear economy cabin.

Front economy cabin.


Duty-free sales was conducted after breakfast.

Blue skies and blue sea.


We were soon nearing Osaka. About an hour to go.

Before descend, a destination video was shown.

Descend started slightly less than 30min to arrival. Headsets were collected but the IFE system was not switched off. Speaking of IFE, the selection for the month was sufficient probably for a couple of flights, but not as extensive as the other 5-star carriers. Something which MH could improve on.



Nearly there.

Land in sight.

On approach.



On finals into the Osaka Bay with traditional malaysian music in the background.



Landing in Osaka Kansai Rwy06R and taxi to the gate.


Parked at the gate beside an Asiana A321 and Lufthansa B744.


Thank you for flying Malaysia Airlines!

My seat for the last 7.5hrs.

Business Class, which appeared to be rather full as well.

Disembarked. Overall, it was a rather pleasant flight on MH. No complaints here and with the fare paid, it was certainly worth every cent.


Kansai terminal. Think below is the domestic section, with all the ANA planes parked.


Immigration queue for foreigners was almost non-existent and I was through within a couple of minutes. Instead, the queue for residents was much longer as almost the entire flight were Japanese. Then it was a short wait for luggage.

International arrivals FIDS.


Kansai's arrival hall.

Caught the airport limousine to Namba OCAT, where my hotel is situated beside. It was 1,800yen return for the bus ride and took approx 45min.

Across the bridge to mainland.


Reached my hotel. As it was too early to check-in, my bags were deposited. The view from the hotel, Hotel Monterrey Grasmere Osaka, was magnificent as the lobby starts from the 22nd floor! Here the the view from the lobby.

More photos of my Osaka trip next!
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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:48 pm

First thing to do after arrival was to grab an early lunch at Namba Walk. First meal in Osaka! A number of bakeries selling really delicious looking pastries as well!


After lunch, it was a quick browse in a supermarket below my hotel before retreating back for a nap till evening. Anyway, it was too hot during the day to roam around.

Sunset from my hotel room.

Walked to Dotonburi and Shinsaibashi.

Yakitori dinner.


Good night, Osaka.

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:57 pm


Great report, thanks for sharing.
Seems like you had a good flight on MH, the 330 looks very comfortable.
Meals look good as well
Thanks for throwing in some Osaka pics as well.

Next trip report: Well worn A330s and Hassle free MUC transfer
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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:18 pm

Hi ycp81,

Great report from your side, Japan is still on the wish list for me. I'm also glad to see a decent product on their 737 and A330. I got to say that your experience of the crew is consistent with what I experienced with MH recently.

Your report got me wondering though, you were not on MH016 KUL - AMS on the 10th of August by any chance? The reason why I ask is because during boarding there was a guy walking around with a Nikon camera, and most notably - (and the reason why I ask) a KIX bag (specific of the airport).

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:22 am

Hi ycp81,

I really enjoyed reading your trip report. I have been on MH's new A333 to Melbourne last year. One thing is that although its IFE system has greatly improved following the deployment of new aircrafts, it's still no in par with other airlines such as EK and SQ in terms of the variety and functionality. I do agree with you that MH could work on their entertainment system which is vital especially for long-haul flights. How is the sensitively of the touchscreen?

How does your travel experience differ when you are flying SQ instead of MH? I have flown both airlines from London to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur respectively on their A380's. I still think that SQ is more generous when coming to inflight catering but MH's flight attendants are generally friendlier and more attentive.

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:36 pm

Day 2:

Sweet and savoury breakfast to start the day!


Kintetsu from Namba to Nara, a 40min ride.

Kintetsu Nara Station

Nara park deers

Packed lunch


Todaiji Temple

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:02 pm

Within Todaiji Temple grounds.

Deers in temple grounds as well.

Way tastier than any I had in Singapore!

Famous Pablo cheesecake! Long queues at the store!

Cheap and awesome yakitori at a very popular chain! 298yen for every dish and drinks.


Day 3: Visit to Kyoto. It was a very hot and humid day with temperatures up to 35 degrees! Crazy!

First stop, Nijo Castle.

Next stop, Kinkaku-ji (Golden Temple).

Golden Temple!

Third stop for the morning, Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Buffet lunch.

Fourth stop, Heian Shrine.

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:14 pm


Last stop, Kiyomizu Temple.

Ramen dinner!

Around Namba area. Really too hot to walk around much. So spent most of the time in shopping centers and restaurants.

Kanidoraku Honten, a totally "crab" restaurant. Nothing but crabs! The lunch set menu was totally worth it!


Drooling at all the food sold at shopping center food sections.


Last dinner in Osaka at Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M. One word, awesome!! Melt in your mouth wagyu beef and equally tasty kurobuta. All for a very reasonable price as well, thanks to the weak Japanese yen. Beef will never taste as nice ever again (except probably in New Zealand where I had an equally delicious steak as well).

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:56 pm

It was an early start on the day of departure home. As the flight was at 11am, I had to take the 810am bus from OCAT to Kansai airport, arriving at the airport at 9am, exactly 2hrs prior to departure.

Check-in for MH was at row A, which was also shared with AirAsiaX (D7). 5 counters opened for each airline. Snaking queues were seen for both airlines, with D7 incidentally also departing at exactly the same time for KUL. SQ also departs for SIN at 11am.

As I had performed online check-in earlier, I was able to bypass the snaking queues, drop my bags at the internet check-in counter, and obtain my boarding passes for both sectors. I was pre-allocated 11A, the first row of economy.


Then it was through immigration and security, which was rather busy this morning. Luckily the North wing was not as busy as the South wing, which saw snaking queues at the entrance to immigration. For those who are unaware, one can clear immigration and security at either wing, similar to Chang's Terminal 2, as both will end up at the same departure hall duty-free shopping area. The north and south wing of the shopping areas are just replicas of each other, just like BKK. Did some last minute shopping for Japanese goodies.


Flight information display. MH and D7 to KUL, plus SQ to SIN, all at 11am.


At Kansai, one would have to take a shuttle train to the gates, even though some are only a rather short distance away, just like our departure this morning from Gate 13. Well, at least got to do a bit of plane-spotting.

ANA B737s


Cathay B773, Thai B744 and Finnair at the far end.


07 August 2013
Malaysia Airlines
Osaka Kansai (KIX) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
Economy Class

At the gate.

9M-MTF will be operating the flight today.



Soon, boarding started. A row for Business and Economy each. It was not done by row numbers, but Japs being Japs, the boarding process was still very orderly. Again, most pax were of Japanese origin.

Asiana A321 and EVA Air A330 parked beside.


Boarding the aircraft. There were newspapers available at the door.

I was one of the earlier ones to board.

Great legroom at 11A!

IFE screen, handset, USB port and power outlet at the side and bottom of the seat.

Wing view. However, it would be my first and last wing view of the flight as a stewardess then approached me and my seatmate and request if we could swap to the middle bulkhead seats as there were 2 babies allocated there but only 1 bassinet point. So one of the couple would require the bassinet point in front of 11A/B. Being a nice pax, I agreed as I would still have a bulkhead aisle seat, though I admit I was a tad disappointed with the loss of the window seat.

My new seat at 11G had even better legroom! All the bassinet points were filled up and again the flight seemed totally full in economy.

A rather friendly stewardess then came around to each pax with baby to explain the use of infant seat-belt and use of bassinet.

Doors were closed slightly before 11am and we taxied for departure shortly after. During takeoff, I saw both D7 and SQ taxiing out. Guess we are the earliest one!

Just after takeoff.

After takeoff announcements by the female inflight supervisor. We had one of the few MH female inflight supervisors today!


Crew then assisted to set up the bassinets. The babies were still very cooperative and quiet thus far.

Headsets were distributed, followed by peanuts and drinks. I chose an apple juice. Also started on a Korean movie.

After which, meal carts were set up in preparation for lunch. Meals were served from the rear to the front.

As it was a full flight, it took a while for the meal cart to reach my row. There was a choice of chicken with rice or seafood pasta. I chose the chicken with rice, and apparently I took the last of it as the last few passengers to be served had to take the seafood pasta. Also had a beer, and was served the entire can. On the tray were a starter, soba noodles, water, bread with butter, main course, fruits and chocolates.


Soba noodles and condiments, butter for bread, chocolate and pre-packed water.

Starter of jap-style chicken salad with olives. It was tasty.

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:48 pm

Hello Ycp81!

Interesting TR there, seems like MH is the reasonable carrier to travel for medium / long haul flights these days.(I had my intern friend flying to London with MH). It really seems that the product are better, and value for money, would be able to give it a try!

Btw, I'm really curious to know about how you find the noise performance of the PW4000 engines as compared to the Rolls-Royce? (Had internship in one of P&W Turbine airfoils repair center and had worked on the PW4000 side)

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:47 pm

All condiments added into the soba noodles.

Sweet and sour chicken with rice. Nothing too imaginative but still not too bad.


Sweet cut fruits of apple, melon, orange and grapefruit. The segment of orange was hidden under the melon slice.


Cleaned up everything!


We were already flying beside Taiwan after the meal trays were cleared.

View of the cabin.


Then I dozed off for a short hour's nap and by the time I woke, we were already flying beside Vietnam. It was also rather turbulent then. I had not missed out by not having the window seat as the view was cloudy throughout almost the entire flight!

A refreshment was served about 1.5hrs to landing. As the seatbelt signs were turned on due to turbulence, no hot beverages were served. Instead, I had a cold Oolong tea with the cake and ice-cream served. Here is where MH excelled as compared to SQ, by retaining its refreshment service prior to arrival into destination on Japan flights. It was most welcomed on day flights as we passengers would definitely be feeling peckish 2hrs after lunch. Really impressed with MH for the refreshment!

Delicious muffin-like cake.

Very nice green tea flavoured ice-cream!

Service wise, this set of crew was really good! As I was seated near the babies, I had observed how the crew would assist the families with the babies so as the make the journey more bearable. They also responded to all requests promptly, and I saw how they had remembered and delivered a pax's request for hot tea when it could not be served earlier due to turbulence. The inflight supervisor would also come down frequently and check on the families with babies. Overall service was comparable to SQ on a good day.

Red-kebaya inflight supervisor carrying one of the babies while chatting with the passengers.

Before we start our descend, a video on Malaysia was played.

Nearing Kuala Lumpur, where I would have a 3hrs layover due to our early arrival.

Landed uneventfully at KLIA and parked at the satellite terminal. My seat during disembarkation.

Seats 11H/K. As can be seen, these bulkhead seats have really great legroom!

Passing Business Class. Seemed that MH distributed slippers to Business Class passengers.

Bade farewell to the great set of crew and start of my 3hrs layover. I was really pleased with MH's service on this sector. The bulkhead seat, generous catering, coupled with great crew, made this one of the better flights I have flown in economy so far. Well done, MH!

Airlines from the gulf at KLIA. Emirates whale and Etihad B773ER.


Proceeded to Plaza Premium Lounge again to "waste" the hours away. This time round, the lounge was not that crowded.


Bar counter where both hot and alcoholic drinks are prepared. Desserts are available too!

Pastries to choose from.


For my light dinner, I had a freshly prepared fish-cake noodles.

Along with items from the hot buffet.

Desserts with teh tarik to end! I had 2 rounds of desserts!

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RE: Summer In And Around Osaka Region By MH

Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:08 pm

Some plane-spotting from the lounge. KLM B772ER departing for Jakarta. Lionair B739ER pushing back soon as well, most probably also heading to Jakarta?


Sri Lankan A343 taxiing for departure as well.


SQ, MI and MH at KLIA.


Just completed one of the shortest (or probably the shortest) scheduled A330 flight in the world.


Silkair A320 heading back to Changi.


Ethiopian B763 arriving from BKK.


After a couple of hours of lounging, I left the lounge, hopped onto the Skytrain and headed over to the Main Terminal for the final flight home.

SQ, MH and JL seen form the Airtrain.


MH's big bird in the distance.


Mostly MHs at the Main Terminal.


The little bird that would be flying be back, 9M-MXD.


Gatehold room was rather crowded. Looked like a full flight again!

07 August 2013
Malaysia Airlines MH607
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Plane being prepared for the flight.


Malindo taxiing pass.


Boarding started slightly late. Passed the Business Class cabin.

And into economy to my seat at 17A again. The legroom on the BSI aircraft seemed slightly less than the leased ones.

Welcome aboard! The only female stewardesses seen on this flight were on-screen as the flight had an all-male cabin crew!

At the gate with another plane sharing the other arm of the aerobridge.

Boarding in progress.


Boarding completed and we pushed back with engine startup. Leading crew made the welcome announcement.


Safety video playing during taxi.


Taxied along Rwy32R.


Holding for takeoff.


Pilot announcement prior to takeoff.


Takeoff from Rwy32R.


Climbing to our low cruising altitude.


Announcement after takeoff.


Flight map and inflight entertainment were switched on for this short flight. However you would need your own headphones if you needed sound. I stuck to the flightmap for this very short flight.

Again, peanuts and juices were served. I had an orange juice.

A very short flight indeed! We were nearly there barely 10-15min after departure!

However, after nuts and juices were served, the crew came down again, offering these small boxes to passengers!

The box contained a couple of dates. Guess this was a Hari Raya festive treat!

We were nearing Changi, but the pilot came on and announced that due to congestion, we would have to slow down our approach. Thus we flew leisurely at 500km/h along the southern part of Singapore, offering some nice views as well! But this lengthened our flight time to 45min.

Passing Jurong Island.


CBD area.


Overflying Batam.


Our flight route. We flew up north again and approach from the north.

Final approach over Tekong's military training camp.


Landing on Changi's Rwy20C.


Taxi to the gate and passing KE B773.


Lots of Tigers and a single SQ.


Parked at gate F40.



This concludes my very long report on MH and trip to Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. Hope you have enjoyed reading. Comments are very much welcomed!!

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"Scoot" Off For A BKK Weekend (TZ/3K) (by ycp81 Jul 19 2012 in Trip Reports)
City, Beach And Food Paradise (Jetstar,KLM,Tiger) (by ycp81 May 1 2012 in Trip Reports)
Getaways To KCH & BKK On The 'T's (TR & TG) (by ycp81 Feb 23 2012 in Trip Reports)
Winter Weekend In Macau & Hong Kong On Jetstar (by ycp81 Jan 22 2012 in Trip Reports)
Flying The Kangaroo To Oz (by ycp81 Dec 10 2011 in Trip Reports)
Taiwan On 4 Airlines (TR,KL,GE,SQ) In 3 Classes (by ycp81 Nov 6 2011 in Trip Reports)
Binge In Bangkok By 3K And FD (by ycp81 Aug 22 2011 in Trip Reports)
Jetstar Long-Haul To Auckland! (by ycp81 Aug 11 2011 in Trip Reports)
Budget Weekend Trips To Phuket & KL (by ycp81 Jul 19 2011 in Trip Reports)
Budget Vs Business To Boracay (TR, 5J, 2P, SQ) (by ycp81 May 6 2011 in Trip Reports)
Bonjour Paris On SQ A380 (by ycp81 Feb 14 2011 in Trip Reports)
To The Cape With SQ (Pics And Vids) (by ycp81 Jan 29 2011 in Trip Reports)
Another Short Hop To KL On Firefly And Air Asia (by ycp81 Nov 27 2010 in Trip Reports)
TG Vs SQ To Incheon (Lots Of Pics And Vids) (by ycp81 Nov 8 2010 in Trip Reports)
Lazing In Lombok By Silkair (by ycp81 Aug 12 2010 in Trip Reports)
A Mix Of Both Worlds (Budget Vs 5-Stars To KCH) (by ycp81 Jul 3 2010 in Trip Reports)
Tigering To Vietnam (and VN Domestic) With Videos (by ycp81 May 23 2010 in Trip Reports)
Flying With Malaysian Hospitality To Tokyo (by ycp81 Apr 17 2010 in Trip Reports)
Silkair To Siem Reap : A Wonderful Way To Fly! (by Ycp81 Feb 1 2010 in Trip Reports)
36hrs In KL By Firefly And Air Asia (by Ycp81 Oct 30 2009 in Trip Reports)
Invasion Of The LCCs (Penang On Tiger And Jetstar) (by Ycp81 Aug 31 2009 in Trip Reports)
10 Flights On 6 Airlines In 11 Days! (by Ycp81 Aug 25 2009 in Trip Reports)
Cathay Way To Taipei (by Ycp81 Aug 25 2009 in Trip Reports)
SIN-DPS-SIN On Lionair And SQ (by Ycp81 Aug 25 2009 in Trip Reports)
SIN-SYD-MEL-SYD-SIN On SQ & QF (by Ycp81 Aug 25 2009 in Trip Reports)
SIN-SGN-SIN On SQ In 2008 (by Ycp81 Aug 25 2009 in Trip Reports)
Missing Swiss In SIN (by Ycp81 Aug 25 2009 in Trip Reports)
('07 Memories) SIN-KBV-DMK,BKK-SIN On TR, DD & FD (by Ycp81 Aug 25 2009 in Trip Reports)
My past and future travels - http://www.ba97.com/ba97/calendar/report.asp?handle=ycp81

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