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TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:25 am

Hello everyone!

Welcome onboard this new trip report covering a return flight from Lyon, France to Lisbon, Portugal operated by Portugalia Airlines on behalf of TAP Portugal.


As you probably already know, I'm a huge fan of the Star Alliance. As this alliance has a quite strong presence in Lyon, I decided to try EVERY *A operated flight from Lyon. Here is a list of the flight I've flown so far :
- Lufthansa : FRA, MUC, DUS, TXL
- Swiss : ZRH
- Austrian : VIE
- Brussels Airlines : BRU
- Turkish Airlines : IST
- Aegean Airlines : ATH
- bmi (when it was part of the *A) : MAN
Courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper

Obviously, I've missed to try SAS which used to operate a 6 weekly flight to/from CPH...   Sadly, they cancelled their flight last winter. Well, I still needed to try TAP Portugal flight to/from LIS to complete my log. Well, I had some days-off so I decided to visit the famous city of Lisbon. So, here we go!
Courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper

The booking process was done on the TAP Portugal app for Android phone. All the process was done very swiftly and conveniently and soon I received the e-ticket on my mailbox. Online checkin is available 48 hours in advance and can be done through the app with an option to collect the boarding pass at the airport. Well done TP!

The day of departure, I went cycling with some friends on the morning and after being back home, I did a quick turnaround and soon, I was ready to go to La Part Dieu station and the so-expensive Rhônexpress tramway which will drive (shoud I say "rail me"?) me to the airport on this sunny day.

Self-ticketing machine is being fixed. Pretty cool to see what's inside!

While not crowded, the Rhônexpress has quite healthy loads each time I take a ride on it!

30 minutes later, I found myself inside the majestuous Lyon St-Exupéry railway station.

View over the Terminal 1 curbside taken from the walkway linking the railway station and the airport.

My spotting place is situated in the square between Terminal 1 & Terminal 2

As I arrived quite early for a 6pm departure, I was right on time to watch the AF/A5 hub wave in action. So, I took some photos, sorry for the poor quality. I could see some heavy construction work in progress, later, I found that some taxiways are being constructed.

A5 Bombardier CRJ-200 still in AF colors. Some construction work on the background

A Jungle jet meeting a canadian-built RJ

Busy time in LYS. That's not JFK or EWR but still queuing planes waiting for take-off

A nice A5 ATR 42-500 in old c/s, I flew this one from LYS to LIG

Another A5 Bombardier CRJ-200

A5 Bombardier CRJ-700, seems that AF/A5 is very happy with the Bombardier RJs

While I don't like the new A5 livery, I think it does look well on the Embraer 145. I still think that Hop! by AirFrance is a bit awkward, I would have preferred AirFrance by Hop!...well, taste can be different!

I prefer ATRs in AF livery than in the A5 one

A longish ATR 72-500 operated by Air Corsica heading to FSC

How I like the old AF livery! Very nice Embraer 190 still wearing this timeless color

After meeting my girlfriend at the train station, we headed to the checkin counters to drop-off our bags. was so disorganized! 2 counters for economy passengers and one counter for business. There was no line to queue in and everyone tried to skip other people resulting in a messy "single-for-all-counters" line. However, it didn't took too long before reaching the counter. The checkin agent was business friendy and gave us our boarding passes.

Counters before the crowd...

After dropping-off our luggages and having a drink, we went to the gate. At this time of the day, only one flight was scheduled so there was litteraly no-one in front of us at the security and we passed it in a breeze.

While waiting for our flight, know...I couldn't resist, I grabbed my camera and started to spot the aircraft movements...

LH is in the place with this Embraer 195 ready to go to MUC. I flew her so many times...

She's orange...An U2 Airbus A319 of course!

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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:27 am

Nice austrian private Dassault Falcon 7X

Another U2 Airbus A319, Easyjet has a base in LYS

I like the babybus...AF Airbus A318

Very gorgeous KL Embraer 190

A TU Airbus A320, one of the many Maghreb-bound planes operating to LYS

An A5 Embraer 170

S5 Airbus A320 operating some charter flight

A portuguese classic is taxiing in...TP Fokker 100, our ride for today is right on time...

The captain is dealing with the fuel supplier

The turnaround went quite fast and soon, the boarding was called with priority given to passengers with infants and disabled ones.

View of the Terminal 1 Schenghen gates area

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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:33 am

Flight # : TP479
Departure airport : Lyon St-Exupéry (LYS/LFLL)
Arrival airport : Lisbon Portela (LIS/LPPT)
ETD : 1800
ATD : 1800
ETA : 1925
ATA : 1920
Scheduled flight time : 02:25
Actual flight time : 02:20
Aircraft type : Fokker 100
Reg # : CS-TPF "Grifo"
Seat : 04A

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Jorge Abreu
View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Rui Miguel

Gate 16A is in service today

Down the jetbridge

How I like to board an airplane!

Passengers were greeted by a very courteous and pleasant male F/A alog with an elder female one. The plane was packed both in C and Y with many connecting passengers. NI's Fokker 100 are looking very old but they are fitted with very comfortable leather seats.

My very comfortable seat

Legroom shot

Seat pocket content

SN's Avro RJ-100 coming in

Jetbridge disconnected

Meanwhile, the TK flight to IST taxied and was ready to take-off


View on 2 nice TU planes, an A320 is sitting on the foreground

View over Terminal 2 when leaving the apron

Our Fokker 100 is about to leave Lyon while another Fokker 100 is arriving. Dutch have made such a nice plane!

How many rabbits live in this field? Silly question, I know

We had to wait until this nice TB Boeing 737-800 is landing (didn't know TB serve LYS)...

...and this nice A5 Bombardier CRJ-1000...

...reaching the runway, finally!

Soon, we accelerated on the runway and...rotating
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:35 am

Rocketing in the clear skies

The Rhône river with its upstream reservoirs

After a left-hand turn

The historic airport of Lyon, Bron airfield (LYN/LFLY)

The flight path led us right above the city of Lyon, giving us some beautiful sights!

Few minutes later, we overflew Lyon's "rival" city, St-Etienne

Broken overhead switches...the cabin shows its age. It looks like NI (TP) needs to replace its RJs by new ones...hopefully, they will order Embraer jets soon! (one can dream!)

Cabin overview

Le Puy airfield (LPY/LFHP) I guess...

Crossing the city of Montauban

Southwestern french landscape

A SAS Boeing 737NG nearby, flying towards some spanish destination

A FR Boeing 737-800 cruising northbound

One hour into the flight, the service started. I think it might have started sooner but everything was done efficiently but this very nice and polite male F/A fluently speaking to passengers in portuguese, english and french! Well done man! A filling and tasty snackbox was distributed along with drinks. The snackbox contained a small cheese, ham & basil sandwich and a delicious fruit shot.

Enough for the time of the day

Later on, tea and coffee was served. Inflight service on this flight was adequate and very tasty, well done TP! In the same time, we were closer to the Pyrenees mountain range, the natural border between Spain and France.

Nice clouds formations

Overflying an airport, Pau-Pyrenees (PUF/LFBP)

High altitude clouds

Crossing the Pyrenees

Reaching Spain with Pamplona city insight

Pamplona airport (PNA/LEPP)

Leaving the Pyrenees behing us

Unidentified city, perhaps Logrono or Burgos?

Crossing a cruising U2 Airbus A32x

Quite dry spanish landscape

Some forests surrounding an artificial lake

What's that airport?

Soon, we started our approach towards LIS, slowly gliding along the Tagus river

The land became more flat as we were closer to Lisbon

Some low clouds...not a good sight, see later...

Passing along some airfield runway, what's that airfield?
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:36 am

Soon, we started our approach towards LIS, slowly gliding along the Tagus river

The land became more flat as we were closer to Lisbon

Some low clouds...not a good sight, see later...

Passing along some airfield runway, what's that airfield?

Spotting Vasco de Gama bridge on final

Seconds before touchdown

A S6 Boeing 767-200F awaiting us to vacate the runway

An AF Airbus A320 and a TP Airbus A319 facing each other

Followed by a nice TP Airbus A319 landing

We taxied to the remotest parking stand which was quite disappointing given the huge number of available gates...

The AF Airbus A320 departing to CDG is taxiing while we were taxiing too


We quickly disembarked, thanked the crew for this nice flight and boarded a bus, ready for a lengthy ride toward the terminal.

Bye Grifo

The remote stand is located near the private jet stands, spotting this Hawker 750

An U2 Airbus A320 is arriving

A Bombardier Challenger 300

PGA Maintenance hanger

Could have been a nice photo without the bus...

A Bombardier Challenger 601

During the lengthy ride to the terminal, we had to wait for this D0 Boeing 757-200F to vacate the taxiway BF Boeing 737-400F
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:38 am

It seems that this TP Airbus A32x needs maintenance...

Nice SN's Airbus A319 at the gate

A part of the LIS Terminal 1

We definitely are in Lisboa!

Very classy livery for this S4's Airbus A320

Finally, the bus reached the terminal's bus gate. I found interesting that the FIDS shows the registration for each plane arriving! Very useful for enthusiasts! The terminal looks quite old and it's not very easy to navigate within. Anyway, we located the belt dedicated to TP479, some luggages were sitting on the belt from their previous flight from the Azores. I don't know why they were still here as they were all wearing priority luggage tags. After a very long wait (30minutes) we grabbed our bags, we headed to the arrival hall and then to the taxi station with only party of 4 in front of us, we took a taxi rather quickly.


Not-so-nice hall

Belt 7 will deliver bags from Lyon, France

The taxi ride went quite fast with a funny french-speaking driver who drove us to the hotel, the Mercure Lisboa. The hotel is situated right under the Lisbon airport take-off/landing flightpath and when the weather is good, you are able to catch some very nice photos from the roof-top swimming pool. It's very conveniently located few hundred meters away from a suburban train station and a Blue Line metro station which can took you to the city center. We had a very nice stay there! Now, I'll show you some photos from Lisbon. Unfortunately, the clouds I've seen during the approach became thicker and thicker finally leading to an autumn-like weather during our whole stay in the portuguese capital city. However, we had a very nice stay and Lisbon is definitely worth the visit as it's a very historic and pleasant city to stay in. The only (major) downside was in the Rossio Square, one of the centralmost square of Lisbon where were annoyed by drug-selling junkies who asked us to buy their sh*tty thing...Come on guys! Do I look like you? I just have a very pleasant walk with my girlfriend with a camera around my neck, taking a huuuge amount of I really look like someone who want to buy drug? What the police is doing? This is one of the main squares of Lisbon, full of tourists, I don't understand why the police don't put them away from this place given that they don't look like gang member, if I weren't with my girlfriend, I would have liked to kick of them...they really p*ssed me off! Anyway, we had a wonderful time in this city though!

Taken from the hotel despite the low clouds layer, this *A liveried TP's Airbus A320 taking off

Lisbon metro

Jardim de Estrela (Estrela garden) with a funny goose mother watching at her children

The iconic Tramway 28, a must-do for everyone visiting Lisbon...better than any rollercoaster! Take it from Estrela to downtown as it's less crowded from there and you could seat for the long journey to the terminus

Sao Bento, the portuguese parliament

Wait...are we in San Francisco? No! This is the Ponte 25 de Abril (April 25th bridge)!

Very impressive Mosteiros dos Jeronimos (Jeronimos monastery)

Nice Padrao dos descobrimentos (monument to the discoveries), I loved the feeling of this place

Torre de Belem (Belem's Tower), very pleasant place despite the cold wind blowing when we visited this place

Torre de Belem with a sailling ship passing

A Fairey FIII is on display, celebrating a flight across the Atlantic made by a portuguese pilot
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:39 am

The infamous Rossio square where tourists, normal people share the place with junkies...(not obvious on this picture)

Nice and quiet Convento do Carmo (Carmo convent)

Lisbon has plenty of elevadores (funiculars), here the Elevador da Bica

We took another ride onboard the retro-looking Tramway 28

Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa (Lisbon cathedral)

Elevador da Santa Justa (Santa Justa Lift)

Castelo do Sao Jorge (Sao Jorge Castle) main gate

Praca do Comercio (Trade square) with a old tramway

The very nice-looking Gare do Oriente (Oriente station)

The famous Oceanario de Lisboa (Lisbon oceanarium)

Vasco de Gama is a famous man in Portugal! The Vasco de Game bridge and the Vasco de Gama tower!

well...That's the Vasco de Gama shopping mall!

Graffitied Elevador da Gloria (Gloria's lift)

Sao Jorge castle overview

The EK flight bound to DXB is taking off, the Boeing 777-300ER is a very good looking plane

Scenic street

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (D. Maria II National Theatre)

Entrance of the Rossio train station

Praca do Restauradores (Restauradores square)

After 2 wonderful days visiting this very nice city, it was time to head back to the aiport at a too early time for sunday. Having checked-in us 48hours before, we headed straight to the baggage drop-off counters. There was quite a long waiting line but it moved very fast and soon we were greeted by a rather disinterested TP checkin agent who was very efficient though. Same happened with security, there was quite a lot of passengers but all the process was done quickly enough by not overly friendly agent but they were all very polite and efficient. That's all I needed for that time of the day!

Common drop-off counters

You can spot the security checkpoint downstairs

Right after security, you have to walk through a shop, just like in an english airport (MAN especially)

After passing this shop, nothing much open around and a rather bland terminal

No, that's not a jet bridge!

Well, this is the gate area, it does look old

Gate for the LYS-bound flight with the neighbor gate dedicated to the UX flight to MAD
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:41 am

A LH Airbus A321 is waiting for her next load of passengers to FRA after sitting all night long on the ramp

The LH Airbus A321 almost ready for her next flight to MUC

Very nice looking S4's Airbus A320

TP livery looks nice on this Airbus A320

I didn't knew that UX is operating the Embraer 145, too bad she isn't in genuine UX livery

TS Airbus A330-200 (?) is arriving from Canada

Cute little TP's (well, it's NI actually) Embraer 145

A TP's Airbus A330-200 is landing after crossing the pond from South America

This nice looking TP's Fokker 100 is getting ready for the LYS-bound flight

Flight # : TP476
Departure airport : Lisbon Portela (LIS/LPPT)
Arrival airport : Lyon St-Exupéry (LYS/LFLL)
ETD : 0740
ATD : 0745
ETA : 1100
ATA : 1100
Scheduled flight time : 02:20
Actual flight time : 02:15
Aircraft type : Fokker 100
Reg # : CS-TPE "Gavião"
Seat : 06A

View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © William Verguet
View Large View Medium
Click here for bigger photo!

Photo © Jose Jorge

Boarding announcement was done in english and as passengers were mostly french speaking people, only few people made their way to the counter manned by a youngish professionnal male agent and soon, I had to go down to the basement where a yellow bus was awaiting for the passengers.

Down to the basement

This dutch beauty will fly us home

After a short ride on the apron, the bus delivered its load of passengers, mostly connecting from Africa and Brazil given their look and talking

Boarding airstairs style!

Passengers were greeted by a middle-aged woman F/A, courteous by not overwhelming though. Fine for me at this time of the day.

Comfy seats aboard NIs Fokker 100

Complimentary legroom shot

Boarding was completed quite quickly and soon pushback happened with LIS Terminal building on the background

I was lucky to spot this gorgeous looking DT Boeing 777-300ER coming from LAD (I guess)

Crossing a runway during taxi

A private Bombardier Global Express

A TAG Aviation UK Canadair Challenger 850

Look like a windowless terminal, this is the rather deserted low-cost LIS terminal

A West Air Europe BAe ATP is resting on the ramp

We made our way straight to the threshold of the active runway


And soon we were airborne above the airport

Climbing over urbanized areas

Like the previous days, the cloud ceiling was very low and soon we were inside of them

Not long after, we emerged above the clouds,

Our shadow vanishing

Thick cloud layer over Lusitania

Not exactly the expected sky over Portugal in july!

As there was nothing much to see outside, it was time to explore the seat pocket

The UP! magasine is quite interesting and is a good way to kill some time
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:42 am

The cloud layer starts to become less dense

Around an hour into the flight, the in-flight service was done. Today's offer is a breakfast consisting in :
Cheese and ham sandwich
Actimel flavored yogurt

It was very filling and quite tasty, good catering for TP on intra-european flight.

Over Spain, the sky became almost cloud-less, allowing good views over the countryside

I think the outbound flight took the route as the inbound one as we overflew Pamplona again

Dry spanish landscape

Reaching the Pyrenees mountain range, high altitude clouds appeared and the flight became bumpier

Finally, reaching hazy France

The flight went fast and soon we started to descent over the city of Le Puy en Velay

Continuing over a Regional Park

Then, the city of Aubenas

Overflying the mighty Rhône river, on the lower right corner, you can stop the famous A7 highway, one of the major french highway, often busy during summer

Parallel to the HST line, on our way to LYS runway

One of the last turn, there was a stage of the Tour de France in the area and some roads were crowded with people supporting bicycle racers

Weather looks nice today

HST line again

Seconds before landing
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:43 am


PC Boeing 737-800 probably operating a charter holiday flight to some turkish resort (regular SAW-bound flighta anyone?)

Vacating the runway

Some russian richman (woman?) is in town

Along with a nice looking austrian weallthy friend

The iconic railway station at the distance


AF and A5 birds sitting on the ramp

VY Airbus A320 bound from BCN is landing after us

A colorful TNT BAe 146 resting on the cargo apron

Rather deserted Terminal 1

The apron is deserted too with a lonely U2 Airbus A319 turning around at the Terminal 3

Almost parked

After thanked the crew for this comfortable ride, we disembarked and made our way to the arrival hall. Of course, it took 20 minutes to get our luggage and they were supposed to be delivered on the Belt 2 but were actually delivered on Belt 1 without any notice. How the 3rd french (I count CDG and ORY as one PAR airport) can be so disorganized? Anyway, I said "see you next week" to my beloved one and I made my way on the Rhônexpress, 50 minutes later I was home.

Conclusions :
LYS - Not well-organized and very expensive to reach but this airport has a huge potentien! I wish it could be more developped.
LIS - Definitely not eye-candy but it does the job very well both air and landside. Well connected to the city, it's a very pleasant airport. TP has developped a strong connecting activity and I wish the best for them.
TP - Great little airline with a nice product. The onboard staff could be a little bit more joyfull but their planes are very comfortable and their activity in France is quite strong. I am totally satisfied by this airline.
Lisbon - This city is very beautiful and totally worth the visit. Unfortunately, the drug dealers are really annoying and the security forces must fight them as they let a bad feeling to tourist people. Except that, I had a wonderful time in Lisboa!

I hope you've enjoyed this TR, as always, comments and questions are very much appreciated. Unfortunately, I won't be able to travel anytime soon but I plan to spend new year's eve abroad. Stay tuned! All the best to all of you!
Link to my other TR :
Swiss Economy LYS-ZRH-EWR
Aegean Airlines A3633/A3632-LYS-ATH-LYS-Inaugural
Brussels Airlines SN3588 - LYS-BRU - Economy
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Adria Airways JP376 - LJU-BRU - Economy
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:07 am


Good report you have got there, thanks for sharing with us.
TAP looks good, similar to my 2011 expercience with them.
Great you logged the F100, I'm logging it in about 6 weeks from now if no equip changes.

Next trip report: Well worn A330s and Hassle free MUC transfer
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RE: TAP By Portugalia Economy LYS-LIS

Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:45 am

Nice TR!

Quoting LYSflyer (Thread starter):
I still think that Hop! by AirFrance is a bit awkward, I would have preferred AirFrance by Hop!

Oh la la... Come on! You should know it better - it's HOP! FOR AirFrance, and NOT "by"!   

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