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Go Goa! (Air India Y on MAA-GOI-MAA)

Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:17 pm

Hi there, welcome aboard my first Trip Report on here, onboard what is still India's national carrier - Air India. This TR covers two sectors, both in Y, on the MAA-GOI and GOI-MAA sectors on IC coded AI flights, as was the case during the merger of the two airlines in the 2007-2010 period. This flight itself was taken during the end of 2010 and posted shortly after on Airliners-India. Now that I'm plugging it in here though, I've added a lot of details that clarify certain situations and opinions three years in hindsight whilst pasting and skimming through it over here over the past twenty minutes prior to publication - all to give it more of a current 'then and now' appeal, if you like.

Have a fun read, then.

The time for the annual winter vacation was approaching and 2010 was no different, though that year around we were firm on keeping it to a destination within Indian shores. Sikkim and Rajasthan were thrown about as options but we eventually zeroed in on Goa - a tiny state and famous beach destination bordering the Arabian Sea, and tucked in the midst of two of the larger states in the country - Maharashtra (Capital Mumbai) and Karnataka (Capital Bangalore).

At the time, IC were winding down their two and three stop hoppers but three flights between MAA and KWI were still survivors of the trend. Two of them were one stop operations, MAA-GOI-KWI and MAA-BOM-KWI and one of them, a ridiculous two stop piloting a MAA-HYD-AMD-KWI milk run, the MAA-HYD segment of which I'll cover in a subsequent report.

During the second week of December then, I went ahead and booked myself on the GOI flight, incidentally the only direct run between MAA and GOI - so I reckon you can refer to it as a Hobson's choice. Ticketing was done by the super un-efficient NACIL website (well, that was what the merged entity was called back then) which stalled and crashed to it's heart's content during the booking process but eventually I stuck around and pulled through, purchasing each ticket for a moderately high price of Rs. 17561/- return. For some NACILed up reason though, the website was unable to dispatch the ticket to my inbox which meant that I had to print it from the annoying flash page itself, which took an entire hour as I had to log in, click on 'Successful Bookings' and pray that the server at the other end could understand the request without stuttering and hence, backing out of the process. At the end of it all, I managed to snag myself on the fast filling A320 for the outbound sector dated on the 22nd and the inbound on the 26th.

Scheduled time of departure for this flight was a reasonable 1540, so we were at the check-in desks by 1400. MAA is increasingly an irritating airport to use (not that it's become anything fancy since). With all the construction, renovation and AAI style "modernization" going on, the place resembled an un-navigable labyrinth of sorts, a far cry from an international airport it was initially built to be. "Chennai Airport is being modernized. We apologize for the inconvenience." said the numerous boards leading up to the entrance. The AAI had clubbed together both the international and domestic departures onto one small corridor, ditto with the arrivals. Which meant that there appeared to be a ton of folks at any given time at the mouths of the respective 'tunnels', what with the entourages that some like to head off to the airport with. The CISF guards likely felt the strain of the operation as well, and waved off select passengers after a cursory glance at their passports - women with little babies, and the like.


Thankfully, the terminal wasn't as crowded inside. MAA, like most other Indian airports toward the South experience their peak international capacity during the morning hours, thanks to the hordes of Gulf departures to DXB, AUH, MCT, BAH, DOH and KWI. But like all Indian airports, there is almost always an EK 777 to DXB operating at anytime of the day. When I entered the terminal, check-in desks were thus open for one such Emirates run, my IC flight to GOI and KWI, Silkair to SIN, WY to MCT, 9W to CMB and an IX and AI to SIN (leaving within an hour of each other! - such was the noodle of the airline before all of the merged components began to pull together over the past couple of years or so).

I made my way to one of the empty AI desks towards the right of the terminal. AI has cleverly clubbed all it's AI, IC and IX flights to one side of the check-in zone, meaning that NACIL personnel don't have to shuttle across the hall for whatever reason, but it would help for them to offer the passenger the choice of checking in at any desk, instead of separating them as per destination, like Goa, Kuwait and Singapore for example.

A view of the SG check-in desks. SG has installed 3 mobile check-in desks before security for themselves. This probably enables them for a speedy check-in for it's 100 odd daily pax to CMB. Or is it a sign that they are going to further expand their international operations out of MAA? Time will tell. (As of 2013, nope. They have commenced SHJ, MCT, RUH and DXB, but none from MAA yet.)


Sign above my check-in desk.


Below the sign you can make out the nameplates over the office doors of UL and KU.

The neighbouring desk was for the AI flight to SIN, but that had just opened and passengers were yet to line up.


The male check-in desk was efficient, quick and gave me my boarding card, assigning a window seat as per request and gave out the usual form for domestic passengers travelling on international AI flights - which would help bypass immigration, for starters.


Artwork behind the boarding card. Spices or brick powder, take your pick.


We skipped through the side of immigration and were stopped by the customs guy in front of the escalator leading to the departure gates. The guy clad in the white uniform seemed genial enough, grinned and told us that the form was a "privilege" as he was waving us through.

Customs Agent: It is a privilege sir! If you are going to an international destination then they will scan your luggage thoroughly as per local customs laws. But domestically whatever you declare here, we will accept it!

Upstairs, the hall past security was filling fast but we found an empty section for ourselves near the duty free.   


Around us, the duty free agents were busy decorating the tiny store for Christmas. The boss of the operation would often run back and examine the lights and trees from afar, critiquing the hardworking agents accordingly.


Incidentally, the blue jersey in the foreground was and is the Indian cricket team's official ODI kit - with which we picked up the most prized trophy in the sport - the 2011 50-over World Cup a few months later, on April 2, 2011.   

Since I had a half-hour to kill, I bought myself a donut from Port Lounge and headed over to the glass windows near the free telephones to catch some action on the tarmac.


It's the old bird in the drabbest livery as usual, being prepped up for its flight to GOI and KWI, and back. At the moment it is undergoing a quick maintenance check, with its engine covers and windshield being inspected. Every few minutes, the cockpit windows would be sprayed with a jet of water and wiped by a maintenance personnel. Behind the babybus is a Jade Cargo 74F and there is an IX 738 parked next to it.


VT-AXI was boarding to SIN. At the far end was VT-JGU parked at the last remote stand. And on the far left you can spot a 9W and IT ATR lining up on 7, with an IT and AI 320 following close behind.

Just over five minutes later, there was a sudden flurry of activity as several things happened at once. A WY 738 did a bumpy touchdown, its IX counterpart was pushed back for its hop to SIN and a 9W 738 made its way from the domestic terminal. Also, both the aforementioned ATRs holding on the taxiway to 7 were cleared for departure.



A guy on my left pointed to me and asked out aloud whether the green jumbo in the distancewas a Saudi bird. I corrected him by calling it a Jade 74F freighter. Where was it from, he asked? Taiwan, I replied. He thanked me and then asked me whether it was permitted to take pictures like that. I briefly nodded without diving into the nitty-gritty of MAA and Indian photography laws - its cans and cannots. He was nevertheless overjoyed and extracted his DSLR to take some snaps himself.  

I had to bid him farewell as both his WY and my IC flight had announced boarding, and the aerobridge was now kissing the IC A320's L1. But I hung around for one last shot of AXF being towed to a stand after completion of its flight from KUL.


WY and IC were boarding from adjacent gates, #2 and #3 respectively. And while WY were deploying a policy of boarding through rows, few seemed to pay much heed to the intricacies of any of that. Rows 20-24 attracted several dozen pax, for instance.

The jetway for my IC flight was in turn manned by a young AI staffer who tore the stubs off our boarding cards and wished us a pleasant flight. I've used MAA enough by now to notice that the aerobridge at Gate #3 was the slickest of them all. We reached the aircraft door where there was a middle-aged FA as per the norm, nodding at the entering passengers.


I enquired about the aircraft registration as I entered the aircraft. She smiled at me, put on her spectacles and looked at the handbag kept at the rack near the door. The stickers on it said VT-EPJ and she read it out to me. "Echo. Papa. Juliet. "I thanked her and on her questioning look said that I was making a Trip Report for which I needed the reg. She smiled and remarked that they don't get too many enthusiasts on their international flights before directing me to the Y cabin. The J cabin was empty as usual, save for an extra (?) crew member. I made my way to row 23 and we were on our seats in good time. AI has retrofitted this A320 with its signature red and saffron cabins too and the aircraft didn't feel 21 years old in the slightest - more like seven if you'd asked me.

VT-EPJ was delivered to IC in 1989 and transferred to AI in 2007. This would be my first ride on an IC owned A320. Both my previous flights on such IC aircraft were on leased metal, EVR and EVQ.

Airline: Air India
Aircraft: Airbus A320-231
Registration: VT-EPJ
First flight date: 7th June, 1989

Load in J: 0%
Load in Y: 100%

Scheduled Departure Time: 3:40 PM
Actual Departure Time: 3:50 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 4:55 PM
Actual Arrival Time: 4:55 PM

Flight Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Legroom was the same as on the two EV* series 320s, though some always claim that IC owned birds have tons of legroom, even in Y. Perhaps AI has done the stuffing more rows act on them.


The WY 738 was perched on our left. A4O-BM.


After a lot of the passengers had settled down, the FA I had met at the door came towards my seat and gave me a copy of the AI in-flight magazine- Namaskaar, saying that "you enthusiasts probably collect these things".   

This was in addition to the IC in-flight magazine of course, Swagat.


The WY then pushed back, completing its rather quick turnaround.



Leaving a 9W 738 in view, the one boarding to CMB. It was JGQ. I noticed a KU baggage crate near it, aside from a couple of 9W ones to the left.


3:40 PM came and went yet we were delayed from pushback thanks to heavy congestion. We were prepared to broadcast a touch of impatience had the delay continued since we would have to make our way to Dona Paula, which is kind of far from the airport Dabolim. We wouldn't want to do it too late into the night.

The domestic terminal. Check out the Paramount Embraer on the left.


AXF and a 9W 738, the registration of which I couldn't pick up as the stairs were in the way.


At 3:50, 10 minutes after scheduled departure time, we were cleared for departure and were pushed back from the heavily under renovation MAA international terminal. (The terminal is now complete, and are up and running)

Behind JGQ was a leased IC 319, VT-SCF and an IT 320. Too far to make out the reg of that one. The 319 was in the interim 'Indian' livery, brought about during the mid-2000s.




As we made our way to 7, the FAs performed the safety demo. A few changes I noticed in this flight is that the purser who had given me the AI magazine, Pramilla Lauren gave a special welcome to frequent fliers, whoever they may be and said that a newspaper rack was available at all times in the rear galley. She introduced the captain as Captain Jindal with "18 years of experience flying for Air India and Indian Airlines".  

The soon to be demolished old style face of MAA's white cement and glass terminal. Notice the lettering "Anna International Terminal". Anna is of course, the name of a well respected ex-Chief Minister of the state in question - Tamil Nadu, the name is short for K. Annadurai.


A Silkair 320, from and to SIN.


Lining up.


The take-off run was super quiet. This bird looks old and ratty only from the outside.  http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e168/Spiderguy252/SAM_0827.jpg

Some excess capacity dumped by airlines in the distance. A couple of IT ATRs, a 320 and another Paramount Embraer. Both of those airlines were dying then, and are dead and buried now.


The cargo terminal. A couple of Blue Darts including a 757, and the Deccan 360 A310, which is a former AI bird. The rarely used secondary runway too.


Banking left along St. Thomas Mount, a popular spotter's hangout area.


Rising above the city.


And up through the clouds.




2 of the all female crew on-board the flight began the snack service. I think it's fair to say that a lot of pax were tourists like us and just around half of them could speak little to no English. Europe is obviously not the best place for the language.  

The snack trolley thus moved a lot slower than it should have.

"The vegetarian option is a samosa and a cutlet."

"No I'm sorry, we don't serve alcohol on domestic flights. If you're flying onward to Kuwait, just hold on!"

"A samosa is like hard bread with stuffed vegetables, it's quite spicy!"

Of course, this was back when airlines in the country dished out full meals for even the shortest of flights - how times change in under three years.

I settled for the non-veg option which consisted of chicken kababs and gulab jamuns (Indian sweetmeat), and a puff.


The beverage run followed and the FAs were just as patient with the bulk of the cabin. I asked for tea, but the FA was holding just the coffee kettle so she said that another one would be on her way to serve it to me. I got the tea and a few minutes later, the first FA got back to me with a pleasant Did you get your tea?.

Somewhere over Karnataka.


The terrain below us grew a lot......taller as we neared the Karnataka coast and the crew announced descent. The Western Ghats are what these are, a rugged mountain range that are younger and sharper than their counterparts to the East, the Eastern Ghats. Both Ghats play a critical role in influencing and delivering monsoon clouds to the country between June and September each year, and every year.


A river draining into the Arabian sea in the distance.


Pramilla Lauren came on the PA and announced clearly that GOI was a naval military base and photography in and out of the airport was prohibited. I didn't stop clicking, just was a little discreet about it all. Here are some more photos of descent.

Lots of greenery everywhere this side of town.




Look away, that's a deforested area.


Another waterway.


Lowering flaps, and on finals to GOI. The Arabian Sea loomed closer with our approach into Dabolim.


Some industrial units, oil tanks and the like.



The airport was surrounded by a dense bunch of trees but they cleared as we entered the perimeter.



Over the runway.




Maybe smoother thanks to the double bogie!   , the landing saw the captain get on the PA and announce the photography rule again, but I still took my chances.

Clearing the runway. Who woulda' thunk this is December?


FA Lauren reminded pax to collect their belongings, including cellphones, watches and spectacles lest they forget them during deboarding. She also requested passengers not to swap seats during the 40 minute halt at GOI as they might be reserved for passengers boarding at GOI.

Passing some naval birds. Anybody know which aircraft these are? Also, what's with the things on their decks? Radar?



We reached the passenger terminal where the usual suspects were lined up, including another leased IC 319...


...and parked at the last available stand among five. Across the tarmac I could spot some military structures.


Deboarding was quick, but the one bus that had come to the aircraft wasn't sufficient for half the 320 load of passengers, so one of the ground personnel walkie-talkied another such bus to arrive double quick. Around 90% of pax deplaned leaving just 10-15 to travel onward to KWI (though I noticed a healthy load waiting at the gate in GOI). Pramilla Lauren asked me if I had a pleasant flight at the door. While we were waiting she said that her son had completed his CPL course in 2008 and was unable to find a job. "Please pray for him!" she requested as the second bus arrived, and stopped behind the first; it was just a short walk to the waiting open doors.

Nose section of EPJ.


Funny that my best IC flight had to happen at the end of the year. Second best, rather. The AI A319 on BLR-SIN from back in May had uncharacteristically good service too. Let's see if the return was just as good. Read on.

GOI - formerly a Portuguese colony, was spruced up for Christmas as well. I dig that dustbin.  http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e168/Spiderguy252/22122010631.jpg


Now Goa is simply the best holiday destination in the country. Far from the chaotic weekdays that we get to spend in our larger cities, the tiny coastal state comes across as a bonafide breath of fresh air. Let the pictures do most of the talking.








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Go Goa! (Air India Y on MAA-GOI-MAA)

Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:23 pm



The return sector was on IC 576, that does KWI-GOI-MAA. The aircraft arrives at KWI from GOI as IC 575 at 1900 local time and has a block time of 5 hours to make up for delays of any kind. At around midnight, the flight departs KWI as IC 576 and heads back to its station at MAA via GOI, to repeat the chore once more - but perhaps via BOM or HYD and AMD later in the evening. The departure time out of GOI was 0820 which meant that we found ourselves at GOI airport as early as 0600 in the morning; overestimating the Sunday traffic probably played a part.

Once again, I had to be discreet about the pics so just shrug off the quality of photos in this section of the TR.

International Departures. Sunrise was yet to hit.


The AI check-in counters. At 0755 was a flight to DEL.


In addition, there was also an IT flight departing to someplace and lots of Russian charters. The board also listed a "BA" flight -back during IT's short lived endeavor with them.

Goa's own Port Lounge.


The agent was just as quick, but this time he handed us boarding cards made out of plain paper.


The departure gates 1A and 1B were reserved for international passengers. Our gate was 1B and unlike in MAA, each gate camps out its own security personnel, all quite chatty with us as well as the rest of the tourists on the flight, enquiring about our cultural nuances and whether we enjoyed our stay and such.

Once we were done, it was around 0745 and we were let through the green tarpaulin covered walkway to the buses.


The IC 320 was parked at the stand closest to the terminal this time and the bus ride lasted just around 10-15 seconds. Can't fathom why they don't allow pax to walk down instead.

I couldn't make out the reg as we were using the forward stairs. The male FA at the front also looked harried so I saved the question for the end of the flight (It turned out to be EPJ again). This time, the flight had around 50-60 pax from KWI. With the remaining pax from GOI it would be another fully loaded flight in the Y cabin.

Airline: Air India
Aircraft: Airbus A320-231
Registration: VT-EPJ
First flight date: 7th June, 1989

Load in J: 0%
Load in Y: 100%

Scheduled Departure Time: 8:20 AM
Actual Departure Time: 8:20 AM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 9:30 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 9:30 AM

Flight Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Ground vehicles to our left.


Message on the tray tables.


Swagat and the safety card.


Legroom. Muddier shoes this time, obviously.   


A proof of age; the shutter my window had was stuck and possibly slightly shattered.


AI's newest A320, VT-EDF pulled in beside us just prior to pushback. Possibly it was the one coming from and heading back to DEL as that flight had announced a delay as we were boarding. EDF was part of the order for 4 A320s by IC in a 43-aircraft deal with Airbus in 2004-05.


A flashy pink 757 also arrived as Captain Raman announced departure.

Vim airlines is what they call themselves. From one of the ex-Soviet states, I'm guessing if not Russia itself. Plenty of charters from that part of the world to GOI, and especially at this time of the year.





Passing the miniature GOI terminal and heading to the sole runway.


An IT Red ATR, VT-DKI. Ex-Air Deccan bird, as you can make out from the registration.


Entering the runway. We would go on to taxi its entire length to the opposite side and commence our take-off run from there.


The navy buildings again.


Commencing our take-off roll.


Lift-off, EDF again in the distance.


A quick goodbye wave to GOI for the year then, that was a vacation well spent.  http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e168/Spiderguy252/SAM_1194.jpg


Climbing as we fly over the expanse of the aforementioned Western Ghats.






The crew came around handing newspapers. The headlines ain't pretty, as you can see for yourself.  http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e168/Spiderguy252/SAM_1207.jpg

And the meal. Half-boiled egg this time, potatoes and rajma.


We hit some dusty turbulence as we flew over the Deccan and our wing reflected a brownish tinge as we cruised over the patchy terrain.


After the rather uneventful flight it was time for descent into MAA. The all male crew came around the cabin preparing us for landing and soon we were descending into Chennai city.




We landed on 7 this time, which meant that we didn't loop over the bay, the most scenic approach into the airport. Nevermind, I still managed some good clicks of finals.


The outskirts of this city see factories like these dotted all over the place.





A university of some kind.



The Golden Quadilateral national highway to BLR and BOM. NH4, to be particular.


This locality's called Pallavaram. Kudos to them for standing the din - day and night.


Entering MAA premises.






Blue Dart action again.


The capacity dumpyard, also seen during departure - though from significantly higher up.


Clearing the runway.


IT, CD ATRs. CD was Alliance Air then, and Air India Regional now, also merged with the mother airline, AI.


The cargo complex.



The fire station.


The best part about landing on 7 is that you can spot the ATC.  http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e168/Spiderguy252/SAM_1246.jpg

And finally, the passenger domestic terminal with a 9W 738 parked.


Another 9W 738 with an IC 319.


The same old Paramount Embraer.


The international terminal. A UL 332 from CMB, an EK 77W from youknowwhere, an SV 77E from RUH and an Air Asia to KUL. Neat livery, that last one.


JGZ, a 73G.


We docked at a jetway next to an ex-Deccan Kingfisher 320, VT-DKU.




A 9W cobus passed and I clicked it before deplaning.


Cabin shot during deboarding.


I stopped to click a picture from the pivot point of the aerobridge. Beside the CX Cargo 74F is a 9W 332. I wonder if that spot where the CX cargo is parked is always reserved for cargo operators. The Jade cargo was parked there too, shot earlier in the report.


The UL 332 from the arrivals walkway.


A bunch of Sri Lankan students were holding up security. Yet as we made our way out we found that the carousel hadn't begun moving yet. It took another three quarters of an hour to be done and to exit the airport. Needless to say, the under renovation terminal was a chaotic mess in the arrivals section as well.

Thanks for reading it through, then. For years, I've been merely a mute spectator of the wide spectrum of TRs on here, so here's one of my own at long last.   

Cheers. There'll be more to follow shortly.
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Go Goa! (Air India Y on MAA-GOI-MAA)

Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:11 pm

Hi Spiderguy,

Great trip report! It was nice to find such an exotic report. And thanks for including the photos of Goa, the city looks like a wonderful place to visit.

Quoting Spiderguy252 (Thread starter):
I settled for the non-veg option which consisted of chicken kababs and gulab jamuns (Indian sweetmeat), and a puff.

Looks pretty good. How was it?

Quoting Spiderguy252 (Thread starter):

Vim airlines is what they call themselves. From one of the ex-Soviet states, I'm guessing if not Russia itself. Plenty of charters from that part of the world to GOI, and especially at this time of the year.

I heard Goa gets tons of charter flights from all over Europe. If I'm not mistaken, I think airlines like Thomas Cook, Monarch, and even Condor fly there seasonally.

Quoting Spiderguy252 (Thread starter):
The international terminal. A UL 332 from CMB, an EK 77W from youknowwhere, an SV 77E from RUH and an Air Asia to KUL. Neat livery, that last one.

I love that collection of aircraft.

On another note, the approach into Chennai surprised me. Usually, when I fly into Bangalore, it's so hazy you can't see a thing. Now I can actually see how green and beautiful the country is in your pictures.

Also thanks for including the shots of Chennai International Airport. The last (and only) time I transited through Chennai was in 2009(?) - and we were flying LAS-JFK-BRU-MAA-BLR with a 6hr(!) layover in Chennai. It was crazy - our hundreds of bags in a cart, walking over to the domestic terminal, the crowds, and then sitting in a filthy waiting section near the washrooms for 4hrs. It's great to see that they're modernizing, as is the case with so many, if not all, airports across India.

Thanks for writing such a great and exotic trip report.
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Go Goa! (Air India Y on MAA-GOI-MAA)

Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:59 am

Quoting Ytraveller (Reply 2):
Great trip report! It was nice to find such an exotic report. And thanks for including the photos of Goa, the city looks like a wonderful place to visit.

Cheers. I'd say that GOI should be on the go-to list should one be visiting the country anytime towards the end of the calendar year.

Quoting Ytraveller (Reply 2):
Looks pretty good. How was it?

Pretty good, but note the nostalgia - airlines have canned meal services on such short flights over the past couple of years.

Quoting Ytraveller (Reply 2):
I heard Goa gets tons of charter flights from all over Europe. If I'm not mistaken, I think airlines like Thomas Cook, Monarch, and even Condor fly there seasonally.

Yep. Lots of charters and along with them some exotic Russian gets that we don't get to see often down here!
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RE: Go Goa! (Air India Y On MAA-GOI-MAA)

Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:58 pm

Photos are gone my friend! Great report nonetheless...
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RE: Go Goa! (Air India Y On MAA-GOI-MAA)

Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:41 pm

Quoting buck3y3nut (Reply 4):
Photos are gone my friend! Great report nonetheless...

The bad old Photobucket bandwidth issue, that. Got it sorted out now, feel free to have another read.  
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RE: Go Goa! (Air India Y On MAA-GOI-MAA)

Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:44 am


Interesting report from GOA! Nice to read
Enjoyed the pics taken  

Next trip report: Well worn A330s and Hassle free MUC transfer
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RE: Go Goa! (Air India Y On MAA-GOI-MAA)

Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:35 pm

Quoting MSS658 (Reply 6):

Interesting report from GOA! Nice to read
Enjoyed the pics taken  


Thanks for the read.  
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RE: Go Goa! (Air India Y On MAA-GOI-MAA)

Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:27 pm

I liked the pics on the Airside varun.....
I may not win often, but I damn well never lose!!! ;)
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RE: Go Goa! (Air India Y On MAA-GOI-MAA)

Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:17 am

Quoting HAWK21M (Reply 8):
I liked the pics on the Airside varun

Yep, I recall your post earlier about the equipment staging areas.
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RE: Go Goa! (Air India Y On MAA-GOI-MAA)

Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:13 am

Quoting Spiderguy252 (Reply 9):

Yep, I recall your post earlier about the equipment staging areas.

Guess because of my job...I tend to look for errors and rectify  
I may not win often, but I damn well never lose!!! ;)

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