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Bangkok -> Tokyo -> Los Angeles W/ DL284 (Final)

Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:44 am


This is the final section of my LAX-NRT-BKK-HKT-BKK-NRT-LAX trip report. The original plan was to fly BKK-NRT-SEA-LAX, but due to the delay from Bangkok (due to the typhoon in Tokyo), I was re-booked on the nonstop flight from Narita to Los Angeles, thus avoiding Alaska Airlines from Seattle.

I will keep this one somewhat brief as I cannot recall what has happened to a few of my photos.

And, thank you all again for reading. I hope to read your comments and see your thoughts about this series of trip reports. Please kindly enjoy!

+ Transit:

I want to fly with Happy Air!!!

Arriving from Phuket and Baggage Re-claim, I saw this.

+ Check-In:

Delta begins check-in for DL 284 at 01:30 for the 05:10 am departure. The time is nearly 01:30.

Well, not quite.

+ In-flight:

Please kindly allow me to apologize for the lack of meal photos. I will mention on this particular flight from Bangkok to Tokyo/Narita, the choice of omelette or pork stir-fry noodles were offered as the breakfast and also a light meal was offered shortly before arrival. I kept falling in and out of sleep so I was not paying much attention to my camera. I'm very sorry, once again.


The skies are alive with "The Sound of Music."

In-flight entertainment also included, "The Sound of Music."

+ Cabin Crew:

Please allow me to recognize the wonderful service of this hard-working crew. Also, I'd like to mention another lovely lady whom was assigned my section of the aircraft from DL 283, also worked this flight DL 284. She remembered me and I remembered her because she was part of the crew members of perfection!!! Such a surprise and delight!!!

Another wonderful crew taking care of us from Bangkok to Narita!!! Thank you ladies!!!

+ Arrival:

Thank you for bringing me safely through typhoon weather!!! Great flying today!

+ Narita Sky Club:

Tokyo/Narita SkyClub Shower Room Decor/Amenities.

View from the SkyClub.

Korean Air.

Korean Air.

The 747 looks quite nice in the Delta color scheme.

The Spirit of Korea is in the Air.

+ Narita -> Los Angeles:

Let's go home.

+ Cabin Crew/Service:

I should mention this crew was very professional. This group of crew from Narita to Los Angeles were quite a contrast from the Bangkok to Narita cabin crew. I was happy with the overall service, however, it was quite apparent the Japan to Thailand flight attendants (and vice-versa) were far better than this group. Again, no complaints, but this crew lacked "spirit." Oh well.

+ Finale:

Magazines I collected on this trip. Malaysia Airlines "Going Places" and KLM "Holland Herald" to name a few!

In conclusion, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND each and every member on this forum book a flight with Delta from Tokyo to Bangkok and return. THEN, book a return Tokyo to USA (& v.v.) and tell me what differences you note in terms of customer service and delivery. I don't expect most to try this experiment, however, why are the hidden gems only flying within Asia? The exception to this itinerary was the lovely Asian Female F/A serving me from Los Angeles to Tokyo/Narita in which I wrote a nice compliment about her wonderful service to Delta. I also took the time to write a compliment for the cabin crew of DL 283 from Tokyo to Bangkok. These ladies far exceeded my already high expectations and truly are "beyond" anything I have ever experienced in flying.

Thai Airways really impressed me on the short sectors. Perhaps I am used to peanuts, biscoff, etc on very short-haul flights and the taro pastry and sandwiches sort of blew me away in terms of snacks on offer. I will consider flying with Thai from Los Angeles to Bangkok perhaps one-way and then again with DL on the return.

I normally base my flying on loyalty and not price, however, if Thai offers a significantly reduced roundtrip ticket from Los Angeles to Bangkok/Phuket versus Delta, then this Silver Medallion will book with and be very happy with my decision. Again, significantly reduced such as ~ 500 USD less than Delta, for example.

Thank you again for reading my series of reports. Your comments and thoughts are welcome.

Wishing you a meaningful and joyous holiday season,

AirAfreak =]
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RE: Bangkok -> Tokyo -> Los Angeles W/ DL284 (Final)

Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:46 pm

If you join the UNITED frequent flyer program you can get awards on THAI at ONE THIRD to ONE HALF DELTA usually requires.

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RE: Bangkok -> Tokyo -> Los Angeles W/ DL284 (Final)

Wed Oct 23, 2013 3:23 am

Quoting lychemsa (Reply 1):

I can't even imagine having to start all over again in regards to working towards Medallion/Elite, etc. all over again. And what about President's Club? Does their annual memberships entitle you to other partner lounges? For example, with my Delta SkyClub Membership, I can enter AF lounge in Tokyo and KL lounge in Amsterdam.

I hope you enjoyed reading my trip reports, btw =]
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