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Getting Paid To Fly Plus B6 A321 And 787 Part 2

Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:14 am

for some reason it wont let me post it as 1.....
We tried to go through security but they didn’t give us a boarding pass which they said they did so we went and got it and went through…. I was in 8A or 9A I wanted to sit closer to the back on this CRJ-900 so I was texting my friend about how I gave up my seat and he checked and said 14A was open so I asked the agent and she moved me turns out someone is in aisle so I moved to a empty row 18 last row. Once we got to security they gave us this pass and we didn’t have to take off are shoes or jackets which was nice but I forgot to take off my watch so it went off and had to go back through
Departure gate D8
LGA was busy at night
N301NB arriving as flight 2450 from MIA at gate D11
Side view of N301NB

N917DL at gate D10 after arriving from ATL as flight 886

Sunday October 27, 2013
Delta Connection “Endeavor Air” 3525
Departure Airport- NYC LaGuardia (LGA)
Arrival Airport- Syracuse,NY (SYR)
Scheduled Departure Time- 9:59PM
Scheduled Arrival Time- 10:39PM
Actual Departure Time- 10:01PM
Actual Arrival Time- 10:45PM
Flight Time- 44 minutes
Departure Gate-D8
Arrival Gate- 20
Departure Runway-31
Arrival Runway-28
Once I boarded I went seat 14A, someone was in the aisle and I saw no one in row 18 and I moved back there
Row 1
View out of 18A

Looking forward
On the CRj-900 the FA in the back pulls out a jumpseat so I started talking to her she was very nice, she said this crew is MSP base.. I knew I was at the airport along time because at JFK I saw this plane N920XJ with the same crew on it she said as the flew JFK-BNA-LGA-SYR that day the next day was SYR-LGA-BNA-MSP and off for 3 days. I asked if we got biscoff on this flight she said no but when I came back there where two on my seat
After takeoff
There wasn’t much to take picutres of on the way in so I talked to the FA the rest of the way and before long we had already landed

Gate 20

I then went to bags gave them my receipt for the cab home and went home…. Awesome flights 350 flight 500 credit I got paid money to fly!!!! 

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