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Username: eksath
Real Name: Suresh A. Atapattu Photos: 2,189 photos by Suresh A. Atapattu
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Gender: Male
Age: 26-35
Country: United States of America
Location: Miami
Occupation: Engineer
Other info: Civilian Airlines/Aircrafts flown on:AA,AC,AY,AI,BA,B6,CO,DA,ET,FL,FFW ,FR,FF,HM,IC,LH,NK,SQ,UA,US,UGA,UL,VS,WN
Bell 206; 206LR
Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander
British Aerospace BAe-146-200A
Hawker Siddeley HS-748
Canadair CL-600-Regional Jet CRJ
Cessna 152
Cessna 172
Cessna 182
Embraer EMB-145LR (ERJ-145LR)
Ryan RV-7
Piper PA-28
Piper Cherokee Six
Boeing 717-2BD;-2BL
Boeing 720-060B
Boeing 727-251/Adv
Boeing 737-924;-823;-824; -7H4; -524; -436; ; -322; -3T0; -232/Adv
Boeing 747-121; -236B; -237B; -4Q8; -430M; -443; -436
Boeing 757-222; -223; -232;-324
Boeing 767-332/ER
Boeing 767-432/ERx
Boeing 777-31H; -223/ER; -222
McDon Douglas MD-11
McDon Douglas MD-80,MD-82,MD-83,MD-88
Airbus A300B4-605R
Airbus A310-324
Airbus A319-114; -131
Airbus A320-214; -232
Airbus A321-211
Airbus A330-243
Airbus A340-311, -313x
Airbus A340-541
Airbus A340-642
Fokker F.27 F.27-600
Lockheed L-1011-385-1 TriStar 1
Vickers Super VC-10 1151
Let L-23 Super Blanik
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Photo Albums:
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Discovery's Burden : Carrying America's Space Program Forward. (65 photos)
Orbiter 103 has been the beast of burden with the highest # of missions (33) in Space. Discovery, the 3rd orbiter to become operational at Kennedy Space Center, was named after one of 2 ships that were used by the British explorer James Cook in the 1770s.
South Florida from the Sky (90 photos)
The South Florida metropolitan area is an informal name for the Miami����¯�¿�½������¢??Fort Lauderdale����¯�¿�½������¢??Palm Beach area. It encompasses a 3 county area of the southeastern part of the U
RIP - Crashed - Destroyed - Scrapped. (207 photos)
These aircrafts/air crew were all destroyed in aviation accidents. The crews walked away in some but not in all. RIP.
Sri Lanka (80 photos)
is a beautiful tropical island located in the Indian Ocean (7 00 N, 81 00 E). With 3000 yrs of history, it is strategically south of India and near important sea lanes.
NASA - a Unique View (152 photos)
The Congress hereby declares that it is the policy of the United States that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind.
Sunset and Sunrise (74 photos)
The view out of the window as the Earth revolves at 1000mph.
United States Air Force (92 photos)
"deliver sovereign options for the defense of the United States of America and its global interests ����¯�¿�½������¢?? to fly and fight in Air, Space, and Cyberspace".
"Going over the beach" (35 photos)
Feet wet or feet dry
American Airlines (105 photos)
These silver birds are beautiful to capture on digital film. "We know why you fly. We're American Airlines."
Cockpits shots. (71 photos)
A view of some of the best office seats in the world!
USAF - retired (105 photos)
Old warhorses put out to pasture.
Outside the window (118 photos)
the view from seat ***
US Airways (16 photos)
US Airways in action.
My top of 24 hours (73 photos)
My top of 24 hours
Boeing 727 - The "DC-3 of the Jet Age." (36 photos)
Boeing 727 is a mid-size, single-aisle (narrow-body) commercial jet airliner. The "DC-3 of the Jet Age."
The Blue and the White (111 photos)
US Aerobatic teams.
ODD...Just plain odd stuff (70 photos)
Weird stuff found in the database.
Orbiters (111 photos)
This album contains pictues of space obiters.
US Navy Aircraft (50 photos)
American Fighter Aircraft (57 photos)
Up close and personal
Helicopters (76 photos)
Three....Two....One...IGNITION (23 photos)
Launch + **:**
My Picture Portfolio (515 photos)
My Picture Portfolio at
The sellers (4 photos)
The special ones.
Widebodies (8 photos)
Pictures of Widebodies.
PRN Aviation Photos (21 photos)
PRN Aviation Photos that everyone likes.
Warbird Collection (118 photos)
Special Warbird photos
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Florida Aviation Photography Convention 2014 T-Shirt
Taken during the Florida Aviation Photography 2014 convention at MIA
Taken during the Florida Aviation Photography 2014 convention at MIA
Eddy Gual picture of FLL tour 2014 crowd.
Florida Aviation Photography 2014
Florida Aviation Photography 2014
Florida Aviation Photography 2014 convention group photo at FLL
Taken during the Florida Aviation Photography 2014 convention at MIA
LAN 787 first daytime departure
Unknown source. Picture is supposedly 4R-ADD post July 02nd 2013 tail strike
Solid Rocket Motor sep on STS-129
STS-129 liftoff
At payload transfer for STS-134 (Endeavour's final mission). NASA-KSC,Florida
Traffic History Graph for Daily Rank Trend
Sri Lankan A 340 wingtip damage after minor mishap.

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