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Photo Albums:
What's this?
Aerodynamics in action 1 (327 photos)
A collection of photos that show trailing vorteces and/or prop trails. Spectacular!
Mid Air Encounters (222 photos)
The reason why I have my face glued to the window of any plane I fly on: A collection of shots of unarranged mid-flight encounters, taken by pax or pilots
Sitting Ducks (24 photos)
A (funny) collection of photos showing what happens if planes are loaded/unloaded improperly! (3 exceptions!). Photos best appreciated to the background of "The Blue Danube" by Strauss!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>Speed>>>>>>>>>> (193 photos)
Really cool motion blurred shots of large airliners. Kudos to the photographers for these ones!
Topsy Turvy (205 photos)
Pics showing planes landing or taking off at odd angles to the runway, mostly due to crosswinds. A few Kaitak ones my be in there, as well ;-)
2001 (12 photos)
all the planes I've been on in 2001 that can be found in the database. A BA 744 with China tail that I didn't catch the reg of is missing.
2002 (15 photos)
The planes i've been on in 2002.
Cheating the Eye (185 photos)
Some photographers seem to be able to get all these wonderful air-to-air shots, but actually they're takeoff shots taken with a looong lens. Great to look at, though. Best appre
The Earth tends to repel them (177 photos)
Know the old joke about Airbuses/helicopters/ any flying craft you don't like? Well, here are the oddest planes I could find in the db...
Watch your head! (198 photos)
At some airports, and for some photogs, it's possible to get real close to planes taking off and landing
Balls of Light (199 photos)
some amazing sun / moon shots...
Beautiful Liveries (102 photos)
Some of my favourite colourschemes.
Close Backdrops (184 photos)
Cool shots: Zoomed in on an airliner, so that the mountains/city in the background look much closer, making for fascinating sights. Currently dominated by Innsbruck. Common guys
Breathtakers (225 photos)
Yes, well, everyone has their "favourite shots" album, so here's mine.
Unique (34 photos)
rare and impressive feats of aviation photography. best of the best of the best work in airliners.net....
2003 (12 photos)
Planes I've flown on in 2003
Kneel, Puny Humans! (94 photos)
ultra-close wide angle ramp/taxi shots.
More Speed (193 photos)
more motion blurred shots - the first album was bursting at the seams
Aerodynamic Action 2 (175 photos)
Some more aerodynamic action shots - to keep album size below 200
Smoke & Mirrors (72 photos)
Some of the most interesting shots from airshows - visual spectacles.
Highway in the Sky (67 photos)
Night shots with the added element of motion - quite artistic.
Speedy Birds (112 photos)
a selection of Concorde shots
My Photobox Orders (12 photos)
Photos that I ordered as posters or large prints through airliners.net Review of order here.
potential purchases (39 photos)
just assimiliating pics for a potential photobox order in the (currently faraway) future here.
More Balls of Light (118 photos)
More Sun & Moon shots
The Earth tends to repel these, too (75 photos)
flying oddities just never end!
More Eye-Cheating (62 photos)
Again, planes that are taking off into blue sky, but look as if they're cruising
2004 (4 photos)
last year's travellings...
Rarities & Oddities (70 photos)
Rare shots that don't necessarily fit into any particular category, other than depicting something interesting
More Midair Encounters (75 photos)
More air-to-airs taken without arranged chaseplanes, but by pilots and passengers of planes that meet coincidentally.
trainers (11 photos)
planes that are either former aircraft or fictional fabrications, for firefighting.
A whole new breed of planespotters (13 photos)
humans are not the only species found around airports
Topsy, Turvy Too (42 photos)
More crosswinds, gusts, or simply odd angles for planes to land / take off on.
Even More Speed (28 photos)
Motion blurred shots - part 3
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