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jetmech's Photos:
Engine component accessibility on Rolls-Royce RB211-524G2
Moving the "C" duct / thrust reverser. Careful boys; it's VERY heavy!
The external gearbox is sandwiched between the starter motor and the IDG. Above the starter motor is the kevlar fan blade containment band.
Close-up of the stand-alone T-772 oil tank. RB211-524G2's and D4's had the oil tank as an intergral part of the external gearbox.
The only component I am familiar with in this photo is the oil tank.
JetMech in the midst of a RR Trent 772. JetMech's roughly hewn mug has been replaced with something far more pleasant.
A close up of the Trent 772's most intimate regions! All that tubing reminds me of a CF6.
Turbine & compressor casings, fuel distribution manifold and injector nozzles, bleed valves and the housing for the external gearbox drive shafts.
Right hand "C" duct / thrust reverser opened to reveal the innards of the beast.

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