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Other info: I grew up on Long Island, New York about 50 miles east of JFK. In my early teens in the late 70's I was fascinated by watching the afternoon arrivals of B707,B747, B747SP (Pan Am, Iran Air) DC10, L1011, DC8 and daily Concorde (Late morning for those!) :-) arrivals from Europe destined for JFK fly over Long Island while listening to my multi band tuned into The New York Route Traffic Control Center at Islip MacArthur Airport. No cameras, but I had a great pair of 20X50 binoculars and my Mother's international OAG so I could look for the Clippers and Speedbirds to see if they were on schedule. Always a thrill to see the ONA DC10's, Icelandic DC8-63s and other charters along with the occasional flights from South America or Africa. On hot summer days the flights would stack up to the point where you could see as many as five or six 747's at any one time circling waiting to continue over western Long Island and into JFK. When the winds were right, I could swear that you could smell the fumes. I miss those days, but it is great to have this site to relive them. (I attended E.R.A.U. from 9/81 - 5/83) Since my mother was a Travel Agent, I have been fortunate enough to travel and have been on B707, B727, B737, B747, DC6, L1011, IL62 and many others in the 70's. The IL62 was a little more interesting than most would need. After leaving Warsaw (LOT flight 006, April 22, 1976 - 12:50 Warsaw time) with some type of issue and a very drastic and steep descent (I would guess landing gear from the noise before) we jetisoned fuel and returned to Warsaw with fire engines along side. I actually took pictures of the fuel going out the wing and the fire engines. I need to get them back from Mom soon! In hindsight, I guess most would laugh, but it did seem strange that as we were being taken away from the plane in a bus I could see crew members embracing. I guess they were good just friends!! We eventually got on another IL62 and landed safely at JFK in terrible weather. A true testament to my Mother's love of travel that she did not hesitate to book another trip as soon as possible. As a post-script I should add a few updates. I was able to find the photos taken on the IL62 in 1976. The reg. was SP-LAE on the IL62 that made the return to Warsaw. The replacement was SP-LAB. Also found a copy of the DC6. It was a Mackey DC6. I recall that as I passed the plane to board, that there was a faded PAN AM logo on the bottom of the wing. I do remember how different it was to see one of the crew from the flight deck all sweaty with grease on his shirt with his sleeves rolled up. Mom wasn't impressed. :-O
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Planes flown from Poland in 1976 (4 photos)
LAE returned to Warsaw with us in "Brace" position. LAB replaced it a few hours later for the trip back to JFK
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