Username: sunshine79
Real Name: Sharron
E-mail: Withheld
Gender: Female
Age: 26-35
Country: UK - England
Location: LBA
Occupation: No info
Interests: Aviation, drinking, lazing on a beach
Homepage: No info
Other info: Flights I have taken
  • NCL-GRO-NCL July 1989 Britannia Airways B737-200
  • NCL-BOJ-NCL August 1991 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines TU154
  • NCL-PMI-NCL July 1993 Britannia Airways B757-200/B737-200
  • NCL-PMI-NCL July 1994 Britannia Airways B757-200
  • NCL-ALC-NCL July 1995 Britannia Airways B767-300
  • NCL-TFS-NCL July 1996 Airtours International A320
  • MME-ALC-MME 20th/27th Jan 1998 Britannia Airways B757-200
  • MME-ALC-MME 20th/27th May 1998 Britannia B757-200
  • LGW-ALC-LGW 13th/28thOctober 1998 Airtours International A320
  • LBA-ALC 10th April 1999 Airtours International A320
  • ALC-NCL 30th December 1999 Britannia Airways B757-200
  • MAN-ALC 12th Febuary 2000 Flying Colours Airlines B757-200
  • ALC-NCL 1st July 2000 Airtours International A320
  • MAN-PMV 3rd June 2001 Air 2000 B767-300
  • PMV-LGW 6th June 2001 Air 2000 B767-300
  • LGW-ALC 7th June 2001 Monarch Airlines A320(?)
  • ALC-NCL 16th June 2001 Monarch Airlines A320
  • NCL-ALC-NCL 3/10th April 2003 Airtours International A320
  • NCL-DUB-NCL 7/11th August 2003 Ryanair B737-200
  • NCL-ALC-NCL 13/20th March 2004 Britannia Airways B757-200
  • NCL-BRS-NCL 13/14th April 2005 easyJet B737-300
  • NCL-BRS-NCL 11/12th September 2005 easyJet B737-300
  • LBA-AMS-LBA 5th November 2005 Jet2 B737-300
  • NCL-ALC 15th April 2006 easyJet B737-700 seat no 1C
  • ALC-NCL 4th November 2006 MyTravel Airways A320 seat no 23D
  • NCL-ALC 6th November 2006 easyJet 737-700 seat No 1A
  • ALC-NCL 3rd March 2007 Thomsonfly B737-800 seat No 29C
  • NCL-ALC 6th March 2007 easyJet B737-700 seat no 12F
  • ALC-LGW 26th March 2007 easyJet A319 seat no 1C
  • LGW-MAN 27th March 2007 British Airways B737-400 seat No 1D
  • MAN-ALC 27th March 2007 MyTravel Airways A330-200 G-OMYT seat no 5E Premiair Gold
  • ALC-NCL 20th May 2007 easyJet B737-700 G-EZJW seat no 4F
  • NCL-ALC 24th May 2007 Thomsonfly B737-800 seat No 10A
  • ALC-NCL 4th July 2007 easyJet B737-700 G-EZKG Seat 1A
  • NCL-ALC 9th July 2007 easyJet B737-700 G-EZJP Seat 1A
  • ALC-MAN 24th November 2007 MyTravel Airways A321 G-OMYJ Seat 11D
  • NCL-ALC 27th November 2007 easyJet B737-700 G-EZJR Seat 12B
  • ALC-MME 17th January 2008 Flyglobespan B737-300 G-GSPN Seat 11A
  • ALC-MME 26th February 2008 Thomsonfly B757-200 G-BYAE Seat 10A
  • MME-ALC 2nd March 2008 Flyglobespan B737-300 G-OTDA Seat 17D
  • ALC-MME 10th April 2008 Ryanair B737-800 EI-DAZ Seat 26A
  • NCL-ALC 10th April 2008 easyJet B737-700 G-EZJL Seat 8F
  • ALC-MAN 2nd May 2008 Monarch Airlines A321 G-OZBN Seat 37F
  • MAN-PFO 3rd May 2008 Thomas Cook Airlines B757-200 G-FCLB Seat 5A
  • LCA-MLA 29th October 2008 Emirates B777-300 A6-EMM Seat 21A
  • MLA-MAN 4th December 2008 easyJet A320 G-TTOC Seat 27F
  • NCL-LHR 17th April 2009 British Airways A320 G-EUUH Seat 9F
  • LHR-NCL 19th April 2009 British Airways A320 G-EUUH Seat 25F
  • NCL-LHR 3rd December 2009 British Airways A320 G-EUUT Seat 17C
  • LHR-ATH 3rd December 2009 British Airways A320 G-TTOB Seat 22F
  • ATH-LHR 6th December 2009 British Airways B767-300 G-BZHB Seat 25A
  • LHR-NCL 6th December 2009 British Airways A320 G-BUSH Seat 5A
  • MAN-LCA 15th March 2010 Monarch Airlines A321 G-OZBT Seat 14D
  • LCA-NCL 31st October 2010 Thomas Cook Airlines B757-200 G-JMCG Seat 10C
  • MAN-LAS 3rd October 2012 Thomas Cook Airlines A330-200 G-OMYT Seat 1H
  • LAS-MAN 10th October 2012 Thomas Cook Airlines A330-200 G-MDBD Seat 1J
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