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Gender: Male
Age: 21-25
Country: Canada
Location: An igloo
Occupation: Canadian
Interests: Aviation, collecting safety cards, spotting, flying, travelling, burning things, sleeping
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    My favourite Air Transat pictures (32 photos)
    Air Transat is one of my favourite airlines
    Liveries/colour schemes that I like (72 photos)
    Interesting liveries/colour schemes
    Night time photos (229 photos)
    Best photos taken at night
    Trijets (178 photos)
    Three holers
    B777: The Best (56 photos)
    The title says it :)
    Big Engines (396 photos)
    Up close and personal with engines
    The best of YYZ (183 photos)
    Dedicated to the Fed Ex hill. R.I.P Fed Ex hill
    Accidents (1107 photos)
    Crashes, incidents, mishaps, or anything else related
    Military power (242 photos)
    Fighters, bombers, any military aircraft
    The Whalejet (141 photos)
    A380 in all her glory :)
    SXM (217 photos)
    Awesome shots from one of the best spotting locations on Earth (58 photos)
    Only Delta Airlines
    Elegance (61 photos)
    Moments that make a/c look beautiful
    Crosswind (96 photos)
    Shouldn't these be lined up to the runway
    Contrails (69 photos)
    Shots of the a/c's exaust
    Spotting at its very best (221 photos)
    Awesome shots. Thanks to the photographers for capturing these moments
    50 000 + hits (52 photos)
    Photos with 50K or more views
    The 737 (116 photos)
    From the 731 to the 739
    Supersonic Metal (38 photos)
    The best of Concorde
    E-M-I-R-A-T-E-S (64 photos)
    The very best of Emirates
    Boeing (253 photos)
    Cool Boeing shots
    Optical Illusions (63 photos)
    No, it's not what it seems
    Airports from the sky (223 photos)
    Views taken of runways and entire airports
    Oooh, Shiny (47 photos)
    Bare metal schemes
    Photographer's Choice pics (1148 photos)
    Photos that have been awarded photographers choice
    The Golden Age (101 photos)
    Classic Props and Jets
    Landing Gear (63 photos)
    Up close with wheels
    Airbus (182 photos)
    Very cool Airbus shots
    Tails! (114 photos)
    Zoomed in on tails
    How low can ya go (59 photos)
    The lowest flying aircraft you will ever see
    My Photos (1 photos)
    Only one so far. In the order they get accepted [ reverse chronilogical]
    Soviet Airliners (81 photos)
    Great shots of Ilyushin, Tupolev, and Yakolev Banner News (391 photos)
    The little banners on the homepage (started Jan 20, 2007)
    Defunct Airlines (24 photos)
    Airlines no longer with us but never forgotten.
    Passenger Cabins (116 photos)
    This is where you stay when flying
    Flightdecks (171 photos)
    This is where pilots work
    Long Exposure Shots (46 photos)
    The most beautiful type of shots
    Silouettes (62 photos)
    Only the shadows
    Air Canada (97 photos)
    My country's airline
    Dirty Planes (51 photos)
    No, not just Air France
    Wings (138 photos)
    From inside the cabin
    Aircraft that I've flown on (23 photos)
    Only the ones that I have recorded in my flight log.
    At the gate (48 photos)
    Sitting at the gate
    Lightening (4 photos)
    Electricity around aircraft
    787 Dreamliner. (25 photos)
    It's here! Boeing's new airplane!
    Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (80 photos)
    Het Beste van de Nederlanders
    Panning (56 photos)
    Slower shutter speeds
    The Moon (20 photos)
    Aircraft in front of the moon
    Northwest Airlines DC-9s (8 photos)
    The Chuck Norris of Aircraft
    Finnair (50 photos)
    The best of Finnair
    Water (96 photos)
    Water water everywhere. Don't drown.
    Terrain Alert (112 photos)
    Pull up. Do not crash into mountain.
    Cargo Carriers (57 photos)
    FedEx: The World On Time
    Sad Endings (46 photos)
    Aircraft that had their lives ended violently
    Embraer (12 photos)
    High Quality Embraer Shots
    Luxurious Biz Jets (4 photos)
    For the rich
    The More Planes The Better (142 photos)
    Many aircraft
    So...we meet again!! (15 photos)
    Planes meeting face to face
    I Have Models of These planes (18 photos)
    The exact registration
    Lufthansa (27 photos)
    Virgin Atlantic (51 photos)
    Check Out These Virgins
    Singapore Airlines (61 photos)
    Luxury in the sky.
    Thai Airways International (11 photos)
    What a beautiful livery. Great shots.
    Northwest Airlines (27 photos)
    Which is your favourite NW livery? Check 'em out.
    NASA (20 photos)
    Space Shuttles and other NASA aircraft
    Hot Air Balloons (5 photos)
    Not just planes, balloons too.
    Helicopters (42 photos)
    Choppers Galore
    Los Angeles International (28 photos)
    The best of LAX
    Airshows (38 photos)
    Airshows from around the world
    And Rotate (33 photos)
    Taking off
    Close to the action- runway side (11 photos)
    You have to have the right connections to get this close.
    American Airlines (29 photos)
    Great shots of American Airlines
    Iron Maiden. (31 photos)
    Ed Force One
    Flying Pencils (8 photos)
    Unproportionally long aircraft
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    In a tank at the Canadian Aviation Expo at CYOO. June 24, 2007
    A firework that exploded on Canada Day 2007
    My cat Whiskers

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