Aircraft Recognition Quiz

You call yourself an expert on aircraft? Here's your chance to prove it to the world! The aircraft recognition quiz uses random photos from our extensive database and lets you choose the correct aircraft pictured from six options. There is a variety of categories to choose from with variying degree of difficulty.

Please note:

  • New! First Class Members can now compete on all quizzes and the top performers will be added to High Score lists! There's one Hi-Score list for each section and each selection of quiz questions, all with a time limit of max 10 seconds per photo. Not a First Class Member? Join us!

  • The "correct answer" is defined as the value associated with the photo in our database. There are a few errors in our database. If you think the information is wrong or you find photos in the wrong categories, use the "Correct info/category" feature.

  • You will run into questions that are impossible to answer due to the photo not showing enough detail or information being incorrect. Don't let that put you down, the situation is the same for everyone!

  • Read about new features, report bugs or suggest new additions to this section here.

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