Photo Improvement

This is our photo update and improvement section. Here you can send in better versions of photos you have already sent us. All information will remain unchanged like counter, photo ID number and the location in our database. Do note that the new photo needs to be exactly the same as the old, only with improved quality. Same rules apply here as when you upload new photos and we reserve the right to refuse an upload for any reason.

Once you have uploaded a photo it will be added to an admin page. If it checks out we'll exchange it with the old version of the photo. Once that happens you will receive an e-mail telling you about it in much the same way as when you upload new photos.

Please note: If your photo is wider than 1600 pixels or higher than 1600 pixels you need to resize it before uploading. Keep the width on above 1024 and save with minimum JPEG compression (highest JPEG quality) and the quality will be at it's best. Do not worry about long download times for low compression files, our scripts will automatically optimize compression without loss in picture quality.

Good Luck!

Note: This function now includes the new copyright banner!

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