Photo Similarity Search

    This section displays photos similar to your query image. It does not show photos of a particular airline or aircraft (use our normal keyword based search engine for that) but instead compares colors, contrast and shapes in the images themselves. This is cutting edge science and work in progress. Getting a computer to perceive similarity between images the same way as you and I is extremely difficult and the base of much scientific research. in cooperation with Profs. James Z. Wang and Jia Li at PSU bring you one of the best similarity search engines in the world applied to the photo database. Enjoy!

    Read more about this feature and post your comments here. If you are interested in the science behind this feature, read the paper on SIMPLIcity.

  • Simply click on the "View Similar Photos" link you will find beside all photos in our database (here circled in red):

    Click here
    to view photos in our database.

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