How to link to our photos of your airline

You are very welcome to link to our photos from your web site, no matter if it's a cooperate site or private. We would appreciate if you let us know about a link but it is not required.

To link to all our photos of a particular airline, use the following code:

Exchange "british+airways" in the above code with the name of your airline, using plus signs instead of spaces. The "excl_cat" variable is there to exclude any photos from our accident section from the search results. Should you not want to do that, simply remove "excl_cat=a&" from the above code.

Next step, lets assume you want to make separate links to different aircraft types in the fleet of your airline. Again using British Airways as example:

Note the added variable "aircraftsearch" and how you enter the name of the aircraft type with plus signs instead of spaces.

Other variables you can use are "placesearch" for a particular airport or "specialsearch" for special categories like "cockpit", "cabin", "colorful_paint" and many more. Should you want to spice up the results a bit, you can order the photos by most popular by adding "&sort_order=views" to the above code (default order is with latest additions first).

You are free to customize the links in any way you desire.

Should you have any problems or would like to use more advanced links, do not hesitate to contact us.