Frequently Asked Questions
I am interested in using one of your photos on my webpage / magazine / newspaper / TV channel. What do I do?
Please read the Use Photos page.

I am a photographer and have a question related to aviation photography.
Please read the upload-FAQ in detail before sending me an e-mail. Also try the aviation photography discussion forum.

What is the difference between this and that aircraft, I need info about this and that Airline, what is, when are, why does etc etc etc.
I am really sorry but I have no time to answer these kinds of questions. If I would, I'd spend all my time answering e-mails and would get no time over to improve the site or add new photos.

Luckily, there is a very good place where you can get your question answered:
The Discussion Forums. This is the place where all the aviation experts hang. If you post a well written question here you'll be sure to get some good answers.

I want to see more photos of this and that airline or this and that aircraft or the this and that location.
I'm not a photographer myself so telling me is really of no use. Tell our photographer what you want in our aviation photography section.

I would like to change settings / subscribe / unsubscribe to your daily newsletter
Please go here to unsubscribe or change settings (like email address) and here if you wish to sign up.

I would like to change my setting on my user profile in your disucssion forum.
Please go here to edit your profile. You can not change your username.

Why can I not open/view the large version of a photo??
You need to click on the small (thumbnail) version of a photo. That will open the large version in a new window.

There is a bug in some early releases of Internet Explorer that causes this not to work. Read how to fix it here.

Or go to Microsoft's or Netscape's homepage and download the latest version. is especially designed for Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape 4.0 (or higher).

I have registered with but cannot see my personal frontpage anymore. What should I do?
Start by going to the register page and use the top form for users that are already registered. If that doesn't work, try re-registering all over again. You might also try to delete all your browsers cookies and then register. If it still doesn't work, you might have disabled cookies or use an very old web browser.

Also note that for the personal message to show up on the front page you will have to use the same computer that you registered with. If you not using "your own" computer, wait with the registration and do it from your own computer. (Our site "remembers" the photos you have seen by adding a so called "cookie" to your browser. If you delete your browsers' cache files, you will also delete the cookie info.) The personal frontpage will only be visible from the computer that you registered with.

You might not have properly logged into your OS (Windows95,98,NT or MacOS etc). Have a chat with your local computer guru of you belive this might be the problem.

If you tried and understood all the above but still experience problems, please talk to your local system administrators. It is very hard for me to know what might cause the problems (you might be behind a strange firewall or similar) and your local sys admin is really your best bet.

I've found an error in the photo database, can you fix it?
Please use the Correction button that you can see beside each photo instead of sending us the info by e-mail. Only send us corrections by e-mail if you found an identical error on more than ten photos or of you are the photographer and need to update some of your personal info.

Want to contact us in an other matter not listed here? Please do!