Why do some photos on Airliners.net carry a watermark?
Some of the photos on Airliners.net carry a visible watermark in the form of the text "AIRLINERS.NET" semi-transparently covering parts of the photo.

Why? Well, some photographers are concerned that their photos might be misused when published on the Internet. So as a service to our photographers, Airliners.net is giving them the choice to include a watermark on their photos to deter misuse.

The photographer chooses himself whether to include a watermark, where on the photo the watermark should be located and how transparent it should be.

We understand that the watermark can be a negative experience for you the viewer. But please think of it this way: If we did not have the watermark feature, many of the photos you can enjoy on Airliners.net would never have been uploaded to us. The photographer would not publish them due to fear of misuse. So the watermark really lets you see many amazing photos that would not have been for public view otherwise.

Please read this thread in our photography forum calling for a watermark feature as well as this thread where it was introduced.

Note that Airliners.net First Class Members gets to see all photos without a watermark. If you would like to support the site while enjoying all photos in full splendor, please sign up for the First Class Membership.