Airbus A340-200/300


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Long range widebody airliner
The A340-200 and 300 are the initial variants of the successful quad engined A340 family of long haul widebodies. The A340 and closely related A330 were launched in June 1987, with the A340's first flight occurring on October 25 1991 (an A340-300). The A340 entered service with Lufthansa and Air France in March 1993, following JAA certification the previous December. The A340 shares the same flightdeck including side stick controllers and EFIS, plus flybywire, basic airframe, systems, fuselage and wing with the A330 (the flightdeck is also common to the A320 series). Power is from four CFM56s, the four engine configuration being more efficient for long range flights (as twins need more power for a given weight for engine out on takeoff performance) and free from ETOPS restrictions. The A340-300 has the same fuselage length as the A330-300, while the shortened A340-200 trades seating capacity for greater range (first flight April 1 1992). The heavier A340-300E is available in 271,000kg (597,450lb) and 275,000kg (606,275lb) max takeoff weights, their typical ranges with 295 passengers are 13,155km (7100nm) and 13,525km (7300nm) respectively. Power for these models is from 152.3kN (34,000lb) CFM56-5C4s (the most powerful CFM56s built). The first A340-300Es were delivered to Singapore Airlines in April 1996. The 275,000kg (606,275lb) max takeoff weight A340-8000 is based on the 200 but has extra fuel in three additional rear cargo hold tanks and offers a 15,000km (8100nm) range with 232 three class passengers (hence the A340-8000 designation). It too is powered by CFM56-5C4s. One has been built for the Sultan of Brunei. All versions are offered with underfloor passenger sleepers.
Four 138.8kN (31,200lb) CFM International CFM56-5C or 145kN (32,550lb) CFM56-5C3 turbofans.
A340-200 - Max cruising speed 914km/h (494kt), economical cruising speed 880km/h (475kt). Range at typical airline operating weight with 263 passengers and reserves 13,805km (7450nm). A340-300 - Speeds same. Range at typical airline operating weight with 295 passengers and reserves 12,415km (6700nm).
A340-200 - Operating empty 126,000kg (277,775lb), max takeoff 260,000kg (573,200lb). A340-300 - Operating empty 129,800kg (286,150lb), max takeoff 260,000kg (573,200lb). A340-300E - Operating empty 129,300-130,200kg (285,050-287,050lb), MTOW 271,000kg (597,450lb) or 275,000kg (606,275lb).
A340-200 - Wing span 60.30m (197ft 0in), length 59.39m (194ft 10in), height 16.74m (54ft 11in). Wing area 363.1m2 (3908.4sq ft). A340-300 - Same except for length 63.70m (209ft 0in).
Flightcrew of two. A340-200 - Typical three class arrangement for 263 pax, or 303 in two classes. A340-300 - Typical three class accommodation for 303, or 335 in two classes. Fore and aft underbelly holds can accommodate LD3 containers or pallets.
A total of 321 A340 (including all series) had been ordered by May 2002, of which 217 had been delivered.
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