Antonov An-24/26/30/32 & Xian Y-7


Country of Origin
Regional airliner and freighter
The An-24 is the original aircraft in a prolific and highly successful family of twin turboprop civil and military transports. The An-24 first flew in April 1960 with first production versions entering Aeroflot service in September 1963. Aeroflot was the largest An-24 operator, with others going to Soviet client nations. Subsequent production versions of the An-24 were the An-24B and the An-24T freighter. A small turbojet in the right engine nacelle to boost takeoff performance resulted in the An-24RT and An-24RV. The An-24P firebomber was also developed before Ukrainian production ceased in 1978. The An-24 was also developed into the An-26 "Curl" military tactical transport with more powerful engines and redesigned tail, which itself evolved into the An-32 with enhancements for better hot and high performance. Over 550 An-26s are in civil service. The An-30 development has been produced in limited numbers and is used largely for aerial survey and cartography work. This version is identifiable by its extensive nose glazing. The An-32 first flew in 1976 and features much more powerful 3760kW (5042ehp) Progress engines for improved hot and high performance. The An-32 features above wing mounted engines to give the larger diameter props adequate ground clearance. China's Xian Aircraft Manufacturing Company is now the sole production source for the An-24 as the Y-7. The Y-7-100 incorporates a number of modifications including a revised passenger interior and flightdeck, and wingtip winglets. It was developed with the technical assistance of HAECO in Hong Kong during the 1980s.
An-24V - Two 1887kW (2530ehp) Ivchenko (Progress) AI-24A turboprops, driving four blade constant speed propellers. An-26 & An-30 - Two 2103kW (2820ehp) AI-24VT turboprops. Y-7-100 - Two 2080kW (2790shp) Wongan WJ-5A I turboprops.
An-24V - Max cruising speed 500km/h (270kt), long range cruising speed 450km/h (243kt). Range with max payload 550km (296nm). Range with max fuel 2400km (1295nm).
An-24V - Empty equipped 13,300kg (29,320lb), max takeoff 21,000kg (46,300lb). Y-7-100 - Operating empty 14,900kg (32,850lb), max takeoff 21,800kg (48,060lb).
An-24V - Wing span 29.20m (95ft 10in), length 23.53m (77ft 3in), height 8.32m (27ft 4in). Wing area 75.0m2 (807sq ft). Y-7-100 - Wing span 29.64m (97ft 3in), length 23.71m (77ft 10in), height 8.55m (28ft 1in). Wing area 75.0m2 (807sq ft).
Flightcrew of two pilots and flight engineer, plus optional accommodation for a radio operator. Seating arrangements for up to 50 passengers at four abreast. Max payload 5500kg (12,125lb).
More than 1100 An-24s were built. Approximately 880 An-24s remain in commercial service. Chinese production continues. More than 550 An-26s and 120 An-32s are in civil use.
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Antonov An-24/26/30/32 & Xian Y-7
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