Antonov/PZL Mielec An-2


Country of Origin
Ukraine and Poland
Biplane utility transport
The An-2 was originally designed to meet a USSR Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry requirement, and flew for the first time on August 31 1947. Entering production and service the following year, Antonov built An-2s were powered by 745kW (1000hp) ASh62 radials. Soviet production continued through to the mid sixties by which time a number of variants had been developed, including the base model An-2P, An-2S and 2M crop sprayers, An-2VA water bomber, An-2M floatplane and the An-2ZA high altitude meteorological research aircraft. Production responsibility was transferred to Poland's PZL Mielec in the 1960s, with the first example flying on October 23 1960. Aside from the An-2P, Polish versions include the An-2PK VIP transport, An-2PR for TV relay work, An-2S ambulance, An-2TD paratroop transport, An-2P cargo/passenger version, An-2 Geofiz geophysical survey version, passenger An-2T and An-2TP, and agricultural An-2R. Chinese production as the Y5 commenced with Nanchang in 1957, before being transferred to the Shijiazhuang Aircraft Manufacturing Company. The main Chinese version is the standard Y5N, while the latest development is the Y5B specialist ag aircraft, which first flew in June 1989. An Antonov built turboprop powered version, the An-3, flew in prototype form in the early 1980s powered by a 706kW (946shp) Omsk (Mars) TVD10, but did not enter production.
An-2P - One 745kW (1000hp) PZL Kalisz ASz61IR nine cylinder radial engine driving an AW2 four blade variable pitch propeller. Y5B - One 735kW (986hp) PZL Kalisz ASz61IR16 or Zhuzhou HS5 nine cylinder radial engine.
An-2P - Max speed 258km/h (139kt), economical cruising speed 185km/h (100kt). Range with a 500kg (1100lb) cargo 900km (485nm). Y5B - Max speed 220km/h (120kt), typical cruising speed 160km/h (85kt). Range 845km (455nm).
An-2P - Empty 3450kg (7605lb), max takeoff 5500kg (12,125lb). Y5B - Max takeoff 5250kg (11,575lb).
Upper wing span 18.18m (59ft 8in), lower 14.14m (46ft 9in), length (tail down) 12.40m (40ft 8in), height (tail down) 4.01m (12ft 2in). Upper wing area 43.5m2 (468.7sq ft), lower 28.0m2 (301.2sq ft).
Flightcrew of one or two pilots. Passenger accommodation for 12 at three abreast. Agricultural versions have large chemical hoppers (1400 litres/308Imp gal/370US gal of liquid chemical or 1200kg/2645lb of dust in the An-2S, or 1960 litres/430Imp gal/517US gal for the An-2M) with spray bars along the lower wing.
More than 5000 An-2s were built in the Ukraine between 1948 and the mid 1960s, before production was transferred to PZL Mielec in Poland, where approximately 12,000 have been built and low rate production continues. Close to 1000 Y5s have been built by SAMC in China.
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Antonov/PZL Mielec An-2
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