Cessna 180 & 185 Skywagon


Country of Origin
United States of America
Four to six seat utility light aircraft
The 180 started life as a more powerful development of the 170, and evolved into a family of useful utility aircraft that was in production for over three decades. The first 180s were essentially Model 170s with a more powerful 170kW (225hp) O-470-A engine. The first of the type flew in 1952 and deliveries began in February the following year. The 180's career as a high performance single was short lived due to the arrival of the tricycle 180 based 182 in 1956, but by then the type had established itself a useful niche as a utility aircraft. Progressive updating of the line led to a range of updated models including the 170kW (230hp) 180A, and 1964's 180G with a third cabin window which from 1966 was offered as a six seater, by then having the same fuselage as the more powerful 185 Skywagon. The Skywagon name was applied to the 180 in 1969. The 180 remained in production until 1981. The first 185 Skywagon flew in July 1960. It differed from the 180 in having a more powerful engine (195kW/260hp) and larger cabin, allowing six seats. Updated models include the 225kW (300hp) A185E from 1967 and the AgCarryall capable of chemical spraying.
180 - One 170kW (225hp) Continental O-470-A flat six piston engine driving a two blade constant speed McCauley prop. 180G - One 170kW (230hp) O-470-R. A185F - One 225kW (300hp) fuel injected IO-520-D driving a three blade constant speed prop.
180 - Max speed 267km/h (144kt), cruising speed 260km/h (140kt). Initial rate of climb 1150ft/min. Service ceiling 20,000ft. Range 1247km (673nm). 180G - Max speed 273km/h (147kt), max cruising speed 260km/h (141kt), long range cruising speed 195km/h (105kt). Initial rate of climb 1090ft/min. Service ceiling 19,600ft. Range with no reserves 1490km (804nm). A185F - Max speed 283km/h (153kt), max cruising speed 272km/h (147kt), long range cruising speed 207km/h (111kt). Initial rate of climb 1075ft/min. Service ceiling 17,900ft. Range with reserves 1575km (850nm).
180 - Empty 690kg (1520lb), max takeoff 1158kg (2550lb). 180G - Empty 692kg (1525lb), max takeoff 1270kg (2800lb). A185F - Empty 783kg (1727lb), max takeoff 1520kg (3350lb).
180 - Wing span 10.98m (36ft 0in), length 7.98m (26ft 2in), height 2.29m (7ft 6in). Wing area 16.2m2 (174sq ft). 180G - Wing span 11.02m (36ft 2in), length 7.77m (25ft 6in), height 2.29m (7ft 6in). Wing area 16.2m2 (174sq ft). A185F - Wing span 10.92m (35ft 10in), length 7.81m (25ft 8in). Wing area 16.2m2.
180 has standard seating for four, 180 Skywagon and 185 have seating for six. 180H has optional 1360kg (3000lb) cargo pod. Often used with rear seats removed for cargo work. 185 AgCarryall is fitted with a 571 litre (126Imp gal/151US gal) chemical hopper.
Total 180 production amounted to 6210. Total 185 production 4339 aircraft including 265 U-17A and 215 U-17B military variants and 109 AgCarryalls.
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