Cessna 182 Skylane


Country of Origin
United States of America
High performance four seat light aircraft
The popular, relatively high performance Cessna 182 began life as a tricycle development of the 180. The first Model 182 appeared in 1956 while the Skylane name was first introduced with the 182A development to denote an optional higher level of equipment. Major changes were introduced with the 182C, including a third window on each side of the cabin and a swept vertical tail. Other improvements introduced over the 182's lifespan included shorter undercarriage, reprofiled cowling, wrap around rear cabin window, progressively higher takeoff weights and improved wing root, fintip, and rudder fairings. The retractable undercarriage Skylane RG arrived in 1977, giving a significant speed increase. A further performance boost came with the introduction of the turbocharged 175kW (235hp) Lycoming O-540-L engine on the T182RG, which became available from 1979. The AiResearch turbocharger meant that maximum power could be delivered right up to the 182's service ceiling of 20,000ft. A turbocharged fixed gear model was also offered for a time, but only small numbers were built. The 182 was also produced by Reims in France as the F182, and by DINFIA in Argentina as the A-182. Cessna 182 production initially ceased in 1985. In 1994 Cessna announced plans to return the 182 to production, following the success of product liability law reforms in the USA. The new 182S prototype first flew on July 15 1996, the first was delivered in April 1997. Improvements include a IO-540-AB1A5 engine, new interior and avionics panel.
182 - One 170kW (230hp) Continental O-470-R flat six piston engine driving a two blade constant speed propeller. TR182 - One 175kW (235hp) Lycoming O-540-L3C5D turbocharged flat six. 182S - One 170kW (230hp) Textron Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5.
182 - Max speed 257km/h (140kt), cruising speed 253km/h (136kt). Initial rate of climb 1200ft/min. Service ceiling 20,000ft. Range 1078km (582nm). TR182 - Max speed 346km/h (187kt), economical cruising speed 232km/h (125kt). Initial rate of climb 1040ft/min. Service ceiling 20,000ft. Range 1870km (1010nm). 182S - Max speed at sea level 268km/h (145kt), cruising speed at 80% power 260km/h (140kt). Initial rate of climb 924ft/min. Service ceiling 18,100ft. Range with max fuel and reserves 1520km (820nm).
182 - Empty 735kg (1621lb), max takeoff 1160kg (2550lb). TR182 - Empty 837kg (1845lb), max takeoff 1406kg (3100lb). 182S - Empty 854kg (1882lb), max takeoff 1406kg (3100lb).
182 - Wing span 10.97m (36ft 0in), length 7.67m (25ft 2in), height 2.80m (9ft 2in). Wing area 16.2m2 (174sq ft). TR182 - Wing span 10.92m (35ft 10in), length 8.53m (28ft 0in), height 2.82m (9ft 3in). Wing area 16.2m2 (174sq ft). 182S - Wing span 10.97m (36ft 0in), length 8.84m (29ft 0in), height 2.82m (9ft 3in).
Typical seating for four. Some models had optional jump seat for an extra two children.
21,864 (including 169 R182s by Reims) built through to 1985. 182S deliveries began April 1997. 332 built by Sept 30 1998.
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Cessna 182 Skylane
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