Cessna Corsair, Conquest I & II & Caravan II


Country of Origin
United States of America
Turboprop powered executive transports
The Corsair and Conquest I, and the 441 Conquest II are the turboprop powered equivalents of the 421 Golden Eagle and 404 Titan respectively. <p>The Model 441 Conquest was the first to be developed, it was designed concurrently with the piston engined 404 Titan in the mid 1970s. Development was announced in November 1974, and the first flight occurred in August 1976. First customer deliveries were from September 1977. The 441 shares a common fuselage with the Titan, but has a longer span (bonded and wet) wing, a pressurised fuselage, and most significantly, Garrett TPE331 turboprop engines. A PT6A powered 441, designated the 435, flew during 1986, but it did not enter production. <p>The 425 Corsair meanwhile was introduced to the Cessna model lineup from 1980. Based on the Model 421 Golden Eagle, it differs from its donor aircraft in having turboprop engines (in this case PT6As). Design work on the Corsair began in 1977, first flight was on September 12 1978 and first production deliveries took place in November 1980. <p>From 1983 Cessna renamed the Corsair the Conquest I, while the Conquest became the Conquest II. Production of both ceased in 1986. <p>The French built Reims Cessna F406 Caravan II meanwhile is something of a hybrid, incorporating 373kW (500shp) PT6A112s, the unpressurised fuselage of the Titan and the Conquest II's wings. First delivered in late 1984, the Caravan II is the only Cessna turboprop twin currently in production. <p>
425 - Two 335kW (450shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A112 turboprops driving three blade wide chord constant speed Hartzell propellers. 441 - Two 474kW (636shp) Garrett TPE3318410S/402S turboprops driving either Hartzell or McCauley props.
425 - Max cruising speed 490km/h (264kt) at 17,700ft. Initial rate of climb 2027ft/min. Service ceiling 34,700ft. Range with max payload 1252km (676nm), max range 3050km (1647nm). 441 - Max speed 547km/h (295kt), max cruising speed 543km/h (293kt). Initial rate of climb 2435ft/min. Service ceiling 37,000ft. Max range with reserves at long range cruising speed 3048km (1646nm), range with max payload and reserves 2724km (1471nm).
425 - Empty equipped 2210kg (4870lb), max takeoff 3710kg (8200lb). 441 - Empty 2588kg (5706lb), max takeoff 4468kg (9850lb).
425 - Wing span 13.45m (44ft 2in), length 10.93m (35ft 10in), height 3.84m (12ft 7in). Wing area 20.9m2 (224.98sq ft). 441 - Wing span 15.04m (49ft 4in), length 11.89m (39ft 0in), height 4.01m (13ft 1in). Wing area 23.6m2 (253.6sq ft).
425 - Typical accommodation one or two pilots and four passengers in corporate configured main cabin, optional passenger seating for six. 441 - One or two pilots and up to nine passengers.
Over 230 Corsair/Conquest Is delivered by the end of 1987 by which time production had been suspended. 370 Model 441s were built. Over 70 F4065s built thus far.
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