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STOL utility transports
The Do 28 Skyservant was the second aircraft to bear the Do 28 designation, but is similar only in overall configuration to the first Do 28. Dornier's original Do 28 first flew in 1959 and was a twin engined development of the high wing single engine Do 27 utility. The Do 28 Skyservant first flew on February 23 1966, and while it retained the earlier Do 28's high wing and unique side mounted engine configuration, was a completely new aircraft. Other design features of this unusual looking aircraft were the fixed tailwheel undercarriage, with the faired mainwheels mounted under the engines. FAA certification was granted on April 19 1968. The Do 28 was developed into a number of progressively improved variants, from the original D, through the D1 and D2, to the 1282, introduced in 1980. Each variant introduced a number of detail changes. Most Do 28 production was for military customers, notably Germany, although a small number were delivered to commercial operators. An initial turboprop version of the Do 28, designated the Do 28D5X, first flew in April 1978, fitted with two Avco Lycoming LTP 1016001As derated to 300kW (400shp). However production turboprop Dornier 1286s feature Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6As, with the first such configured aircraft flying in March 1980. Only a small number were built between then and 1986, when production ceased, and again most aircraft were for military customers.
Do 28D2 - Two 285kW (380hp) Lycoming IGSO540A1E flat six piston engines driving three blade constant speed Hartzell propellers. 1286 - Two 300kW (400shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A110 turboprops driving three blade Hartzell propellers.
Do 28D2 - Max speed 325km/h (175kt), max cruising speed 306km/h (165kt), economical cruising speed 241km/h (130kt). Initial rate of climb 1160ft/min. Service ceiling 25,200ft. Range with max payload 1050km (566nm). 1286 - Max speed 340km/h (183kt), max cruising speed 330km/h (178kt), econ cruising speed 256km/h (138kt). Initial rate of climb 1260ft/min. Service ceiling 32,600ft. Range with max fuel at econ cruising speed 1825nm (985nm), with a 805kg (1774lb) payload 1460km (788nm).
Do 28D2 - Empty 2328kg (5132lb), max takeoff 3842kg (8470lb). 1286 - Empty 2540kg (5600lb), max takeoff 4350kg (9590lb).
Do 28D2 - Wing span 15.55m (51ft 0in), length 11.41m (37ft 5in), height 3.90m (12ft 10in). Wing area 29.0m2 (312sq ft). 1286 - Same except for wing span 15.85m (52ft 0in).
One or two pilots on flightdeck and seating in main cabin for 10 or 12 seats two abreast with a centre aisle.
Total Do 28 and 1282 production was over 200 units including military orders, total 1286 production approximately 25.
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