Embraer ERJ-170/175/190/195


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70, 78, 98 and 108 seat regional airliner
The Embraer ERJ-170 and ERJ-190 series are all new entrants into the top end of the regional jet airliner market, with seating capacities spanning from 70 to 108. Embraer announced the ERJ-170 and ERJ-190 in February 1999, and formally launched the program on June 14 that year at the Paris Airshow. The first member of the family is the 70 seat Embraer 170, which rolled out on October 29 2001 (when the ERJ prefix was dropped for the marketing designation) and first flew on February 19 2002. Six aircraft were being used in the flight test program. The public debut was at the Regional Airline Association convention at Nashville, Tennessee in May 2002, followed by its European debut at the Farnborough International Air Show in July the same year. The 170 was certificated in February 2004 and deliveries started in March 2004 to LOT Polish Airlines, US Airways and Alitalia Express. Embraer is also building the Embraer 175, stretched by 1.77m (5ft 10in) over the Embraer 170. The first flight was made on June 14 2003. The 6.25m (8ft 5in) stretched Embraer 190 seats 98 passengers, the further stretched Embraer 195, 2.41m (7ft 11in) longer than the 190, will seat 108. The Embraer 190 made the first flight in March 2004, followed by the 195 in December the same year. All three variants are offered in standard and LR (long range) variants. A corporate jet version of the 170 is also proposed. Features of the family include new FADEC equipped GE CF34 engines (the most powerful CF34 variants), a new four abreast "double bubble" fuselage cross section, a moderately swept wing with winglets (added to the design in mid 2000), fly-by-wire flight controls, and Honeywell Primus Epic EFIS avionics. Although Embraer 170/175/190/195 are the marketing designations, the official type certificate designations remain ERJ prefixed as ERJ-170/175/190/195.
ERJ-170 - Two 62.3kN (14,000lb) General Electric CF34-8E turbofans. ERJ-190 - Two 82.3kN (18,500lb) CF34-10Es.
ERJ-170 - Max cruising speed Mach 0.82 or 890km/h (481kt). Standard range with max passengers at long range cruising speed 3334km (1800nm), LR range at same conditions 3889km (2100nm). ERJ-190 - Speed same. Standard range with max passengers at long range cruising speed 3334km (1800nm), LR range at same conditions 4260km (2300nm). ERJ-195 - Speed same. Standard range with max passengers at long range cruising speed 2593km ((1400nm), LR range at same conditions 3334km (1800nm).
ERJ-170 - Basic operating 20,150kg (44,422lb), standard max takeoff 35,450kg (78,153lb), LR max takeoff 48,500kg (106,922lb). ERJ-195 - Basic operating 27,100kg (59,744lb), standard max takeoff 46,990kg (103,593lb), LR max takeoff 48,990kg (108,003lb).
ERJ-170 - Wing span over winglets 26,00m (85ft 4in), length 29,90m (98ft 1in), height 9.67m (31ft 9in). ERJ-190 - Wing span over winglets 28.72m (94ft 3in), length 36.24m (118ft 11in), height 10.28m (33ft 9in). ERJ-195 - Same as ERJ-190 except length 38.65m (126ft 10in).
Flightcrew of two. ERJ-170 - Standard seating for 70 at four abreast. ERJ-175 - Standard seating for 78. ERJ-190 - Standard seating for 98. ERJ-195 - Standard seating for 108.
By early 2005, 62 ERJ-170s, 2 ERJ-175s, 4 ERJ-190s and 1 ERJ-195 had been built, with a further 108 ERJ-170s, 25 ERJ-175s, 156 ERJ-190s and 15 ERJ-195s on order.
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