Eurocopter AS-365N Dauphin 2 & EC-155


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Twin engine mid sized utility helicopter
The (originally Aerospatiale) AS-365N Dauphin 2 is one of Eurocopter's most successful designs and has found widespread use in corporate, police, media, EMS and search and rescue roles worldwide. The AS-365N is a much improved development of the original SA-365C Dauphin 2 (described under Aerospatiale). Until January 1990 the AS-365 models were designated SA-365, and in 1992 Aerospatiale's helicopter division was incorporated into Eurocopter. The AS-356N introduced more powerful Arriel 1C turboshafts, enlarged tail surfaces, revised transmission, main rotor, rotor mast fairing and engine cowling, and retractable tricycle undercarriage. The AS-365N first flew on March 31 1979. Deliveries began in early 1982. The US Coast Guard took delivery of 99 HH-65A Dolphins (SA-366G-1). These aircraft are powered by Textron (Avco) Lycoming LTS-101s and are optimised for the USCG's search and rescue role. Deliveries of the improved AS-365N-2 commenced in 1990. It features upgraded Arriel 1C2 engines, improved gearbox, increased max takeoff weight, redesigned cabin doors, revised interior and optional EFIS instrumentation. The AS-365N-3 is a hot and high development with FADEC equipped Arriel 2Cs. Deliveries began in December 1998. The improved EC-155 (initially AS-365N-4) development was announced at the 1997 Paris Airshow. It features twin Arriel 2Cs equipped with FADEC, a five blade Spheriflex main rotor and a 40% larger main cabin, achieved with bulged doors. First flight was on June 17 1997, with French and German certification awarded in December 1998. Military AS-365Ns have been offered as AS-565 Panthers. Utility versions are the AS-565UA/UB, attack versions are the AS-565AA/AB, while the AS-565MA/MB are equipped for naval search and rescue, and the AS-565SA/SB for ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) duties.
AS-365N-2 - Two 550kW (739shp) Turboméca Arriel 1C2 turboshafts driving a four blade main rotor and Fenestron shrouded tail rotor. EC-155 - Two 635kW (851shp) takeoff rated Arriel 2Cs driving a five blade main rotor and Fenestron shrouded tail rotor.
AS-365N-2 - Max cruising speed 285km/h (154kt), economical cruising speed 260km/h (140kt). Initial rate of climb 1380ft/min. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 8365ft, out of ground effect 5905ft. Range with standard fuel 900km (485nm). EC-155 - Max cruising speed at sea level 263km/h (142kt), economical cruising speed at sea level 252km/h (136kt).
AS-365N-2 - Empty 2240kg (4940lb), max takeoff 4250kg (9370lb). EC-155 - Empty 2353kg (5187lb), max takeoff 4800kg (10,582lb) or with a sling load 5000kg (11,023lb).
AS-365N-2 - Main rotor diameter 11.94m (39ft 2in), length overall rotor turning 13.68m (44ft 11in), height 3.98m (13ft 1in). Main rotor disc area 111.9m2 (1205sq ft). EC-155 - Main rotor diameter 12.60m (41ft 4in), length overall rotor turning 14.43m (47ft 4in), fuselage length 12.70m (41ft 8in), height 4.35m (14ft 3in). Main rotor disc area 124.7m2 (1342.1sq ft).
One pilot (VFR) or two pilots (IFR), and max seating for 13 passengers (with one pilot). Standard passenger seating for eight or nine. EC-155 - Standard seating for 14 including one or two pilots.
Approximately 650 AS-365/366/565s ordered. The 500th Dauphin of all models delivered in 1991. 20 EC-155s ordered.
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