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Small to mid size corporate jet
The IAI Westwind has become one of the success stories of the small but effective Israeli aviation industry. The Westwind started life as the Aero Commander 1121 Jet Commander or Commodore Jet, a General Electric CJ610 turbojet powered small executive jet based on Aero Commander's successful piston and turboprop twin line. The first 1121 flew on January 2 1963, with deliveries of production aircraft from early 1965. However North American Rockwell shortly afterwards acquired Aero Commander, and as it was already building the Sabreliner (described under Rockwell), the Jet Commander line had to be sold off because of antitrust laws. Thus the design and production rights for the Jet Commander were sold to Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) in 1968. IAI completed production of the 1121 Commodore Jets (total US/Israeli production was 150) before developing the 1123 Westwind with a stretched fuselage allowing seating for 10 passengers. The Westwind first flew in September 1970. Thirty-six turbojet powered 1123s were built before production transferred to the Garrett TFE731 turbofan powered 1124 (known as the Westwind I from 1981), the first of which were delivered in mid 1976. The 1124N Sea Scan was announced in 1976 and is a radar equipped maritime patrol and surveillance derivative. Development of the basic 1124 led to the 1124A Westwind 2 with improved hot and high performance, better fuel economy and longer range. Delivered from May 1980, changes over the 1124 included a modified wing section, winglets, flat cabin floor and other interior improvements. Production ceased in 1987 in favour of the 1125 Astra (described separately under Galaxy Aerospace).
1123 - Two 13.8kN (3100lb) General Electric CJ6109 turbojets. 1124A - Two 16.5kN (3700lb) Garrett TFE7311100G turbofans.
1123 - Max cruising speed 870km/h (470kt), economical cruising speed 755km/h (408kt). Initial rate of climb 4040ft/min. Service ceiling 45,000ft. Max range 3410km (1840nm), range with max payload 2575km (1390nm). 1124A - Max speed 868km/h (469kt), economical cruising speed 723km/h (390kt). Range with max payload and reserves 4430km (2390nm), range with four passengers and max fuel 5385km (2905nm).
1123 - Operating empty 5330kg (11,750lb), max takeoff 9390kg (20,700lb). 1124A - Operating empty 6010kg (13,250lb), max takeoff 10,660kg (23,500lb).
1123 - Wing span 13.65m (44ft 5in), length 15.93m (52ft 3in), height 4.81m (15ft 10in). Wing area 28.6m2 (308.3q ft). 1124A - Same.
Flightcrew of two. Standard seating for seven in typical corporate layout, max seating for 10. Many configured as freighters.
Westwind production ceased in 1987 after more than 250 were built, of which 36 were turbojet powered. 25 1123s and 244 1124s in service at late 1998.
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