Ilyushin Il-114


Country of Origin
Turboprop regional airliner
The Ilyushin Il-114 has been designed to fill what could ultimately be a very large requirement to replace ageing fleets of turboprop airliners, including the Antonov An-24, in service on regional routes within Russia and other CIS states. While only just entering service now in the late 1990s, Ilyushin finalised the Il-114's basic design and configuration in 1986. However the first prototype did not fly until March 29 1990. In total, three prototypes were built plus two static test airframes, with the original intention being to achieve certification and service entry in 1993. However the test program was delayed, caused at least in part by the crash of one of the prototypes on takeoff during a test flight in mid 1993. Russian certification was finally awarded on April 26 1997. The Il-114 is of conventional configuration, but 10% of its structure by weight is of composites and advanced metal alloys, including titanium. It features low noise six blade composite construction propellers, and it can operate from unpaved airfields. The Il-114 is the basic airliner and forms the basis for a number of developments. The Il-114T is a freighter developed for Uzbekistan Airlines. It is fitted with a 3.31 x 1.78m (10ft 10in x 5ft 10in) freight door in the rear port fuselage and a removable roller floor. The Il-114M will feature more powerful TV7M117 engines and increased max takeoff weight allowing a payload of 7000kg (15,430lb) to be carried. Like many current Russian airliner programs, a westernised version of the Il-114 is under consideration. This is the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127 powered Il-114-100 (formerly Il-114PC), which would feature improved fuel economy and range performance The Il-114P is a military maritime patrol variant while the Il-114FK is designed for elint, reconnaissance and cartographic work and would feature a glazed nose and raised flightdeck.
Two 1840kW (2466shp) Klimov TV7117S turboprops driving six blade constant speed SV-34 propellers
Max speed 500km/h (270kt), cruising speed 470km/h (254kt). Range with 64 passengers and reserves 1000km (540nm), with a 1500kg (3300lb) payload 4800km (2590nm).
Operating empty 15,000kg (33,070lb), max takeoff 23,500kg (50,045lb).
Wing span 30.00m (98ft 5in), length 26.88m (88ft 2in), height 9.32m (30ft 7in). Wing area 81.9m2 (881.6sq ft).
Flightcrew of two. Seating for 64 at four abreast and 75cm (30in) pitch.
Original requirement for 350 from various successors to Aeroflot in Russia. Approximately 15 built thus far.
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Ilyushin Il-114
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