Ilyushin Il-96M & Il-96T


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Long range widebody airliner and freighter
The Ilyushin Il-96M long range airliner and Il-96T freighter are modernised and stretched developments of the Il-96-300 equipped with western engines and avionics. Compared with the Il-96-300 the Il-96M and -96T feature a host of improvements and incorporate much western technology. The most obvious change is the fuselage stretch taking max single class passenger accommodation back to over 350 (as on the Il-86). The longer fuselage also means that the Il-96M's vertical tail can be smaller. However perhaps most important of the changes are the Pratt & Whitney PW2337 turbofans giving greater fuel economy and reliability. The Il-96M also features Rockwell Collins avionics including a modern two crew six screen EFIS flightdeck. The first Il-96M to fly was the Il-96MO prototype, a conversion of an Il-96-300, its first flight occurring on April 6 1993. The first new build production Il-96M was a Il-96T freighter which was rolled out on April 26 1997, while the first new build Il-96M was due to fly during 1998. Production Il-96Ms/-96Ts will be built at the Ilyushin Aircraft Production Association plant in Voronezh and certification, both western and Russian, is planned, but had not been achieved by late 1998. Possible developments of the Il-96M under study include the Il-96MK, which would be powered with ducted engines in the 175 to 195kN (38,000 to 43,000lb) thrust class, and the twin engine Il-98, which would be powered by western turbofans such as the GE90, Trent 800 or P&W PW4000 series.
Four 164.6kN (37,000lb) Pratt & Whitney PW2337 turbofans.
Il-96M - Typical cruising speed 830km/h (448kt). Range with 30 tonne (66,138lb) payload and reserves 11,482km (6195nm). Il-96T - Typical cruising speed range 850 to 870km/h (459 to 469kt). Range with a 58 tonne (127,870lb) payload 9700km (5237nm).
Operating empty 132,400kg (291,887lb), max takeoff 270,000kg (595,238lb).
Il-96M - Wing span over winglets 60.11m (197ft 3in), length 64.70m (212ft 3in), height 15.72m (51ft 7in). Wing area 391.6m2 (4215.0sq ft). Il-96T - Same except length 63.94m (209ft 9in).
Flightcrew of two. Three class seating for 18 first class passengers at 152cm (60in) pitch, 44 business class at 92cm (36in) pitch and 250 economy class at 86cm (34in) pitch. Two class seating for 85 business class and 250 economy class passengers. Single class seating for 375 passengers in three separated cabins seating 124, 162 and 89. Underfloor freight holds can accommodate up to 32 standard LD3 containers. Il-96T Freighter can carry max payload of 92 tonnes (202,820lb) with international standard containers or pallets.
At late 1998 50 Il-96M/-96T firm orders held, including from Aeroflot (17 Il-96Ms and 3 Il-96Ts), Transaero (six Il-96Ms) and Partnairs of the Netherlands.
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Ilyushin Il-96M & Il-96T
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