Kamov Ka32


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Medium size utility helicopter
A not uncommon sight outside of the former Eastern Bloc, the Kamov Ka32 (NATO reporting name `HelixC') is a multi purpose utility helicopter based upon the military Ka27. <p>Kamov began design work on the Ka27 in 1969, its principle design objective being to provide a shipborne anti submarine warfare helicopter to replace the Ka25 (`Hormone'). The Ka27 prototype first flew in December 1974 and served as a prototype for the planned military and civil (Ka32) variants. The Ka27 was first noted in Soviet navy service in 1981, the same year that the first civil Ka32 was publicly exhibited at Minsk. The Ka27 and -32 both feature the pod powerplant/gearbox and twin tails fuselage configuration of the Ka25, and the Kamov trademark counter rotating main propellers (negating the need for a tail rotor). <p>A number of versions of the basic Ka32 have appeared thus far. The Ka32T is the standard utility version, and is in use for a range of missions including passenger transport, air ambulance or flying crane. Although it features only basic avionics, it has been produced in greater numbers than the other Ka32 derivatives. The Ka32S meanwhile is fitted with a comprehensive IFR avionics suite for operations in poor weather conditions. Equipped for maritime operations, it is used from icebreakers, for maritime search and rescue, and offshore oil rig support, among other tasks. <p>The Ka32K is optimised for use as a flying crane and features a retractable gondola underneath the fuselage for a second pilot who can manoeuvre the aircraft when positioning it. The Ka32A is similar to the Ka32T but is certificated (awarded in June 1993) to the Russian equivalent of US Far Pt 29/Pt 33 airworthiness standards, and is offered with advanced avionics. <p>
Ka32T - Two 1635kW (2190shp) Klimov TV3117V turboshafts driving two counter rotating three blade main rotors.
Ka32T - Max speed 250km/h (135kt), max cruising speed 230km/h (125kt). Service ceiling 16,400ft. Hovering ceiling out of ground effect 11,480ft. Range with max fuel 800km (430nm). Endurance with max fuel 4hr 30min.
Ka32T - Empty 6500kg (14,330lb), normal loaded 11,000kg (24,250lb), max flight weight with sling load 12,600kg (27,775lb).
Ka32T - Main rotor diameter (each) 15.90m (52ft 2in), fuselage length 11.30m (37ft 1in), height 5.40m (17ft 9in). Rotor disc area (each) 198.5m2 (2138sq ft).
Pilot and navigator on flightdeck. Main cabin seats 16 passengers, or can be configured for freight carriage or as an air ambulance. Max internal payload is 4000kg (8820lb), max sling load weight is 5000kg (11,025lb).
Currently in production, approximately 170 Ka32s have been delivered, mainly to Russian civil operators but a number have been leased by western companies and others operate throughout the globe on charter from their Russian owners.
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