McDonnell Douglas MD-11


Country of Origin
United States of America
Long range widebody airliner
The MD-11 is a modernised, slightly stretched and re-engined development of the DC-10 trijet. Launched on December 30 1986 (following a launch order from British Caledonian for three placed earlier that month), the MD-11 was the result of a two year study to find a replacement for the DC-10. First flight occurred on January 10 1990, certification was granted in November that year, and the first one was delivered on December 7 1990 to Finnair. Compared to the DC-10, the MD-11 features a 5.71m (18ft 9in) fuselage stretch, winglets, modified tail with less sweepback, an advanced two crew six screen EFIS flightdeck, restyled main cabin interior and new engine options. Variants offered were the longer range MD-11ER available from early 1996, MD-11F freighter, MD-11C Combi and MD-11CF convertible passenger/freighter models. McDonnell Douglas at various times proposed MD-11 developments aimed at increasing seating through stretches and underfloor panorama deck seating. In 1996 MDC looked closely at the MD-XX, MD-11 variants with a new wing. Two versions were proposed, one with the standard MD-11 fuselage and a 15,565km (8400nm) range, the other a stretched 375 seater. These were not launched. In November 1997 following the Boeing/McDonnell Douglas merger Boeing announced that the MD-11 would be retained in production, primarily as a freighter. However in June 1998 Boeing reversed that decision, saying that due to a lack of market demand production would be wound up. The last MD-11 built, a MD-11F for Lufthansa cargo, was delivered February 22 2001.
Three 266.9kN (60,000lb) Pratt & Whitney PW4460s, 276kN (62,000lb) PW4462s, or 273.6kN (61,500lb) General Electric CF6-80C2D1F turbofans.
MD-11 - Max cruising speed 945km/h (510kt), economical cruising speed 876km/h (473kt). Range with 298 passengers and reserves 12,633km (6821nm). MD-11F - Range 7242km (3910nm). MD-11C - Range with 183 passengers, six freight pallets and reserves 12,392km (6691nm). MD-11ER - Range with 298 passengers 13,408km (7240nm).
MD-11 - Operating empty 130,165kg (286,965lb) with CF6s, standard max takeoff 273,314kg (602,555lb), optional 285,990kg (630,500lb). MD-11F - Operating empty 113,920kg (251,150lb), max takeoff same. MD-11C - Operating empty 131,035kg (288,885lb) passenger, max takeoff 283.700kg. MD-11CF - Operating empty passenger configuration 131,525kg (289,965lb), freighter configuration 115,380kg (254,372lb), max takeoff same. MD-11ER - Max takeoff 285,989kg (630,500lb).
Wing span 51.66m (169ft 6in), length 61.21m (200ft 10in) with PW4460s, 61.62m (202ft 2in) with CF6s, height 17.60m (57ft 9in). Wing area 338.9m2 (3648.0sq ft).
Flightcrew of two. MD-11 - Max single class seating for 410, can seat 298 in three classes, 323 in two. MD-11C - Two class seating for 204 and four pallets on main deck.
200 MD-11 were delivered when production ended in 2001, comprising 136 MD-11, 5 MD-11C and 59 MD-11F.
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