Piper PA-42 Cheyenne III/400


Country of Origin
United States of America
Twin turboprop corporate transport
Aimed directly at Beech's successful King Air twin turboprop series, the PA-42 Cheyennes are larger developments of the earlier PA-31T Cheyennes (in turn themselves turboprop developments of the PA-31 Navajo). The PA-42 Cheyenne III was announced in September 1977. The first production Cheyenne III flew for the first time on May 18 1979 and FAA certification was granted in early 1980. Compared with the Cheyenne II the PA-42 was about 1m (3ft) longer, was powered by 537kW (720shp) PT6A-41 turboshafts and introduced a T-tail, the most obvious external difference between the PA-31T and PA-42. Deliveries of production Cheyenne IIIs began on June 30 1980. Development and improvement of the III led to the PA-42-720 Cheyenne IIIA, with PT6A-61 engines, a higher service ceiling and revised systems and interior. The higher powered and significantly faster PA-42-1000 is basically similar to the PA-42-720 except for its far more powerful 745kW (1000hp) Garrett TPE331 turboprops driving four blade propellers. Piper's largest and fastest production aircraft to date, the PA-42-1000 was initially called the Cheyenne IV, before becoming known as the Cheyenne 400LS, and then simply the Cheyenne 400. First flown on February 23 1983, the Cheyenne 400 was delivered from late 1984. Production of the PA-42 ended in February 1993.
PA-42-720 Cheyenne III - Two 535kW (720shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41 turboprops driving three blade constant speed Hartzell propellers. PA-42-1000 Cheyenne 400LS - Two 1225kW (1645shp) derated to 745kW (1000shp) Garrett TPE331-14A/Bs driving four blade Hartzell props.
PA-42-720 - Max speed 537km/h (290kt), max cruising speed 461km/h (250kt), economical cruising speed 413km/h (223kt). Initial rate of climb 2235ft/min. Service ceiling 33,000ft. Range at max cruising speed 3100km (1675nm). PA-42-1000 - Max speed 650km/h (351kt), max cruising speed 594km/h (320kt), economical cruising speed 506km/h (273kt). Initial rate of climb 3242ft/min. Range at max cruising speed 3015km (1630nm), range at economical cruising speed 3500km (1890nm).
PA-42-720 - Empty 2900kg (6389lb), max ramp weight 5125kg (11,285lb). PA-42-1000 - Empty 3412kg (7522lb), max takeoff 5466kg (12,050lb).
PA-42-720 - Wing span (over tip tanks) 14.53m (47ft 8in), length 13.23m (43ft 5in), height 4.50m (14ft 9in). Wing area 27.2m2 (293.0sq ft). PA-42-1000 - Same except for height 5.18m (17ft 0in).
One or two pilots on flightdeck, with main cabin seating for between six and nine passengers. Typical seating for six in main cabin in corporate configuration.
Total manufactured 192, including 149 III/IIIAs and 43 400s.
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Piper PA-42 Cheyenne III/400
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