PZL-Okecie PZL-110/111 Koliber


Country of Origin
Four seat light aircraft
The Koliber (Hummingbird) is a licence built development of the Socata Rallye. The Rallye was still in production when PZL-Okecie acquired a licence to build and develop the Rallye 100ST in Poland. The prototype Koliber was powered by a 87kW (116hp) PZLF (Franklin) four cylinder engine (Poland had earlier purchased the design and production rights to Franklin engines) and flew on April 18 1978. Initial production Kolibers featured the 86kW (116hp) engine, later aircraft a more powerful 95kW (125hp) Franklin engine. Franklin powered versions of the Koliber were the Series I, the initial production model, with 10 built and first flight occurring in May 1979; the Series II developed for Polish aero clubs which was capable of limited aerobatics (25 built); and the improved Series III (45 built). Franklin powered Koliber production ceased in 1988. The Textron Lycoming O-320 powered Koliber 150 first flew in September 1988. The 150A (Koliber II in the USA) was developed for export and was granted US FAR Part 23 certification in early 1994. According to the type's US and Asia Pacific distributor Cadmus, this was the first time that a four place fixed undercarriage light aircraft had been fully certificated in the USA in over a decade. The first Koliber 150A delivery was made to a US customer in mid 1994, while Koliber 150s have been delivered to a number of European countries. The PZL-111 Koliber 235 Senior is a more powerful, higher performance development, powered by a 175kW (235hp) Textron Lycoming O-540. It first flew in September 1995. The latest model is the 120kW (160hp) O-320-D2A powered Koliber 160A.
160A - One 120kW (160hp) Textron Lycoming O-320-D2A flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch Sensenich propeller. 235A - One 175kW (235hp) Textron Lycoming O-540-B4B5 flat six driving a two blade McCauley or three blade Hartzell constant speed prop.
160A - Max speed 220km/h (119kt), cruising speed at 75% power 194km/h (105kt). Service ceiling 11,475ft. Max range at 75% power 919km (496nm), at 65% power 960km (518nm). 235A - Max speed 260km/h (140kt), cruising speed at 75% power 248km/h (134kt). Service ceiling 14,755ft. Max range at 75% power 734km (396nm), at 65% power 958km (517nm).
160A - Empty 607kg (1337lb), max takeoff 850kg (1874lb). 235A - Empty 705kg (1553lb), max takeoff 1150kg (2533lb).
160A & 235A - Wing span 9.75m (32ft 0in), length 7.37m (24ft 2in), height 2.80m (9ft 2in). Wing area 12.7m2 (136.5sq ft).
Typical seating for four.
Total Franklin powered Series I, II and III production approximately 40 units. Approx 75 Lycoming powered Kolibers built.
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PZL-Okecie PZL-110/111 Koliber
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