Robin HR 200 & R 2000 Alpha


Country of Origin
Two seat aerobatic light aircraft
This series of light two seat aerobatic aircraft was designed during the 1970s specifically for flying school use, and has been developed in two major variants, both of which are back in production. <p>The original HR 200 was the second all metal aircraft designed for Robin by Christophe Heintz (previous Robins had been designed by Jean Delemontez, who was also responsible for the earlier Jodel series). It first flew on July 19 1971 powered by an 80kW (108hp) O235, while the first production aircraft flew in April 1973. <p>Three initial versions were built, the 80kW (108hp) powered Club or HR 200/100, the more powerful Acrobin 125 or HR 200/125 (with a 95kW/125hp O235) and the Acrobin 160 or HR 200/160 (with a 120kW/160hp IO320). The HR 200 remained in production until the late 1970s, and is once again on offer. Robin has now recommenced production of the HR 200/120 as the Robin 200, with power supplied by an 88kW (118hp) Textron Lycoming O235L2A and a new instrument panel. <p>The R 2000 Alpha series meanwhile was a redevelopment of the HR 200. The HR 200's basic fuselage was retained, but changes included an all new wing and a enlarged rudder and vertical tail to improve spinning characteristics. The prototype R 2000 was powered by a 135kW (160hp) IO320 and flew for the first time on January 15 1976. Deliveries of production aircraft began in 1977. <p>Three developments of the R 2000 series were built, the R 2100, the R 2112 and R 2160 Alpha Sport, with the main differences between the three being the powerplant fitted. The R 2100 is powered by an 80kW (108hp) O235, the R 2112 has an 84kW (112hp) O235, and the R 2160 has a 120kW (160hp) O320. Of the three, the R 2160 Alpha Sport has been the most popular. Production of the R 2000 series (by Robin factories in France and Canada) originally ceased in 1983, however Robin restarted production of the R 2160 in 1994. <p>
HR 200 Club - One 80kW (108hp) Lycoming O235C2A flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch propeller. R 2160 Alpha Sport - One 120kW (160hp) Lycoming O320D.
HR 200 - Max speed 230km/h (124kt), max cruising speed 215km/h (116kt). Initial rate of climb 670ft/min. Service ceiling 13,000ft. Range with max fuel 1078km (582nm). 2160 - Max speed 257km/h (138kt), max cruising speed 242km/h (130kt), cruising speed 234km/h (126kt). Initial rate of climb 1025ft/min. Service ceiling 15,000ft. Range with max fuel 795km (430nm).
HR 200 - Empty 500kg (1100lb), max takeoff 760kg (1670lb). 2160 - Empty 550kg (1213lb), max takeoff 800kg (1765lb).
HR 200 - Wing span 8.40m (27ft 7in), length 6.68m (21ft 11in), height 2.18m (7ft 2in). Wing area 12.6m2 (135.6sq ft). 2160 - Wing span 8.33m (27ft 4in), length 7.10m (23ft 4in), height 2.13m (7ft 0in). Wing area 13.0m2 (140.0sq ft).
Typical seating for two side by side.
Approx 160 200s and 130 R 2000s built.
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Robin HR 200 & R 2000 Alpha
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