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Series of two/four seat light aircraft
The prolific Rallye family is Europe's most successful light aircraft series, and today remains in production in Poland as the PZL-Okecie Koliber (described separately). Morane-Saulnier originally designed the Rallye in response to a late 1950s French government competition for a light aircraft. Morane Saulnier's proposal resulted in the Rallye, which flew for the first time on June 10 1959. This first MS-880A prototype was powered by a 67kW (90hp) Continental C-90 flat four. Sud Aviation's subsidiary Socata (who took over the Rallye after Morane-Saulnier collapsed in the mid 1960s) developed a wide range of Rallye models. The main two/three seat production version was the 75kW (100hp) Continental O-200 powered MS-880B Rallye Club. Other Rallye Clubs were the 78kW (105hp) Potez powered MS-881 and 85kW (115hp) Lycoming O-235 powered MS-883. A more powerful Rallye Club development was the 110kW (145hp) Continental O-300 flat six powered Super Rallye (later to become the Rallye 150S, then 150ST and later still the Garnement with 155kW (155hp) O-320). The first true four seater was the MS-890 Rallye Commodore, which differed from the Super Rallye in having a higher max takeoff weight and strengthened structure. Deliveries began in 1964. Developments of the Commodore included the 110kW (150hp) Lycoming O-320 powered MS-892 Commodore 150 (later the Rallye 150GT), the 135kW (180hp) O-360 powered MS-893 Commodore 180 (later the Rallye 180GT and then the Gaillard), the 165kW (220hp) powered MS-894 Rallye Minerva (later the Rallye 220GT and sold in the US as the Waco Minerva) and the 175kW (235hp) O-540 powered Rallye 235GT (later the Gabier). Product improvements led to the Rallye Club based Rallye 100S with two seats and 100ST with three seats, both replaced by the 82kW (110hp) engined Rallye 100ST Galopin, the Rallye 125 2+2 seater, the glider towing 180T Galerien and the tail dragger Gaucho ag sprayer. French production ceased in 1983.
MS-880B - One 75kW (100hp) Continental O-200-A flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch propeller. 235GT - One 175kW (235hp) Lycoming O-540-B4B5 flat six driving a three blade constant speed propeller.
MS-880B - Max speed 195km/h (105kt), max cruising speed 174km/h (94kt). Initial rate of climb 540ft/min. Service ceiling 10,500ft. Max range 853km (460nm). 235GT - Max speed 275km/h (150kt), max cruising speed 245km/h (132kt), normal cruising speed 231km/h (125kt). Initial rate of climb 980ft/min. Service ceiling 14,750ft. Max range with reserves 1090km (590nm).
MS-880B - Empty 450kg (990lb), max takeoff 770kg (1695lb). 235GT - Empty 695kg (1530lb), max takeoff 1200kg (2645lb).
MS-880B - Wing span 9.61m (31ft 6in), length 6.97m (22ft 11in), height 2.69m (8ft 10in). Wing area 12.3m2 (132sq ft). 235GT - Wing span 9.74m (31ft 11in), length 7.25m (23ft 10in), height 3.67m (9ft 2in). Wing area 12.8m2 (137.3sq ft).
Seating for three adults or two adults and two children in MS-880B Rallye Club/Rallye 100, MS-887 Rallye 125 and the MS-886 Super Rallye and Rallye 150T. All other variants had seating for four adults.
More than 3500 built.
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