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Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Sat Jan 19, 2002 12:55 pm

I just saw the movie "Black Hawk Down" this afternoon and thought it was awesome!

I was really pleased with the portrayal of US Rangers and Delta Force members in the movie as heroes. Having read the book, I was a little concerned that Hollywood would not accurately present this forgotten "incident" in Somalia in Oct. 1993. But Ridley Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer produced a masterpiece; I really felt I was there in Mogadishu, with all the brutality of war and death.

My admiration of our boys in the military is only heightened by this film. I think I speak for all Americans when I say that we are immmensely proud of our military personnel, and we ask that God will protect them and bring them home soon (from Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc.).

If you get the chance, see the movie soon!
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Sun Jan 20, 2002 1:10 am

I saw the movie last night. It was tremendous. Really brought home what happened to the Rangers and Delta Force that day. **** From me.
"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid." D. Eisenhower
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Sun Jan 20, 2002 1:21 am

Well said, Cx889! Black Hawk Down was excellent! Both the book and the movie that is! Reading the book, I was worried that hollywood would butcher the story when making the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. They did a good job condensing a complicated story with lots of characters down to a 2.5 hour screenplay. They did take some creative license and made some changes though, most noticably with the geography of Wolcott's crash site. They did a great job overall, so I'll give them some slack when it comes to some of the minor changes they made.

The movie is also visually stunning. The aerial footage of the Black Hawks and Little Birds is incredible. Not to mention the surround sound...

A great tribute to the professionalism of our armed forces!
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Sun Jan 20, 2002 5:53 pm

I need to see this film..


A Somali group in Minnesota is calling for a boycot of the film because of the way it protrays the Somali People.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Mon Jan 21, 2002 12:15 am

Did anyone else come out of that movie just RARING to join Delta Force? I did - god, the way those guys rule the combat roost was incredible.

They don't care about anything but kicking ass. Guy got his head blown off on a machine gun? Delta guy pulls his body down and goes cyclic. Got a house full of terrorists that needs clearing? Delta will blow that door down for you with no hesitation. Got a pesky recoiless rifle bombarding your house? Delta troopers will infiltrate his position and garrote the crew.

I just saw it for the second time - I saw it in NY for the premiere. Initially I was disappointed, but then I saw it again in New Hampshire during a driving snowstorm. There were maybe 20 people in the theatre, so it was really quiet. No crying babies.

I think this movie gets better when you haven't reviewed the book. If you read the book, you "block" the parts of the movie that don't conform, and in a gritty movie like this if you interrupt the flow it kills it.

Now I let the movie wash over me and experience the horror myself. Fantastic! A four-star movie!

BTW, on the whole "Somali-American boycott":

Screw those lefties- they should read the damn book and realize WHY the Rangers had no respect for Somalis. There was contempt because the Somalis in Mogadishu were lazy and unwilling to do anything except fight and take aid agency food. That's no insult agaisnt Somalis in the United States. And the Somalis in the U.S should consider themselves a different breed. There is a big difference between the way people comport themselves in Third World cities and in the United States.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Mon Jan 21, 2002 1:50 pm

MAN, that was sweeeeeeeeet. I actually do want to be in the military after college and hopfully do intellegence and then maybe on to some sort of elite unit. After that movie i want to even more!!!! Wow. THats all I can say. I was with a group of guys, and every oen fo them cried in this movie. And id bet the entire theater cried. It was so intense.

I live in Minnesota, near Minneapolis and several somalies were outside with signs. But I wasn't mad at all somalies after that, but man was I mad. I went home and watched Saturday night live and wasn't even able to laugh. Man, if you see one mive see that one.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Mon Jan 21, 2002 4:02 pm

Have to go and see it as soon it arriwes to here....
Has anyone seen the ``Behind Enemy Lines''? I saw it last friday and I thought it was greate.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Tue Jan 22, 2002 6:19 am

The movie omitted some important things like the dozens of innocent women and children that were shot by US forces and the Somalis dragging the dead bodies of US soldiers through the streets of Mogadishu.
It is an excellent movie that makes you think but I don't know how it could make you want to join Delta Force or the Rangers. You can say you want to be a soldier after watching the movie but being there for real is a different matter.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Tue Jan 22, 2002 8:13 am

Shooting innocent women? Sorry I don't remember that. Saw a real program on the mission last night on CNN. Women were actually standing in front of the men that were shooting at our forces because they thought that would stop our soldiers from firing. Therefore they were not innocent, but partaking in the attack. Huaah.
"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid." D. Eisenhower
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Tue Jan 22, 2002 10:54 am

Green Jet you are wrong. The movie did show the women and children standing in front of the somalies that were killing US soldiers and it also showed them get shot. THen in the end it shows a woman about to shoot a Ranger and he kills her first. Then it shows him puking. The movie was a very accurate comparrison and was very powerful. It also showed those sick bastards carrying a US soldier in all their glory of killing him as he helplessly was shot by 20 different guys.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Tue Jan 22, 2002 3:04 pm

For the Somalis, a Manhunt Movie to Muse Over


MOGADISHU, Somalia, Jan. 21 — Unbeknown to Hollywood, the blockbuster "Black Hawk Down" made its Mogadishu premiere tonight in the very neighborhood where the 1993 battle was fought, leaving 18 Americans and hundreds of Somalis dead.

Tensions between the United States and Somalia are once again raw, this time over the prospect that Somalia's chaos provides a haven for Al Qaeda terrorists, and that American troops may once again arrive on a violent manhunt.

So a sellout crowd of 200 who paid the equivalent of 10 cents swiftly packed the New Buujimo Shineemo (New Boxing Cinema) on 26th of June Street tonight — and barely demurred when the film began 40 minutes late because the distributor had to run off extra cassettes from the videodisc that had just arrived on a flight from Abu Dhabi. (As in many poor countries, the movie played on a disc pirated from discs or cassettes made at American theater showings.)

"All the cinemas in town were in competition to get this film," Khalif Ali Muhammad, the deputy manager, said proudly.

The film has been keenly awaited both by Somalis who remember with horror American soldiers scouring and strafing their neighborhoods, and by Somali warlords whose troops helped bring down the two Blackhawk helicopters on Oct. 3, 1993, and battled the Americans in the hours and days that followed.

Osman Ali Otto is a well-known warlord who had men in those battles. He had not seen the film himself, but said this morning he had heard from a friend in London that he was portrayed unflatteringly.

"When I have seen it, my colleagues and I may sue the producers," he said.

He was never interviewed for the film, he said, and never gave permission for it to portray him. It was correct in saying that he had been under arrest since Sept. 21, 1993, and was imprisoned on an island during the battle. But he was not blindfolded and handcuffed, and the Americans did not show that they had bombed the island's edges to keep his men from trying a rescue, he said.

In this ragged capital of a ravaged nation, suspicion toward Americans lingers. One unnerving aspect of tonight's premiere was the way several young men who noticed a reporter standing against the wall jerked their shirts over their faces.

"They do not want to be seen by an American," a security guard explained. "They are afraid of bombing. The last time Americans came here, first came the journalists, then the soldiers. In the beginning, it was peace. Then they began to kill us."

Since Sept. 11, the Bush administration has scrutinized Somalia for links to Al Qaeda. It has named Al Itihaad, a militant religious group based in Somalia, as a terrorist organization with ties to Al Qaeda and positioned ships off Somalia to prevent Al Qaeda fighters from getting in or out.

These actions have accentuated tensions that date back to 1993. Eighteen Rangers were killed in the 1993 battle, but hundreds of Somalis, many of them civilians, also died as the Americans fought their way in to try to rescue Rangers trapped by battle and to hunt for the warlord Gen. Muhammad Farah Aidid.

The G.I.s had arrived on a very public mission of mercy, making it mystifying for many here that American soldiers ended up killing so many people.

Some Somalis said they had heard in advance from relatives in America that the film makes Somalis seem brutish. The Somali Advocacy Center in St. Paul, Minn., has called for a boycott, saying the film makes Somalis look like "savage beasts shooting each other."

The closest thing Mogadishu has to a monument to the battle and subsequent American manhunt for General Aidid is a broken piece of the helicopter flown by Michael Durant, the pilot who was captured in the 1993 battle. The story of the helicopter, based on a book by Mark Bowden, lies at the heart of the movie.

The helicopter part now rests against the south wall of the house of Achmed Weheliya. To keep anyone from stealing it, the family has wrapped it with razor wire and planted cactuses, which now virtually cover it.

The Weheliyas are upset that any film was made. "Seven people in our family died," wailed Sahara Abdi Karim Weheliya, 35. "Four grown ones and three children. Since then, no one has come and asked what happened to us."

The family gets by with odd jobs. Some of its women buy tomatoes and potatoes from farmers and resell them in the streets.

"We are the place where this happened," said an elder relative, Marian Shire Kediye, 60. "But different people, who were not here, take the profit of this event."

Mrs. Weheliya showed where she said the spinning Blackhawk sheared off a piece of their roof before smashing the outhouse of their dusty compound and breaking up in the sand- blown alley outside their wall.

As she told it, American soldiers trying to rescue the downed pilot took her family hostage and told the Somali militias surrounding them that they would all be killed unless the militias backed off.

"We were clinging to each other," Mrs. Kediye said, pulling four children to herself for emphasis. "We were terrified."

Ibrahim Ali Sheikh, 20, who lives in the compound across the alley, had a different version of events. American soldiers smashed into his house, too, he said, but did not mistreat his family.

"We were scared, but they said `Don't be afraid, be patient,' " he said. "Some of them were doctors. They had white shirts. They gave us something to put in our ears in order not to hear the firing."


Copyright New York Times Co. 2002
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Tue Jan 22, 2002 3:13 pm

If they didn't want to get hurt then they wouldn't have stood infront of the gunmen.

Were coming back and this time we will be prepared with tanks, this time no Americans will be dragged though the streets.
At worst, you screw up and die.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Wed Jan 23, 2002 1:44 pm

It's a tragedy that innocent women and children were killed in Mogadishu, but they could easily have been victims of their own people. In many underdeveloped countries waged in constant civil unrest, war is all these people know. They are taught to pick up an assault rifle at such a young age and taught to negotiate by pulling the trigger.

Somali fighters used these women and children as human shields during these firefights. U.S. Rangers and D-boys had no choice but to simply follow code and fire back at those firing at them, or pose a certain threat.

The U. S. Army had no reason to explain to the world why hundreds of Somalis were killed; they were there to carry out a mission to relieve the warlords' stranglehold of food and relief supplied by the UN. The Somali citizens decided to put up a fight, and suffered the consequences.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:47 am

Another case of 'damned if we do and damned if we don't'.

Next time, it's simple. Stay home & let nature take its' course.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Thu Jan 24, 2002 3:07 pm

"It's a tragedy that innocent women and children were killed in Mogadishu," lets get one thing straight these people werent innocent 10 year olds walk around with guns in he streets down there also in a documentry i saw about the situation a ranger that was there said the women and children were helping out also on the documentry i saw a 10 year old jumping on one of the dead pilots and laughing there is nothing innocent about that. and youre right heavymetal we should have stayed home and let nature take its course. we go to help thse people and they act like that i dont feel sorry for them.
david b.
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Fri Jan 25, 2002 6:09 am


Teenage-know-it-alls should be shot on sight
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Mon Feb 04, 2002 10:31 pm


 Smokin cool
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RE: Just Saw "Black Hawk Down"

Fri Feb 15, 2002 9:57 am

I've seen the movie 4 times. Not watching for it's accuracy but the entertainment side. I didn't find the movie 100% accurate. I've read the book that it was based on.
I can't believe people are this immature that they breed too much into a movie. I would never base my knowledge and feelings from a movie. It's entertainment, of course it's not what exactly happened and portrayed. If you want accuracy go and watch History TV.

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