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Usmc A/c In CAW's...

Posted: Fri Jul 23, 2004 8:50 am
by F4N
To all:

I believe that I read somewhere that the USN was going in incorporate Marine Air Wings permanantly into its' own Carrier Air Wings. Is this true? I have noticed that Marine VMF's are often now deployed aboard carriers wereas that was a relative rarity in the 60's & 70's.

Any thoughts?



RE: Usmc A/c In CAW's...

Posted: Fri Jul 23, 2004 9:00 am
I doubt that the USMC would willing give up control of it's Air Wings to the US Navy during peace time.

During war time, they don't have much choice to what happens to their air wings since they would be assigned to the local CINC, which would then be assigned to the local commander Air Forces.

RE: Usmc A/c In CAW's...

Posted: Fri Jul 23, 2004 6:27 pm
by Woodreau
Marine Corps squadrons have operated with Navy carrier air wings in past, it's not as prevalent now, with most of the Marine Corps aviation units being fully utilized supporting their parent MEFs.

Of the 10 carrier air wings, currently there are 3 carrier air wings operating with a Marine Corps VMFA squadron:
VMFA-323 with CVW-2 Constellation Strike Group
VMFA-314 with CVW-9 Carl Vinson Strike Group
VMFA-115 with CVW-3 Harry S Truman Strike Group

An entire Marine Air Wing won't be assigned to a carrier (A Marine Air Wing is too big to fit on a carrier actually.) You're looking at over 200 fixed and rotary wing aircraft in a Marine Air Wing. A Navy carrier air wing only has 75-85 aircraft.

You might be able to a Marine Air Group on a carrier but there is no point, since a MAG is not as versatile and is not capable of accomplishing the missions of a carrier air wing.

Just to give you an idea of what is in a Marine Air Wing:

2d Marine Air Wing
MAG 14: 3 sqdns of AV-8Bs; 4 sqdns of EA-6Bs; 1 sqdn of KC-130s
MAG 26: 3 sqdns of CH-46Es, 1 sqdn of CH-53Es, 1 sqdn of AH-1W/UH-1Ns
MAG 29: 3 sqdns of CH-46Es, 1 sqdn of CH-53Es, 1 sqdn of AH-1W/UH-1Ns
MAG 31: 6 sqdns of F-18s

3d Marine Air Wing
MAG-11: 7 sqdns of F-18s, 1 sqdn of KC-130s
MAG-13: 4 sqdns of AV-8Bs
MAG-16: 4 sqdns of CH-46Es, 4 sqdns of CH-53Es
MAG-39: 3 sqdns of CH-46Es, 4 sqdns of AH-1W/UH-1Ns

And that's just about all the aircraft in the Marine Corps. There's 1st MAW and 4th MAW...

The Marine Air Wing is considered a maneuver element of the MEF, so it will not be assigned to the CINC or the local Air Force commander, but it will be offered up for JFACC/CFACC tasking once the needs of the MEF are fulfilled.
(The Air Force really has no need for CH-46Es or CH-53s.)

The EA-6Bs are a bit different since they are considered a national asset. They will most likely be assigned to the theater CFACC for tasking.

Woodreau / KMVL

RE: Usmc A/c In CAW's...

Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 6:21 pm
by flynavy
I believe that CVW-2 will probably be assigned to the USS Ronald Reagan now that CV-64 has been decomissioned.