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KLEO and Shanghai Satcom Satellite Technology

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2021 7:25 am
by flyingturtle
Recently, in a Liechtenstein newspaper, there has been an ad for "Shanghai Spacecom Satellite Technology LTD". They announce a "low orbit satellite project" with an investition volume of 4.25 billion CHF (USD 4.78 billion). And "jobs", too. I didn't know Liechtenstein was home to so many satcom experts and satellite builders.

Googling a bit further, I got across KLEO Connect, a German company which also operates from Liechtenstein. Shanghai Spacecom and KLEO seem to have a business relationship, and they have recently launched a 50 kgs communication satellite on an Electron rocket.

KLEO advertises 300 satellites on near-polar orbits at about 1100 km altitude:

On, a site where employees can rate employers, somebody wrote about his job interview at KLEO:

"In the nutshell, the whole process was unnecessarily dragged in time, confusing and inconstant. The idea behind the business and good impression after a screening call keep the applicant intrigued. The interviewers are not willing to share much about the business and sugarcoat what one can expect from the position and company itself. The process is rather easy, no stress testing or abilities check. Some interviewers were pleasant and respectful, while other prefers to focus on themselves. The process is time-consuming ( >4 months!) due to unavailability of one of the managers."

I haven't yet found any indication of what KLEO/Shanghai Satcom will be doing better - or cheaper - than SpaceX, or even OneWeb.

Is it just a startup that highly efficiently turns money into PowerPoint slides?