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On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Wed Jun 28, 2000 4:51 pm

I've been incredibly enlightened by all the posts lately in the ADAM and EVE/STEVE posts and I congratulate all those who have come out on this website. It's relatively easier to do so online than in real life, but the mindset is the same - being comfortable with oneself.

Now you can add ME to the roster of being gay. I'm a college senior in the Boston, MA area and I'm gay. I've been with my boyfriend since March and we're very much in love. Personally, I have been feeling more and more comfortable with myself being gay, ever since I felt attracted to men around 10 years old. I've told all my good friends, and some acquaintances as well. One thing I am extremely grateful for is their extremely high level of acceptance and encouragement. Not a single one of the dozens of people I've told has turned their back on me or expressed any negative vibes as far as I know.

As for family, I've told my sister who's 19 years old, and this is an experience I MUST share with you:

In April, I was contemplating on whether to tell my sister. A few months ago she told me that she looked up to me and that she knew I would be a great father and a great husband to my future wife, and I really appreciate what she said. However, I kept saying to myself that there was no way I can feel good about lying to my dear, only sister. So I told her on ICQ one day (she goes to college in Michigan) and this is how it went:

(Me) Sis I have to tell you something... I'm gay.
(Her) Really? Oh when did you find out? Oh forget that, so are you seeing anyone? Any good looking guys? I hear that many good looking guys are gay and vice-versa!
(Me) *chuckle* yeah I'm sort of seeing someone right now, he's so wonderful. You should meet him sometime.

I don't expect that everyone's experiences would be as good as this. Not only did my sister not judge me or question the origination of my homosexuality, she immediately started treating me like any other friend. I can't say how much that means to me.

Another instance when I told my best friend, the response was beyond good. For your information, all my gay brothers on this forum, this guy is 21, 6'1",180 lbs, cut, got abs of steel and is a GOD. He's biracial (Spanish+Chinese) and he's just the most sensitive and caring friend. And of course, three years ago I had a mad crush on him.

And I told him.

This is what I said:
(Me) I am gay... (bracing for impact)
(Him) I know.
(Me) I'm not THAT obvious am I? How do you know?
(Him) I've known you for 7 years. I've always wanted for you to come out to me.
(Me) So you're not shocked or offended?
(Him) Come on, dude, of course not. We're good pals right?
(Me) HAHAHAHA! I'm so grateful. Thanks.
(Him) Awww buddy, give me a hug. Let's get a beer!

Again, this is a very Utopian type of occasion for gays. Let's just say that all my friends have more or less responded this way.

About PARENTS. Ooh that's hard. When I was 17, I came out to them in a letter. When we had the face to face meeting, they downplayed my being gay and told me that just because I have feelings for my friend (above) and that I look at guys doesn't mean I am gay. They told me that many straight people look at people of the same gender because it's inherent human competition and that people admire people for the way they look.

To this day they don't recognize me for being gay, but at this point in my life, I don't think I want to force it upon them to accept it. My mother is in a fragile condition and I don't want anything to happen to her. But maybe I'm still scared.

GAY PRIDE is a very important term. It gives us strength to be who we are, but oftentimes, gays flaunt their sexuality to a point where it drives even gays crazy. I don't personally believe there is a need to go on a militant crusade to blatantly announce one's sexuality to be superior, not is there a need to perform lewd acts of sexuality in public. That is not what we wish to see heterosexual people doing, and they certainly don't want to see us doing so either.

Being proud of oneself can be a subtle thing. Being comfortable with one's sexuality, knowing for yourself that one's sexuality is really one side of someone's identity and personality. I dislike people who wear their sexual orientation (be it gay or straight or anywhere in between) on their foreheads.

In conclusion, being a proud member of the gay community, I hope that every gay man can say, "I am not a GAY MAN, but a MAN who is GAY. Learn to accept me, and learn to realize that my sexuality is only part of me. Come and get to know me. You'll be surprised what I've got to offer."

Cheers and ciao,
Boston, Mass.

P.S. All you Boston/Northeast studs please email me... I'm looking forward to meet some of you!

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Wed Jun 28, 2000 6:27 pm

You Go Girl!!   Seriously, that was a lovely post, I too have had nothing but postive reactions from friends, and thank god, family too.

Love will find a way!

Hope all goes well with the b/f  

As a result of the Adam/Steve post a few of us boys have been emailing each other which is really really nice. Check out Brissie_Lions last post in the Adam/Steve thread. Although Im not in the Northeast USA email me if u like at [email protected]

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Pride... And XQF

Wed Jun 28, 2000 7:08 pm


Thanks for the compliments and the kudos! It's great to see such a collective effort and even more importantly, to show to at least a select bunch of souls on this message board that gay people are normal people. I've noticed that people generally use terms such as "gays and "normal" people" in their discourse, despite being supportive of gays, their rights and/or their lifestyle. Frankly, I'm not a bit surprised.

As a Sociology major, I'm familiar with the process of normalization and how everyone in Western society in general has a fascination with labelling people as deviant or non-deviant. It's about as engrained in our blood as McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

As long as there are people out there who are continually being enlightened by our minds and warmed by the hearts of homosexuals out there, our world will continue to be a *little* bit better than the day before. And that's why we are proud of being gay and being who we are.

Love to all,
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Wed Jun 28, 2000 9:31 pm

hey buddy,

I'm not gay, but that is probably one of the best posts ever to hit this forum. On yah mate.  

I believe everyone is different in their own ways and those that don't agree with me have problems or have listened to the wrong people.  

great post

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Attn: Airbus60

Thu Jun 29, 2000 12:49 am

Hi there, Airbus60...

Thanks for the compliments. I just wanted to say something that's been on my mind for what seems to be eons. My friends have heard it thousands of times. I like to think that it's because of my beliefs and my conviction that they are so supportive of me.

Warmest regards,
Matt D
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 1:18 am

I see this and think of the time a few years back when I was spending a day at LAX, 2 guys approached me for some tips on where to go spotting and picture taking. They were together. Then...one of them opened his briefcase to show me some pictures. As he was rummaging through there, in plain sight sat a box of condoms....and a tube....that I don't think was toothpaste...
A few hours later..they took off...together.
I said to myself "I know what they are going to be doing".
Just as I was getting past that, this topic comes up, and now I realize that one of my hobbies seems to be a gay magnet. No doubt due to the long time away from home time that is conducive to the hobby. I mean so many of you spend weeks or months out of the year at airports and in airplanes, which is fine, but not to impune (y)our hobby, I have a life totally detached from airliners including music, friends, my car, and so on. Not to mention that it is almost an exclusive male domain, and all the time spent with other spotters....Indeed out of all the women I've known over the years, exactly one showed any genuine interest in what I was doing. At least when I go, it's only for part of the day. And when I go somewhere away from home, it's usually well planned, and no more than a week or so...and that's only once or twice a year.
It makes perfect sense now, and backs up my theories of "needing an outlet", or "dodging responsibility"
After all, if someone is travelling around the country/world for days at a time, spending all that time and money to do so, I can't imagine them having a wife and kids at home, or even a girlfriend that has the same interests.
I have suspected for a long time that airliner spotting is indeed a "gay" hobby, meaning that it attracts a far higher percentage of gay folk instead of say-fishing-or going to see race cars.
Now I have my proof.....

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 1:19 am


Great post!!  

For most of you who don't know, and I'm sure that's a lot of you, Highflyah and I are an item. He's the most wonderful guy I've ever met, and I'm proud as hell to have him in my life!

I'm 19 - turning 20 in 6 days - and up until I met Highflyah, I hadn't come out to anyone! After I met him, though, I felt that it was time, and told my mother. Sure, there were lots of tears, but I feel now that she's accepted it, and we can move on. She said, as several others have reported in the previous threads, that she still loves me, which is all I could hope for and want.

I also agree with Highflyah on the topic of Gay Pride. To an extent, some of the parades, etc. that I see sicken me. A group of guys riding on a float covered in doilies, dressed in women's clothing and dancing around flaunting their fake breasts does absolutely nothing except make all gay people look bad.

Sure, some gay pride is good. Everyone should be proud of who they are. But having a parade.. well.. I think that's going a little overboard. When straight folks start having "Straight Pride" Parades, then maybe...  

I'm a rare personality in today's world - a conservative gay male. I'm one of the FEW (or so it seems) gay guys that don't think we deserve some sort of special treatment. I'm also of the opinion that if a company doesn't want to hire me because of my sexuality, that's their decision.

If I'm running a business, which I've worked hard to build up, I don't want anyone telling me who I have to hire. If I don't want to hire a black person, I shouldn't have to. The same goes for gay people. Many people find our lifestyle incredibly offensive, and many consider it to go against their religion. They have every right in the world to not want me working at their place of business - and I respect that.

For those who are now going to scream "RACIST!" I didn't mean to single out black people. I just believe that someone who is running a business or a company should have complete control and authority to decide who works there. If they don't want to hire someone due to race, gender, sexuality, or just because they plain don't like them, I don't believe they should be forced to.

In conclusion, I think I've just outed myself to about the entire aviation community on the net (hahaha), so I'll just sit back and wait for all of the "WTF?" e-mails to start rolling in.  

Thanks to HighFlyah (Mike) for posting the message above. It really rings true!




Thu Jun 29, 2000 1:22 am


I totally disagree with your assessment of spotters!

I know FAR many more straight folks who are interested in aviation than gay guys. Out of the probably 100 guys that I'm friends with that are obsessed with aviation, I'd say about 5 are gay. That seems to fit with the national average (debated, of course), of about 5% of the population being gay.


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RE: Highflyah

Thu Jun 29, 2000 1:45 am

Hello and welcome HighFlyah and Chrisk757! If you have read all of the posts on the Adam and Steve thread then you already know a bit about me. I seem to be one of the oldest around here!
I have friends who live in Boston and I get down there to visit occasionally so maybe we can meet some day.
My e-mail address is in my user-info. so don't hesitate to write if you like!

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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 3:16 am

For gay pride weekend, my partner and I painted the bathroom (hey, it was raining, and who wants to go watch a parade full of drag queens anyway??)

But I did hang the rainbow flag outside the house (my partner lives in suburban U.S.A. We doubt most of the neighbors understand the significance of the flag anyway but I DO think it is important to fly it once in awhile, although I wouldn't put one on my car - looks tacky).

You are absolutely right. It IS important to be visible. We CAN be visible and not be obnoxious. We CAN influence people's opinions in a positive way. We don't have to be in people's faces (I NEVER tell people I first meet I'm gay. It is just one part of me. I don't expect or want them to tell me their sexual orientation, so why should I tell them mine?) But we shouldn't hide, or be afraid. And if we want to give our partners a kiss goodbye in public or hold their hand, we SHOULD.

I hope you guys (Mike and Chris) have a long and happy relationship. Congratulations on being a senior Mike! Personally, I think there's nothing more 'dangerous' (and sexy) than a well-educated gay man!! I graduate with my MBA in December. I plan to open my own business eventually.

Hey Dale (Dk) sorry I haven't written back yet, but I will!!

Later guys!!
An unexamined life isn't worth living.

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 4:05 am

honestly,i really dunno if i am gay or strait(sometimes i am a little gay) but about 75-80% of me thinks i am strait but anyway, to all you gay men out there- don't be afraid to tell, if you tell a mature person-they won't really care and start laughing, there is a voice for everybody in this world and don't be afraid to talk! very well done high flyah!
Matt D
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Thu Jun 29, 2000 7:00 am

I did not mean to imply that the love of airliners in and of itself is a "gay" hobby. What I meant to say was that airline spotting has a higher PERCENTAGE of gay people in it as opposed to other hobbies such as fly fishing or building electric trains.
As an example (just for clarity...these figures are pure speculation and for sake of argument):
Racing cars might have 1 gay person out of every 100 that are into that hobby whereas airline spotting might have 10 out of a 100.
Like I said, the lifestyle of some of the hardcore enthusiasts is definitely conducive to the gay lifestyle....
Few or no women around....
long periods of solitude.....away from home....
sharing an interest few "outsiders" have any interest or knowledge in....
Lauda 777
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 7:14 am

Very nice post! One of the nicest I have read on this forum....

I'm pretty straight....My girlfriend has just broke up with me... :-(

But who cares I'm going to Sydney on Sunday!!!

Joystick for flightsim. Yokes for real planes.

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 8:05 am

i gave it a lot of thought and to be honest with you, i am 100% straight-there are a lot of guys i hang out with not sexually though but more like a best friend type so i am 100%straight and thatz final but i really don't care whether you are hetrosexual or homosexual though
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 8:27 am

You know...it shouldn't matter whether people are gay or straight. People are people and we should accept our similarities and appreciate our differences. Utopian perhaps but I live by that creed and can't understand how humans can be so judgemental. Yes, there is homosexuality even in the animal kingdom! It is a fact of life. I'm proud to be living in a multicultural city that accepts and promotes people's differences. Pride Week just ended in Toronto and 800,000 people showed their support at last Sunday's parade. Yes, eight hundred thousand people! Even Air Canada and Canadi>n Airlines had booths at the bazaar site!
travelin man
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 9:34 am

Wow. I never check this forum, because I come to this site because I like aviation. I have to respond to this one, though. Congrats on coming out, *HighFlyah* (and Chrisk too). Congrats on being together too. It's tough, I should know. I still have to face the hurdle of telling my family though, and I keep putting it off. I've told close friends, and that was tough enough.

Thanks for sharing!

- Brent

P.S. For anyone who thinks this is a lifestyle "choice": Imagine the prospect of losing your family, alienating your friends, and risking losing your job. You have none of the same rights as others, such as marriage, and face legal discrimination. People insult you and judge you, although they don't know you. Would you make that choice? Welcome to being gay. It is not a choice I, nor anybody else, made.

Sorry, I had to get that out of the way.
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Attn: Brent

Thu Jun 29, 2000 10:47 am

Hi Brent,

Thanks for posting. I, too, discovered this wonderful forum after Chrisk757 told me about it. I never would have thought that AIRLINERS.NET would be the place to find such frank and uplifting discussion.

I agree with what you said about "being gay is a lifestyle choice." Here's a bit of an extension to your point about "choosing" to be discriminated against, risk being alienated by friends and family and looked down upon. People who don't understand how gays think and how they live their lives often won't be able to see the fact that there are MANY gay men who live in the closet. Not that being in the closet is necessarily a bad thing, au contraire to what someone said above, but for some, being in the closet is heart-wrenching, self-defeating and all around shameful. There are gay men and women out there who wish they could JUST be themselves and our society isn't always accepting of that wish. Hence they hide and they hide.

For some people hiding from Day One till they die isn't a problem. These people may very well end up marrying the opposite sex and have kids whom they grow up to love. However, there are scores of others who have tried and failed. Why? Because being gay to many gay men, is simple MORE than a lifestyle choice. It's who they are, flesh and blood.

And there is nothing worse in life than to deny or decry somebody's existence and their purpose in life.


Warmest Regards,
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 11:13 pm

Hey guys, I think with HighFlyah, Travelin Man, and Chrisk757, there's a total of 13 or 14 guys who have come out now on airliners.net. Pretty cool.

Warm greeting to you all.
An unexamined life isn't worth living.
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 11:34 pm

TWFirst...you may be looking at 15...
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jun 29, 2000 11:51 pm

Hey there Polaris. There's strength in numbers, brother. How's fantastic Toronto? My undergraduate degree was in broadcasting. Minnesota is the home of Polaris, you know. Hope all is well.
An unexamined life isn't worth living.
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Fri Jun 30, 2000 12:43 am

All is very well in Toronto. We're having the wettest May/June in 160 years of record-keeping!
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Fri Jun 30, 2000 1:24 am

I dont think I am really coming out here since I put the fact that I am gay in my profile! But, since I havent responded to this post or the other now infamous "Adam and Steve" post I thought I would get my name in here.

This is really amazing, did LGW ever imagine that he would cause this kind of reaction? I suspect that he was trying to insight a backlash against us, not a mass coming out as well as a flood of support from so many of our straight airliners.net brothers. i think its just great.

I am somewhat beyond wanting to argue why I am gay or why anybody else is gay, I just want people to respect me and I will respect them- they dont have to agree with me, they just have to let me live and I will let them live. As I get older and I have been out in the world longer (I am 30) I have realized that we are all not so different from one another. The fact that I (we) can get along with straight people, be friends with them, hang out with them and have them be perfectly fine with us shows me that the gap in understanding that some people seem to have is based on a simple lack of logical thought on this subject. They can argue with the bible on their side all they want, that doesnt make a bit of difference to me, they are just showing their ignorance not only to me and themselves, but to all intelligent, mature people.

I will see you all over at the Aviation forum!
Fairbanks, Alaska
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Fri Jun 30, 2000 2:41 am

The count is now 17! (including Woodsboy and [email protected])
An unexamined life isn't worth living.
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Something That Bothers Me...

Fri Jun 30, 2000 11:53 am

Hey everyone,

This has been a great thread so far, thanks !!!  

Something has bothered me for a while now... I have some gay friends who insist on hanging out ONLY with gay people, and have NO straight friends at all. I don't see the point of that, and personally, I think it's detrimental to the image of gays. If we're so focused on stressing out "normal" we are, and how we are just like anyone else and that sexuality is only part of our identities, then the actions of these gay-only people totally derails our cause. I'm just bringing this out for debate, by the way. I have no intention of controlling people's lives and social circles.

Furthermore, I don't particularly like how gays address themselves as "queer" because "queer" really means "strange" and we AREN'T strange are we? We may like the same sex, but we aren't strange and we have to uphold that standard. I've committed the same mistake - calling heterosexual people "straight" all the time. How are they straight and we, CROOKED? OFF THE TRACK? It's not right, I think.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinions.

Lotsa luv,
Hong Kong


RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Fri Jun 30, 2000 8:02 pm

Hello all (especially the infamous 17+) Just to let you know that a new site has been set up by Brissie_Lions called Rainbow Aviation at e-groups. This is a new way for those gay and lesbian aviation enthusiasts to keep in touch etc.

It's easy as pie to register simply email:

[email protected]

Too easy!!

Myself and many other airliners.net members are already signed up at rainbowaviation and getting to know each other, trading experiences, photo's (including mine!!) etc etc.

So do it!


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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Sat Jul 01, 2000 2:19 am

I completely agree with you HighFlyah. My philosophy exactly. I understand why some gays only feel comfortable submersed in gay culture (maybe they're afraid of the "straight" world, have been injured - emotionally or physically... the reasons could be numerous) but in general, we are a part of society as a whole, and I believe we should interact with the whole of society.

I agree with your thoughts about the queer label as well, and that's one of the reasons why Dan Savage really pisses me off sometimes (although I do find him humorous). He uses that term to describe his own people in his syndicated columns, not realizing (or not caring) that straight readers take that out of context... I compare it to the infamous "N" word used by African Americans. They can use that word within the community because members of the community understand the context in which it is used when spoken by a fellow community member. But obviously, when a member outside the community uses that word, it can take on a whole different (and hateful) meaning. Homos can call homos "queer" - no offense is usually intended, but you're right, it's not such a positive description (better than fag though, I suppose). The problem is, if queer becomes an accepted word, than people outside the community will adopt it and the connotation associated with it outside of the community probably won't be so benign.
An unexamined life isn't worth living.

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Sat Jul 01, 2000 7:53 am


I had much the same experience as you (as mentioned in your first post).

When I came out to my brother (no sisters here), I told him I had something I had to tell him. All I said was, "I am gay". He was so relieved....he actually thought I was on heroin. So I suppose it is better to be gay than to be a smack addict  

TWFirst and *HighFlyah*

I sorta agree....a queer calling a queer *queer* is no problem. But one has to remember that gay people would not have coined this phrase, so us using it is kinda like saying to those who use it in an unfriendly matter, that you can call us what you like, but we will not be insulted by it....hell knows I'm not if someone calls me a fag, queer, or whatever.


Got a question for you mate

Do you know how you said you are blonde. Is it natural or is it coloured? The reason I ask is that if it is natural, no-one can be that dopey. If it is coloured, I think the fumes have screwed with your brain cells. Oops, was that a personal flame?      

To get with us over at R.A. you have to email [email protected]

Anyway guys, I am outta here.....got paintball today and I have an hours drive ahead of me.....see ya later dudes.

Cheers, big ears [see Graham....my saying  ]


What The Heck!

Sat Jul 01, 2000 8:06 am

Since everyone is coming out........HI my name is Rico, I'm an aviation enthusiast and I'am gay as well. 

This post is probably the best thing that has ever happenned in Airliners.net.

To my fellow gay enthusiasts..........a friendly hello from Seattle!

Brissie_lions - expect an e-mail from me...rainbowaviation....that's great!

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Rico - Woohoo!

Sat Jul 01, 2000 5:45 pm

Hey Rico,

Join the club and welcome to Rainbow Aviation. I'm so glad Brissie_lions started that on egroups.com. It's a great way to keep in touch.

I wonder what Brissie_lions' name means....

Welcome with warmest regards,

Dear Mr Lions

Sat Jul 01, 2000 5:48 pm

OK so maybe im not the most natural blonde in the world - but hey you have to remember one thing...

Blonde is not a hair colour it's a state of mind      

So i think i make it as a natural blonde. Actually, i had my hair cut very short (and sexy!) today so im back to my natural colour for the first time in ages......I know you were all dying (no pun intended!) to know that!!! hehe 

Seeya, wouldnt want to be ya!! (ha! dont try to claim that one!)


RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Sat Jul 01, 2000 10:16 pm

Thanks to *HighFlyah* for starting this topic. Which is sure good to hear that a lot of friends around are gay.

Well there I go, My name is Nicolas, I'm from Montreal, I am bisexual, and it's the first time i ever tell someone. It's good to finnaly tell it to people !!!!!!!!!  

Well my friends I hope you can count me as one of you, or at least like 1/2  



P.S If you want to Email me, just go ahead, my adress is in my profile

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Sat Jul 01, 2000 11:33 pm

I'm out.   Don't have much to say, but...Awesome rapport in this thread!  

Even though I've never been uncomfortable with who I am, I consider myself conservative. Never seen nightlife, never went to parties and stuff. It's just much more comfy this way.

My location's a bit complicated...I'm originally from Taiwan, and lives in Thailand now. Going to college in the US takes up most of my time, though.

Have a nice day/night.

P.S. Isn't Brisbane Lions an Aussie football team? I find Jarrod Molloy hot..haha. 
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Sat Jul 01, 2000 11:48 pm

I was in the chat room and was shown the door to this topic. Well to calm anyone who has any concerns about our hobby being "gay" I have this observation. At the airliner conventions I've been to the proportion of straights to gays seems to mimic the US population. I am gay and 48 and have been out most of my life, so I feel I have a pretty good "gaydar". I live in San Francisco so many of the airliner shows are going to have at least an equal numbers of straights to gays. But at other shows (i.e.- Seattle, London) the mix seemed at least like 10% gay, if not a little more. I have to say though my main reason I go to shows is to see the PLANES! For you guys who have just come out - I'm glad you have considered your choice - now live well and enjoy this site for what it is for: AIRCRAFT!
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To All Concerned

Sun Jul 02, 2000 12:58 am

Hi all

This thread will continue if everyone keeps their cool.
What I mean is if anyone starts to cause trouble and post bad language and people reply to the trouble maker , the post will be deleted.

If you find any bad post, do not reply but contact the administrator for action.

Gary Watt

frequence plus
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Sun Jul 02, 2000 1:12 am

Wow, this thread is the last thing I ever expected to see on Airliners, but it's great!
Add me to the growing list of gay aviation lovers on this site.

Brissie_lions (meaning)

Sun Jul 02, 2000 10:16 pm

Howdy all

Stratifier is correct. My handle comes from the Brisbane Lions Australian Football Club http://www.lions.com.au

Just one thing Stratifier....how on earth have you heard of us guys, and let alone actually heard of Jarrod Molloy?

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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Tue Jul 04, 2000 4:46 pm

Hi guys. This is the first time I'm in the non-aviation forum (I'm usually only on the Civil Aviation one), and I was surprised to see this topic posted. For the record, I'm gay too, and commercial airliners have been my greatest hobby since time-immemorial. In fact, my ambition is to become a pilot for Singapore Airlines.

I'm currently pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia, and it'll be about 2 and a half more years before I graduate.

Someone wrote a post about plane-spotting being a gay magnet, and I'm not sure if I can agree with him. But anyway, I was plane-spotting at Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport with my boyfriend. We drove to a spot along Runway 16 and sat in the car for about 3 hours with out binoculars, watching the planes go by. Excellent, as always.  

Anyway, I just thought I'd make my little contribution to this topic in support of all my brothers (and sisters!) out there who share the same passion in aviation. If there's anyone here who wants to go spotting at Melbourne, or just to talk on a more personal level, gimme a buzz. I'm more than happy to meet new friends along the way.  


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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Wed Jul 05, 2000 12:14 am

Bonjour everyone!
or it should be Buenos Dias a Todos !

I am in an internet cafe in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was a very pleasing moment to read this thread.

I have come out in other forums and a few members of this site.

I am now joining the growing group of posters. I have absolutely no problem with my sexuality. I have a boyfriend who is 30, South African and a jeweller. We have been together for 3 years and 2 months.
Me ? I am 26, worked for Air France for 4 years as a cabin attendant. I was born in Tahiti and grew up in the aviation industry as my dad used to work for UTA.
Kevin and I travel a lot and our favourite carriers are Air New Zealand and Air France.

You can contact me for any info regarding AF, Paris, Tahiti or South Africa !

Love and Peace to you all !

Happy Flying,

AF Cabin Crew.

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Ia Maitai to tatou tere !

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Wed Jul 05, 2000 2:34 am


I'm very excited to see this post!!!  
Unfortunally, I was not at home the last days, that's why i didn't write before.
First, I would like to introduce myself.
I'm a 18 years old student from Paris, France, I have a passion for aviation, I want to become a Flight Attendant... and I came out less than 6 months ago!

I would like to tell you my story...
After my millenium party, I realized that I had to come to term with the hesitations that had made me dispressed for more than 2 ears.
On january 14th, I decided to log on Yahoo! Messenger, and to find someone by entering "gay+aviation" in the keyword window.
Then, I started to chat about aviation with a former flight Attendant from the USA.
After 60 minutes, i told him :

-me> May I ask you an uneasy question ?
-him> yes sure... what would you like to know ?
-me> Well, I have seen sthg special in your profil, and...

after some other sentances, he asked me :

-him> are you gay?
-me> well, I don't know....
-me> ...
-me> ...
and then, I wrote
-me> well, I think so

And when I pressed the "send button", my life changed. It was the most important action in my life. I was reborn. I realized that life's worth living, that i also deserved happiness.
When I woke up the next morning, I was sooo happy, I wanted to share my happiness, and then, I came out with my best friend, who was very very kind with me.
I realized that to be gay was just something about LOVE between 2 human beings...

Almost 6 months later, I have experienced my new life. I have been very happy, I have also been sad, but I have been pretty lucky to find very nice people, including my former boyfriend, even if we have broken up.

I just wanted to share my story, even if I'm sorry for my bad english...
I would also like to thank someone in this forum... Brissie Lion. We have often chatted together, and I have often been wanting to tell him the truth about me... and I'm very glad to have learned that we have one more connection  
I think that he will recognize me... (I have taken another nickname for this post)


All the Best

"AF Triple 7"

Feel free to contact me by email : [email protected]
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or by ICQ : 62877699

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Wed Jul 05, 2000 2:45 am

Hey AF tripple 7....welcome to the brother and sister hood....hehe! I don't know if u know it already, but all us gay folk here have started our own group at http://www.egroups.com/rainbowaviation. Join, it's fun! Glad to know I'm not the only one in the 16-20 group age section!!!!

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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Wed Jul 05, 2000 3:23 am

I'm ecstatic that guys here are proclaiming their proudness of being gay. I'm also surprised that more of the straight aviation.net members have not protested against these posts, especially in light of the vast age ranges existing here (ie., as a way of "protecting" the young ones). Anyone, this is all so kewl!

I've been with my partner for 8 yrs now, and he has recently joined this site as well. Hey! I wanna join egroups rainbow aviation too!

This is great!

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Wed Jul 05, 2000 3:36 am

Hello Tommy!

Nice to see that I'm not the only one betwen 16 and 20 here! By the way, I have just joined Rainbow Aviation, but I'm waiting for the approval.
To [email protected], and the others : I look forward to chatting with you on Rainbow Aviation

Best Regards

AF Triple 7
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It Would Be Great If We Could Meet...

Wed Jul 05, 2000 10:56 am

Hey Fellow Brothers...

Again great to see this chat going on... and welcome the newest members of Rainbow Aviation. Too bad we are separated geographically - it would be great to be able to meet up and have a drink or two (those of you who are legal of course heh heh).

Anyway, all power to you. Be strong and love yourself!

Warmest regards,
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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:46 am

This is the most gut-wrenching decision. I suppose this is me coming out. I am having a hard tiome coming to grips with this. I told my best friends about a year ago. They were supportive, and I feel glad that I did. I don't think that I can tell my parents for some time. It's not that I think they'll react badly, it's just the feeling of dissapointment that I'm afraid they'll feel. Anyways, I've divulged more than I wanted to on a public forum, so if anyone wants to dicuss this further, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Thank You!

« On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 1:58 am

Bonjour LH423

Just one word : Congratulation
and don't forget to join rainbow aviation...

Take Care

"Af triple 7"
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Thu Jul 06, 2000 2:19 am

I am very dissapointed to find that many people on these forums are as straight as a U-BEND!

travelin man
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RE: Dissapointed

Thu Jul 06, 2000 3:16 am

Actually, LGW, it is disappointing to read your insipid, uninsightful remarks regarding gay people. But I suppose anyone who can condense their thoughts about a group of people into a two-line preschool rhyme is not likely to provide much insight to anyone.

- Travelin Man (very happy to be disappointing you...)

RE: Dissapointed

Thu Jul 06, 2000 3:45 am

LGW, it is correct that you said homos were a dissapointment. I am one of them....

You think I'm a disapointment to this forum......WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! telling me I'm a disapointment. BUGGER YOU! You have got absolutely no right to tell ANYONE that they are a disapointment! It's fine if you think homosexuality is wrong, it's your view, but telling us that we're disapointments is a work of a small minded tiny little boy!!! GROW UP SWEETY!!!!!!!

RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 4:15 am

LGW: I find your comments pretty pathetic. As 747sp_rulez stated, if you think being gay is wrong then fine, but don't you come up to us to tell us we're a disapointement. Maybe you should grow up a bit. Get a life. !!!

Oh BTW about your one liner Straits are happy and gays is not the right way? ahh, well for your information being gay means being happy. Look it up in the dictionnary.

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RE: On Being Gay, Being Proud ... Adam And Steve?

Thu Jul 06, 2000 4:31 am

Hey guys, let's remember it was LGW who posted the infamous Adam and Steve thread that prompted a lot of us to come out here. In a way, we should thank him (I lost count but I think we're in the mid 20's now) It's obvious he gets cheap thrills from trying to start controversy (he later admitted in the Adam & Steve thread that he didn't feel as strongly about the issue as he indicated in the topic, but he just wanted to "get a good debate going").

It's clear he's a pathetic, lonely kid who has a lot of issues, so just ignore him.
An unexamined life isn't worth living.

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