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The Perfect Man

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2000 10:51 am
by Guest
The perfect man is gentle
Never cruel or mean
He has a beautiful smile
And keeps his face so clean.
The perfect man likes children
And will raise them by your side
He will be a good father
As well as a good husband to his bride.
The perfect man loves cooking
Cleaning and vacuuming too
He'll do anything in his power
To convey his feelings of love on to you.
The perfect man is sweet
Writing poetry from your name
He's a best friend to your mother
And kisses away your pain.
He never has made you cry
Or hurt you in any way
To hell with this endless poem
The perfect man is GAY.

Would anyone care to comment? Especially the ladies on the forum.



RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2000 11:26 am
by DeltaRNOmd-80
This is just your opinion, right? good

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2000 11:46 am
by dvk
This was first given to me by a good friend who is a straight female. I died laughing the first time I read it, and several other straight female friends loved it when I sent it to them.

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2000 7:39 pm
by Sasha
What do you mean straight women liked it? Did gay women not?  

I'm sure there're straight guys with most of those qualities...

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2000 7:48 pm
by Guest
Hey Scotty

Are you sure he's a gay man? Sounds more like an alien to me. Guess I'm just used to bitches!


RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2000 11:17 pm
by Ilyushin96M
Sure, I'll throw my two bits in on this one.

A good friend of mine, who lives in Massachusetts here in the US, is very close to what the poem describes. With one exception - he's straight. Thing is, he's never been able to keep a girlfriend because every woman he's dated thinks he's too good to be true and ends up dumping him! The poor guy...he has a heart of gold, is exquisitely beautiful, is truly an amazing man...and is as single as the day is long!

My friend serves as an example that maybe we don't really want what we think we do; so often, when we actually have the chance to have it, we tend to run hard and fast in the other direction. It's ironic, but something I've noticed in myself, as well as others. The difference with me is, I'm aware of that "too good to be true" mentality, so it doesn't run me.

Not so long ago, I was blessed and privileged to meet one of the most extraordinary souls I've encountered in my life. We are quite alike in the way we think, in our goals, dreams and aspirations, and so far are meshing together quite well. It's to the extent that it's difficult for me to imagine my life without him. He's a huge contribution to me; he makes me think, lights me up, and inspires me. And he keeps me grinning like a fool from ear to ear!  Things are just starting out, and I can't wait to see where we go from here! Is he the "perfect" man? Heheheh. Well, we all have our strengths and our short-comings. I think perfection is too much of an ideal. And though he and I have our differences, we both recognise each other as extraordinary people. As well, I see qualities in him that aren't so apparent to others, and that's all that matters to me.  

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 12:50 am
by Guest
Here we go again.

I've Got An Idea

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 6:42 am
by Delta777-XXX
I have noticed that ever since this forum was added... there have been a lot of gay people post stuff like this in here.

Please don't think that I am homophobic, b/c I'm not! Trust me!

Anyway, I was thinking..

I know that a lot of people are tired of all the gay post in here and I was thinking that... maybe should have a forum for gay people.

Yeah, I know, everyone is going to hate me now for saying that. But, I didn't write this to be prejudice or whatever.

what do you think?

Gay Vs. Straight Posts

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 6:51 am
by Ilyushin96M
Delta777-XXX, if you'll notice, this post wasn't PARTICULARLY geared toward gay men, it also includes straight women. And the original poem was by a straight woman. Just a point of interest.

I have to say I agree with you. Let's have a forum for gay people so that straights won't have to read our views. However, if we do that, we'll have to have a forum for straight people as well. After all, that would be the only way things would be equal, right? Hey, while we're at it, why don't we have gay and straight schools, stores, gas stations, neighbourhoods, towns, cities, states, countries...hey, maybe we can even find a habitable planet somewhere so that all the gays can go there! (What a planet that would be, eh guys? )

Let's be real. I mentioned on a different post that this site's members are from all walks of life, have all different religious and ethnic backgrounds, and vary in opinion and expression as well. It's just a slice of the real world on here, kid. You can't segregate just because one particular group (or group of individuals, in this case) doesn't want to acknowledge another group's right to exist. History has proven that does not work.

And don't take this the wrong way. I'm just trying to illustrate something. I hope you got it.  



RE: Delta777-XXX

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 6:55 am
by TWFirst
A lot of people are also tired of the right-wing conservative bible-beating American flag-waving posts in here, so maybe there should be a forum for those people.

A lot of people are also tired of teen's posts, so maybe there should be a teen forum.

Maybe there should also be forums for blacks and muslims, and flag-waving Australians chanting "OI OI OI."

Get my point?

OR, maybe people should just not read homosexual-oriented threads if they are so offended by homosexuality. It's not as if every thread here regards homosexual issues. In fact, maybe everyone should just not read and respond ANY thread that doesn't interest them.

Hmmmm, what a concept.


Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 6:55 am
by Guest
There is already such a planet. It's called Uranus    

Sorry, I'll go hide now.



RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 6:56 am
by TWFirst
I was posting my last post while Britt was posting his. You made the same points Britt (Ilyushin96M).

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 6:56 am
by Delta777-XXX
yeah... i see what you mean. and I knew that someone would say that. But... some people are actually getting upset about all these gay posts. I mean, they are all over the place. The majority of the people on are straight. You are right... it doesn't really matter. Stupid idea... sorry.

y'all please don't get mad at me

All Over Where?

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 7:01 am
by Ilyushin96M
Hank, do tell me where all of our posts are. I don't see that many of them, compared to straight-oriented posts. And I'm not mad, nor, dare I say, is anyone else. We just want some proof.  

Hehehe. Scotty, I'm not even going to touch that one. Back in your cage, boy!  

RE: Hank

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 7:10 am
by TWFirst
I'd like to point out that the thread that seemed to start it all (the "rash" of gay-oriented threads) was LGW's infamous "Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" thread of a few months ago. So you can thank one of your fellow breeders (supposedly), who intentionally tried to demean and degrade gays when he thought that everyone here was straight, for lighting the gay pride flame on this forum. Fortunately, that flame hasn't been extinguished yet. And speaking of flames, I'm sure as long as Brissie_lions is a member, it never will be extinguished   .

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 8:53 am
by Greeneyes53787
The true perfect man is coming back soon. He gave his earthly life to pay for our souls, the imperfect people's souls. This perfect man is coming back to marry His bride. Who? She is the Church.


Ps-this is my belief.

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 9:07 am
by Guest
Oh my stars,

Shaft is coming back?

70's revival.


RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 10:48 am
by Delta777-XXX
you guys are right... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2000 11:10 am
by seven_fifty7
I personally think we should have a forum dedicated to airport bartenders from the east coast who are third-generation Italian descendents who are Scorpios and who have a love of flying, fishing, biking, hiking, and travelling.

Geesh, just a thought guys.  

RE: The Perfect Man

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2000 9:54 am
by n4khgirl
Dude, if a str8 guy like that existed, i called dibs on him first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL, even if he's gay, he can be my best friend,  


Hey, Camille!

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2000 9:59 am
by Ilyushin96M
You're a tad young for him...but his name's Erik, he's totally straight, totally amazing, and living in Boston, Massachusetts. He's 31 years old, 5'9", 175 lbs of pure, beautiful, muscular, toned man. And he's got a heart of gold, and a soul to match! E-mail me for details, if you like.  



RE: Hey, Camille!

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 5:17 am
by n4khgirl
Yea, u know, if they only made them in the 15-18 yr old range, i'd be happy   oh, and has to be taller than 6ft, i refuse to date a shorter guy, i duno why, but i just do, lolol.


Good Luck, Hon...

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 5:22 am
by Ilyushin96M
You'll be hard-pressed to find a relatively mature guy in that age bracket you mentioned. You want mature, you're talkin' over 25, cuz most guys don't know their a**holes from their armpits until they're older, and can't be counted on for anything of depth.

As far as tall are you? I can understand not WANTING to date someone shorter than you are, but you can't have too many parameters, otherwise, you end up ruling out EVERYONE.   This coming from me, a guy who's 5'8" and was once told, by someone who is actually a really good friend, that he wouldn't consider dating me because I'm shorter than he is. LOL! GUESS WHO'S STILL SINGLE WITH NO PROSPECTS??? So you see, it's not a person's physical characteristics that are most important, it's who they are inside.

The Perfect Man?

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2000 7:09 am
by Guest
Is there such thing? .....haven't met him yet!