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Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Mon Nov 19, 2001 10:04 am

hi has anyone got any stories of personal experiences or from friends, of people committing suicide? and why they did it e.t.c?
sometimes i think it is good to share things and learn from others and what they may have gained from such experiences, thanx in advance people  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Mon Nov 19, 2001 10:21 am

From my experience with friends so far, people seem to commit suicide for two reasons.

1) Experiencing family/friends/trauma problems. They give up on life (I guess this would include assisted suicide/euthanasia, which I totally support).

2) The realisation that life is utterly futile-life doesn't lead us anywhere. History repeats itself, and everything is helplessly condemned to remain static.

Some would say that euthanasia and 2) fall under the category of "rational suicide". Very few people experience 2), as very few people are pessimists*-most of us are optimists*, whether we like it or not.


* Pessimists believe life has no meaning, it never did and never will. They despair, and have to find suitable distractions to keep themselves alive; alternatively, they commit suicide (very popular with intellectuals).

Optimists beleive there is a point to life, and that is God.
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Mon Nov 19, 2001 1:39 pm

* Pessimists believe life has no meaning, it never did and never will. They despair, and have to find suitable distractions to keep themselves alive; alternatively, they commit suicide (very popular with intellectuals).

Not really life, more like future, IMO. I am a realistic pessimist, most things that people believe will happen as something being a part of life I don't because I figure it's unlikely, and I've already excepted that. The fact is no one lives like me, I already know that. If anyone tells me otherwise, all I can say is:

"you don't know my life and don't compare it with others as I do not feel guilty to live."

I've made attempt on my life 9 times and unfortunately the signs of going in phase are showing up again. Right now I don't care, my mood swings are so steep that they're vertical. They last for hours then change in minutes, getting help gets me nowhere as they weren't interested in helping me, just logging hours on their record.

They assume then know all and act like they want to learn who you are to help them. BS, they've got a Ph.D., they stopped learning a long time ago.

I'm still in the cycle, and for people to tell me the just fix myself is stupid as it requires me to be well enough to get out of this situation. Well if I were that happy I wouldn't have any issues, would I?
The meaning of life is curiosity; we were put on this planet to explore opportunities.

RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 1:36 am

Me of attempting suicide. But I'm not willing to tell it. Just look at my past posts and you'll know why.
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 3:41 am

If you are considering it pal, lemme tell you, It isnt worth it.
Matt D
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 4:58 am

Perhaps you should read this very heated debate we had on this subject awhile back. You will see what my thoughts are.

RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 6:11 am

MattD in that post you come accross as an idiot!
Matt D
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 6:14 am

Only to those who have their heads shoved so far up their @$$ pretending to be "compassionate" and not taking the time to spot an attention whore when they see one, most likely because they themselves are attention whores and would be inclined to take similar mesaures if they were ever in the same situation. So of course they find no fault in what that woman did.

That would be like Bill Clinton condemming marital infidelity.

Ain't happenin' pal.
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 6:39 am

Well, from what i have learnt from suicide, its that it IS not worth it, Indianguy is totally right. No matter how bad a person feels, they will feel good in the future, they will have good luck, although sometimes its up to them to make the good luck.

My advice to anyone feeling down, enjoy the good times, those memories will keep you going through the bad times. Always have something to look forward too, something to aim for. I always aim for the end of each school day, and then the end of the week, and then to something bigger at the end of these smaller events.

Life is tough,

You just have to be tougher.


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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 7:52 am

This is a true story of myself I posted about two weeks ago on this forum:

I know exactly how you feel, I used to go through this in high school as well. Actually, I think all of us have to go through these periods in our lives. I'll tell you a true story.

I remember growing up in NYC a few years ago (I'm only 26, so that's not TOO long ago), and being very miserable at home. Actually, I had nothing to complain about, we had everything we wanted, but I was very unhappy and miserable, specifically, I disagreed with my mother a lot on just about everything. There were times I just wanted to run away, and school wasn't going that great either. Sometimes I came so close to just ending it. After one particularly fierce fight, I decided that I just didn't want to live anymore. I was so amazingly depressed and felt so worthless. I felt as if my mother just sucked all the life out of me every chance she got. I locked myself in the bathroom, and just refused to come out. I was looking around in vain for something to do, something to take, something to just end it all. I reached into the medicine cabinet, and started unscrewing the bottles. Next thing I knew, I was emptying the contents into my hands. My hand was now full of multi-colored pills, and I was nervously contemplating the unthinkable. What did I have to lose? No one understood me, I had no true friends, I felt as if my life was going nowhere at 15. Heck, I'm gonna swallow. Just at that moment, the doorbell rang. It was one of my mother's friends from our church who was especially fond of me. She was driving around in the area, and just decided to stop by to see if I wanted to go out with her for the evening. I really wasn't in the mood, but she just looked so excited with a sense of urgency that I unwillingly said yes. Well, that night turned out to be one of the best in my life. She took me out to a concert, and we had such a great time. When I came home late that night, I was all full of life and happiness. I didn't mention to her what had happened, but somehow she just managed to change my mood. As I was taking my pants off to go to bed, I heard the pills spill from the pockets, scattering all over the floor. I was shocked! I had completely forgotten about them, and was so angry with myself for ever even contemplating such a stupid thing. I vowed to myself since then to love myself unconditionally, and to never ever think of such a thing again.

I've never forgotten that promise, and I am so happy I never swallowed those pills. Since then, my life has just gotten happier and happier, and I can't imagine throwing away all this happiness because of teenage crisis.

Trust me dude, things will get better. The best you can do now is just love yourself. I know, it sounds stupid, but this is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. By loving yourself, you build your self-esteem, self-confidence, you develop discipline to accomplish the things you want to do. It's all within you, you just have to bring it out. Don't worry yourself about those kids from school. The biggest secret is, there're feeling just as insecure and nervous as you are, that's why they form cliques and in-groups. Sometimes they will even try to put you down so that they can feel better.

Do your own thing. Do what makes you feel good, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. Pursue your hobbies, remain in school and study hard. In the meantime, start planning. I can't stress this enough, most teenagers are bored and feel worthless because they have no plans. Well, now is the time to start. What's your purpose in life? Look at what you're good at doing, and what comes natural to you to find the answer. Make your goals and start working towards them. This will take your mind off the rejection you get at school.

As for girls, be yourself. Time and time again, girls will tell you they are most attracted to guys that are original, self-confident and most importantly, those that have a plan, a goal in life. Don't approach a girl if you're horny, bad idea! I know how those hormones can rage! Instead, talk to a girl like you'd talk to your friends. Be honest, don't try to be something you're not. Women appreciate that. When you get to the bottom of the story, you'll see that those girls interested in jocks and the in-group do so because of the attention, and again, insecurity. Most likely, you will not be happy with such women.

Also, don't forget that our teenage years can be quite awkward. Your body is changing, your hormones constantly make your horny, you're beginning to form your own ideas and so might be confused a lot. Do research. Read. Look to people more intelligent and experienced than you are for advice. Never be afraid to ask questions. Stay away from those that ridicule you. Stay especially away from negative people, they will only try to make you weaker.

If you continue to love yourself, build your self-confidence, plan and work towards your goals, in a few years, you will become a force to behold.

RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Tue Nov 20, 2001 8:25 am

MattD the problem is you have not respect for human life. One day you might require the help of others, maybe they will not have respect for life!
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Wed Nov 21, 2001 3:08 am

I personally think suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness.

Just my Opinion
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Wed Nov 21, 2001 5:29 am

No, I never tried to kill myself, although sometimes I saw it as the only possible way I could get out of a bad situation. But in the end I decided it would pain my parents and friends, and besides I want to live!
I'm not scared of death though. If you tell me I'll die suddenly in five minutes, I'll sit down and wait. But if you tell me that in five minutes I'll start swelling up with pain and die after two days of that I'll walk up to Ta' Cenc cliffs and jump.
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Wed Nov 21, 2001 7:16 am

I agree with Matt D on that archived topic. It's a free world, and the people who want to kill themselves can do so, but they are hurting the ones who love them. If you do kill yourself, please do it in private.

Your totaly right. I would care a lot more if it was a person I loved, but she wasn't, and I would feel sorry, but I would not be in deep depression because of it. We all have money problems, does that mean we are all going to kill ourselves? I sure hope not.

-Peace In-
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten, Uptown, what now? Lets make it happen.
Matt D
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Wed Nov 21, 2001 7:26 am

Here it is again, just as in the original discusion, a summary of my position. Someone please read them and tell me again why I'm wrong.


How would YOU handle these situations? WHY would you handle them the way you do. And please don't say "because I'm a cool/nice person, because that won't hold up.

Example 1: If this person "really" did have a best friend or two, why didn't she go to that person for help? If that person really was a "best freind", he or she could've almost certainly done something to help without this woman going to such extreme measures. Otherwise, this person was nobodys best friend. Kinda blows a big hole in that argument.

Example 2: Why do we pretend to care so much about people only in situations like this? Again, I think all of you are full of schidt. In a society that sues other people for our own stupidity, thoughtlessly puts door dings in that other persons brand new BMW, backstabs co-workers to avoid blame, or to get a promotion, cheats on lovers and spouses, and so on and so on and so on, do we REALLY care about other people?

Example 3:It's kind of like the person that survives a plane crash. But ended up with a punctured lung, 5 broken ribs, one arm and both feet were amputated, you are blind in one eye, and sustained 3rd degree burns over 40% of your body. And that person says "Damn, I'm glad to be alive".

I look at them and say "WHY???????" What kind of life are you going to lead that is worth living?

Example 4: And lastly, all of you coming to this womans defense, what ever happened to taking control of your life? Why should we have to come to everyones rescue? What was preventing her from going to someone-anyone-and asking for help?

Example 5: Let's see you guys sitting in that traffic jam for three hours and be that late to wherever you are going and talk about how "caring" and "compassionate" you are. Have any of you ever actually BEEN in a situation like that?

Example 6: And heaven forbid that your mother, father, grandparent, or whoever doesn't develop some kind of medical emergency and they die en route to the hospital because you, or the ambulance was marooned in this kind of log jam for three hours.

How would you feel if that happened? What if your fathr was having a heart attack and could've been saved had he gotten to the hospital in a short amount of time but died because some attention seeking bitch tied you up? Would you still feel sorry for her (a total stranger I might add) in light of the fact that her attention seeking selfish person was a direct contributing factor to the fact that a loved one of yours died AND COULD'VE BEEN SAVED?

6A: What if you were on your way to a job interview?

6B: What if you had an important business meeting to attend or a sales call?

6C: What if your tardiness loses you a million dollar account and you get canned?

6D: Would you still feel sorry for a TOTAL STRANGER?

Example 7: What gives her the right to hold an entire city hostage because of her own problems?

Example 8: So what you're saying is that the personal problems of one distraught woman trump the rights of fifty thousand people minding their own business?

Example 9: If someone choses to drive a car without auto insurance, and ends up totalling their car out (regardless of who's fault it was). And that starts a chain reaction of events. Since that person chose not to carry auto insurance, there will be no one to reimburse them for the loss of their vehicle. So suddenly that person cannot get to work, buy groceries, and subsequently loses their job, cannot afford to pay their bills, and ends up nearly destitute because the house is being foreclosed (or they have been evicted from the apartment).

9A: Even if the person totalled their car out, but opted to get insurance, they would've never ended up in that predicament in the first place.

9B: Should I feel sorry for that person, even though the circumstances that they are in are a result of their own negligence and irresponsibility?

9C: Or should we just sweep it under the rug, and "hand" them a car, job, money, whatever to "get them back on their feet?"

Example 10: I learned how to be practical and realistic from my parents. Not to look for scapegoats and excuses. They taught me to be proactive, not reactive. They believe in fixing problems before they become problems, rather than trying to figure out how to fix them after the fact.

Example 11: I don't think that these people were in the least bit out of line telling her. Why would they be? She says she's going to jump. She was on the edge of the bridge poised to jump. Ultimately, she jumped. So wouldn't it be somewhat logical to surmise that she, in fact, wanted to jump, heckling from bystanders notwithstanding?

Example 12: If I go into McDonalds and ask for a Big Mac, does that mean I really want a Filet-O-Fish?

12A: If I tell a car salesman that I want a red car, do I really mean white?

12B: If I tell a dentist that I want my wisdom teeth pulled, that that mean I really still want them in my mouth?

12C: I I call United Airlines to make a flight reservation, do I really want Delta?

12D: If I tell the surgeon to amputate my gangrene, frostbite infested toe, does that mean I still want to keep it?

Example 13: Does a person have a right to upset or mad at the cop that issues them a $500 ticket for driving 95 MPH in a 25 zone? That person knew what they were getting into and the associated risk they were taking. Why should he or she even be surprised?

Example 14: If a person attempts to rob a convenience store, and gets shot and paralyzed by the owner, what gives that person the right to sue, or even begrudge said store owner? Are you saying that the store owner has no right to defend himself or his store-because the robber might have a 'noble' motive for the robbery-such as feeding his family? Even in those circumstances, does that make robbery justifiable?

Example 15: It all boils down to taking repsonsibility for yourself and your actions. I'm tired of the crutches and the excuses. NO amount of mental, physical, financial, or childhood abuse gives ANYONE the right to deal with those issues at the expense of hundreds, thousands, or millions of other people.

There you go. There's my argument. I think more than ample examples to back up my claims.

Now for all you bleeding hearts:

WHERE is YOUR argument?

Can you even present one, and NOT use any of the following words or phrases?: cold, mean, cold blooded, hard hearted, idiot, cold fish, mean spirited, heartless, cruel, dunce, moron, asshole, nincompoop, prick, dick, delusional, self centered, egotisical, narcissistic, dork, intolerant, ruthless, murderer, assasin.

Did I miss any?

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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Wed Nov 21, 2001 8:01 am

I've tried to cut my wrists open three (3) times in my life. I've wanted so much. Why am I still here? Because I couldn't do it. I tried, but I was weak. Too weak to do it. Besides, last time, I promised one girl I wouldn't do it. So I will never try it again.

It's easy to try to do it, but it takes guts to really do it.

1740 days idle. Beat that.
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RE: Committing Suicide/suicide Attempts?

Wed Nov 21, 2001 1:48 pm

I HATE suicide with a passion. I've lost a few friends to suicide. I actually got a phone call a few hours ago about a 15 year-old girl who went to the summer camp that I work at who ended her life this morning because she felt she had so much crap that she just couldn't face it.
A very delicate subject that I think we need to treat with respect and dignity. Sure, some may say it's selfishness to just end your life; but imagine what kind of state people must be in to have to think that their life is so bad that the only way they can escape the misery is by ending their life. I know that this is probably what Anne (the young woman who died this morning) was thinking.
You never know what each day may bring so you need to live for today and keep on smiling with The Lord.


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