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Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 1:59 am

What is the most dumb and brainless thing a customer has asked you? My favorite classic would be someone coming up to me where I work at, and of course I'll be all in uniform, and lots of times they'll occasionally ask "do you work here?" Well, I am wearing a uniform, aren't I?????? DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Big grin

What's your favorites?
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 5:21 am

"can I get a hamburger without the meat?"

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 5:40 am

Since I work for a school, I sometimes have to deal with phone calls from our students about technical support-type computer issues in their attempt to access their courses on-line. Once in a while I'll get calls that are just plain outrageous such as:

"How do I turn my computer on?"
"Do I have to remember my password?"
"What's a mouse? Oh I thought that was the clicker!"
"When you say memory, do you mean my memory or the computer's?"

Get's kinda frustrating at times. So when I send them emails I usually attach this along with the help.

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 5:44 am

I used to rent tubes at a whitewater rafting place in the mountains of NC...once someone asked "What time do you turn off the creek?" ...and another..."Are their any alligators in the river??" ...I mean really in a mountain stream!!
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 6:04 am

I am librarian.

"Can you write a bibliography for me?" (no, I did not misinterpret this question. She repeated it twice.)

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 6:28 am

I am librarian.

LOL, is that a nationality???  Big thumbs up

I normally get asked things like 'whats the difference between 'red hyscenethesium' and blue hyscenethesium' or something like that, I don't have a frickin clue what the damn plant is, but the answer is 'one is red and one is blue'..

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 8:11 am

I had a lady ask me one time, while boarding my flight from COS-DEN. "Is there a meal served on this flight?" I said ma'am this is only an 18 minute flight. She said, so is there a meal? I replied no there isn't.

had a guy ask me if the flight from SFO-HNL was a non-stop, I said sir there is nothing between SFO-HNL but water, I laughed and he stormed off.

last, I had a guy ask if his flight from COS-DEN was a non-stop. I looked at him for a minute and said where did you want to stop? He said listen smart ass, I take this flight every week and I don't need to listen to your crap. With a smile I said, looks like you answered your own question.

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 8:21 am

I would be walking through the terminal going to get some food and a passenger will SE e me in my uniform and ask where can they have a cigarette. At ORD there is a public address every 5 minutes saying that smoking is prohibited in the airport and you can only smoke outside, by the drop off point. When I tell them they have to go back outside they get mad and storm off. Stupid people who don't want to listen.

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 8:58 am

"can I get a hamburger without the meat?"


Actually, one of my friends is a non-beef-eating Hindi and when we'd go to a burger place he would always order a sandwich (by its name) and happily pay the fulll price but would request that the meat be left off.

As for me, I drive a bus route on weekday afternoons that is a special shuttle service that circulates downtown. The buses put on this route are painted in a special bright red and blue colorscheme and look nothing like all of the other mostly white buses. And of course the electronic destination signs and paper window sign say that the bus is running the route is it. At this one particular stop I get idiots all of the time asking me if I am driving whichever route they need. Can these people read?

And then they ask if I know where their bus is or when it will get there? What am I, psycic? Do I look like I have an advanced vehicle location system at my fingertips? (There's a schedule posted at the stop in question). Another sad thing is that most our riders are regulars who ride the same routes everyday. I'm like, "Was I driving your route yesterday?" or "Has this bright red and blue bus ever been the bus you've taken before?"

People are idiots.

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 9:04 am

While working the customer service desk for a supermarket, there were three signs above the desks: one marked "service", one marked "Check Cashing", and another marked "Lotto". A woman asked me "Is this the line for check cashing?" while standing in the "lotto" line. I pointed to the sign and said "No, the line marked 'check cashing' if for check cashing." She complained to the manager about that one.

Another stupid customer asked me "are these 2/$1.00?" while pointing at a sign that said "2/$1.00"

RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 11:37 am

I worked in a supermarket once, where some guy tried to make a purchase with a credit card. The register wouldn't accept it. The customer couldn't understand why.

Was it maxed out? No, he didn't think so. Had he made payments recently? Yes, he had.

In an effort to be helpful, he then asked,"I lost it a few days ago and reported it as lost or stolen. Could that be causing it?"

At the same place, one of my co-workers was asked, "What part of Canada is Denmark in?"

At my current workplace, co-workers are also known as 'internal customers'. I once overheard one 'internal customer' asking another: "Maybe [I] wouldn't mind coming in this weekend?" (I have done it and will do it in a pressing situation, but to casually assume I might not mind...)

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 1:16 pm

"Is 19A a window seat?"

"...currently boarding rows 25 thru 45..."
"I'm in row 32, does that mean I can board?"

Making repeated announcements to "have out and available your boarding passes and passports" and getting the following responses:

"Oh, you need to see my passport?" (!)
"Well, they looked at it when I checked in!" (no [email protected]#t)

Argh, pet peeves of mine...
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 3:47 pm

The lobby of my store closes at 10PM. There are 3 signs that say this. I just love it when people have to check EVERY door to make sure they are all locked, then pound on the door and ask if we are closed! HELLO!! Do you think we lock the doors for our own amusement?
One time I pointed to the sign that says the lobby closes at 10. He looked at me as if to say 'So, can I come in?'
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 4:30 pm

While working at the Big Blue Box (electronics store in the States that shall rename nameless) as a PC upgrade tech-

"PC Tech"

"ummm, hi, I um, just bought a computer there, and, well, I'm uh, having trouble with it..."

"OK m'am, what seems to be the trouble?"

"well, I don't know much about these computer thingies...."

oh, god, here we go... I've got 4 machines on the bench that were due out yesterday, 8 more that my idiot coworker promised done by the end of the weekend before he left on friday evening, a dozen mouth breathing brain doners waiting in line to drop off their screw-ups with me to fix, and now I've got to deal with THIS.
"OK, what's wrong with the computer, I can't fix it if you won't tell me."

"umm, well, I can't seem to get into the windows..."

(this is in the age if preinstalled windows 95, I personally powered up this machine not 45 minutes ago, I know DAMN WELL SURE it works.)

snip 20 minutes of hair pulling trouble shooting...

"Miss, just out of curiosity, what's on your screen?"

"well, I've got a post-it note, some beenie babies, a picture..."

"no- what is DISPLAYED on the picture tube?"

"DON'T USE ALL THESE TECHNICAL TERMS WITH ME! What is a damned picture tube?"

"ok, that TV looking thing on your desktop, WHAT IS ON THE SCREEN?"

"some sort of computer gibberish!! If I knew what it was I wouldn't be calling you now, WOULD I? ARE YOU GOING TO HELP ME OR JUST MAKE ME FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT?!"

"OK, miss? Is there a gray bar at the bottem of the screen, with the word "Start" in the lower left hand corner?"


"Miss, you ARE in Windows."

"Oh. What do I do now?"

I will admit. This one had me stumped. What do you tell someone to do with a new computer that our sales guy just convinced her she HAD to buy

"well, what do you WANT to do?"

"I don't know! You're the tech! Tell me!"

At this point, it was time to escalate the call. This, as they would say in the military, was above my pay grade.

"Miss, if you don't know what you bought the computer for and need ideas, I suggest you go to the local bookstore. Find the computer section. There will be a number of books there to help you, I don't have the time right now to do this, but from this conversation, I think that anything in the "... for Dummies" series or "Idiot's guide to..." will work fine. Look for the bright yellow covers, goodbye. "

This was typical of the kinds of calls I would have to answer. Either that or it would be the idiot that tried to do an install him or herself against my advice not one hour prior, and managed to screw it up. Then would try and enlist my help over the phone to fix it, and act outraged when I told him that he'd have to bring it in to be fixed. Granted, that's how I learned a LOT of what I knew about PC work, but I never had the gall to call the person that offered to do it for me for a price to tell me how to fix it.

This was why that phone hardly ever spen any time on the hook, we'd come in in the morning and the first thing we'd do would be to take the phone off the hook. Management realized that we didn't pick up our phone when it rang, we just ignored it, unless it was our private line, so they would page us mecrillessly over the PA- "PC tech, you have calls on 03, 04, 06, 08 and 09..." so we started to just leave the phone off the hook; made it look like we were actually using it.

Once they caught on to THAT little trick, we'd answer the call, and respond "PC Tech, hold please." Then set the reciever right next to our test bench speaker (which usually had Metallica, Aerosmith, GnR, or Charlie Daniels Band playing loudly). They'd usually hang up after about 10 minutes.

We did this not because we didn't like working; we did it because it DISTRACTED us from doing our real job, fixing computers that we were getting PAID to fix. That was also why management tolerated this practice from us as well.

- Mike, thankfully no longer in the trenches of tech support.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 4:38 pm

Things I have witnessed.

In class when the teacher says something like "Open your textbooks to page xxx," Or on the board it says to open your books to page xxx. I get people who ask "what page is it?"
When there are instructions and notes written on the board, some students boys or girls ask "Do I write this? How do you do this?"
Pathetic. The saddest case I have seen relating to opening textbooks to a certain page was back last year in grade 11 when not one but 6 people REPEATIDLY asked what page to open their textbooks. I just laughed and turned my cheek the other direction.

A friend of mine told me this: at a movie theater, some chick comes up to her and asks if the theatre sells popcorn and the popcorn machine is right infront of this dumb chimp.. Laughable. Sometimes people are just plain absurd.

Is a 747 an airplane? is an Airport like a seaport? How does an Escalator work? Can I put my condom on backwards? oh the possibilities are endless. Mostly Aviation related ignorance is what I notice most from people and I understand in that case because aviation for them are not in their blood like us.

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 11:35 pm

Wasn't exactly a customer of mine, but during a week I was assigned to the radiology department, there was a woman getting a CT scan to check on her lung cancer which was growing and spreading. After the scan she asked the tech I was with if she go out on the patio for a smoke while we reviewed the results. I mean come on, those were things that gave her only about 6 more months to live from what we saw on the images
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 11:37 pm

I have been asked if we accepted American currency.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Mon Oct 14, 2002 11:48 pm

I am librarian.

LOL, is that a nationality???

Why of course it is... The small country of Libraria is located just south of France. I hope you know the Dewey Decimal System, cause thats the only way they give directions there, and for some reason they always whisper. Very quiet people.

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Tue Oct 15, 2002 12:02 am

Client asked if we could get the death penalty for his wife in a divorce (wasn't too clear between civil and criminal law, I'd say....).

We thought his legal requirements would be better served elsewhere...
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Tue Oct 15, 2002 12:51 am

"Is the domestic from anywhere?" (WTF?)
"How do I eat this?" (Put it in your mouth and chew)
"Are you open?" (Are you in here?)
"Is it cheaper down the street?" (I don't work down the street)
"Can I buy this?" (Do you have any money?)
"Can I get this with food stamps?" (Is it food?)
"What's the kind my husband got last time?" (the kind that made your ass 3 feet wide)
"What's this made of?" (Ingredients listed on the package)
"What time do you close?" (Open 24 hours signs throughout the store)
"Is the low-salt also low in sodium?" (salt is sodium)
"Is the beef rare?" (it's raw, and there are cows all over the place)
"This is 2 for $5 but I only want much is that?" ($2.50 you waste of my educational tax dollars)

The list goes on and on...this was just in the last week. Is it any wonder I couldn't care less about humanity in general?
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Tue Oct 15, 2002 3:48 am


I'm sorry but you have the wrong Libraria. We are South Libraria and we speak Library of Congress, not DDC. So shush!  Smile/happy/getting dizzy  Big grin

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Tue Oct 15, 2002 5:32 am

Having served my time in the retail business, I've heard it all. I've been asked by customers in a store if I worked there so many times I got sick of it. I always wanted to say, "No, I don't work here, I just like to dress up in work here for free!" Actually the one time I actually told off a customer, it ended up costing me my job, all because my district manager found out before my manager did. A woman had ordered a fruit tray, and of course it hadn't been done yet (it's amazing how little work gets done on days in which the dept. managers are off). I made it up for her, priced it, and gave it to her. She came back and said, "You overcharged me for this! When I ordered it, they told me it would be such and such price (incidentally a price nowhere near the price for our cheapest fruit tray)." I told her, "Ma'am, these trays are priced by the pound, and whatever price you were quoted was wrong." Well she raised hell, and made me take stuff out of the tray in order to lower the price, but to no avail. "I said to her, "I can't get the price down any lower." She starts to argue with me, "I was told this price, and I want it for this price!" "Ma'am," I told her, "Our trays are by the pound, and I cannot give it to you at that price." After about two minutes of this same argument, I got tired of her, and said to her, "If it will make you happy, I'll give it to you for that price!!" This was after she called me several obscene names and threathened to send her husband back there to kick my ass. Two days later, I come back into work after an off day, and I told I am being fired for cussing this lady out, when in fact, it was the other way around. I even had a fellow dept. employee backing me up, but since the customer reported it to our DM instead of my store manager, it was out of his hands. In the airline industry, I always seemed to get so go ones as well. I would be going to grab dinner, and a passenger would ask me, "Which gate is the flight to XYZ (any city the airline I worked for didn't fly to) going out of?" One day I was upstairs getting my baggage info for our next inbound flight, and was being besieged by customers that were coming in off a delayed flight and were supposed to be on the flight that was about to leave one of my gates. These passengers wouldn't listen at all; I explained to them, "I am not a gate agent, the gate agents were told by Flight Operations not to hold for any more passengers, when the agent comes back from the jetway, she'll handle this for you." These passengers were about ready to do me in when the gate agent returned from sending the flight out, I fled the scene ASAFP!
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Tue Oct 15, 2002 10:12 am

Working for a Large ski resort in Colorado I get plenty of stupid questions from the Tourist. Heres a few from this summer selling scenic Gondola ride tickets.

-Is there a shuttle to the tram?
-At what elevation do the deer turn to elk?
-Where do you put the Moguls in the summer time?
-How much does the elevator cost?
-Do I have to buy another ticket on top to come back down?
We give out little zip ties so people can attach the ticket they purchase to an article of clothing. We have people comming up to the line with no ticket and the zip tie tied around there wrist. When asked where their ticket is they respond with "oh I threw it away cause I got this wristband instead." Others ask what the zip tie is for. Some believe it is a complimentary cocktail stirer!!

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Tue Oct 15, 2002 10:29 am

Most of our imports come from abroad.
The question we need to ask ourselves: Is our children learning?
Fool me once, shame on Fool me twice, shame on...on...won't get fooled again.

There are so many more howlers my own brain has seized up. Dan Quayle had NOTHING on this guy.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Tue Oct 15, 2002 11:15 am

I work at Sea World.....I get all sorts of winners.

"Are the times on the map right"?
"What kind of animals are in the Sea Lion and Otter Show"? (best one ever)
"What kind of tree is this"?
"Excuse me, do you work here?" "No, I just have bad fashion sense".

Where I work is in the front of the is the senario....

"Where is the parking lot". I said "Excuse me?". "Where is the parking lot at?" Me "Uhh........right over there were all the CARS are?!"

I just stood there in awe for a second, and a lady over heard me and busted out laughing and said that was the best thing she ever heard. I started to laugh aftewards, but people amaze me sometimes.

I could name 1000 other things if I weren't so tired.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Tue Oct 15, 2002 3:01 pm

This is 2 for $5 but I only want much is that?" ($2.50 you waste of my educational tax dollars)

Often, something that is 2 for 5 dollars is meant to be a bargain... that means that if you only buy one it does not cost half, it cost more. Working in a store you should know that.

I was once working for NYC at an Employee address chanhge place. THe woman had sent in a form with 32 one cent staps on it (standard custom is one 32 cent stamp). In it was a form that was not signed. We sent it back. Many people did not understand why they had to sign... or neglected to. They'd call in... "can't you do in over the phone"???? "You need to sign. Can I sign over the phone???"... No.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Wed Oct 16, 2002 4:11 am

"Does the CVS Extracare Card do anything?"

Nope...we do it for kicks.  Yeah sure
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Wed Oct 16, 2002 4:32 am

I worked for the Long Island Railroad at one point:

--"What time does the 12:39 train leave?"
(asked at least once a week)

--"I missed the 12:39 train. Can I take the next train and catch up with it?"

--"can I get a ticket to long island?" (this is the LONG ISLAND RAILROAD, with over 100 stations) "I say, to where on long Island"

I get yelled at, "LONG ISLAND! I WANT A TICKET TO LONG ISLAND YOU DEAF F*^K!" I gave him a ticket to Montauk (last station on the line  Smile/happy/getting dizzy )

today, my patient's are as interesting:
said in all seriousness at least twice: "Can I leave my eye behind and pick it up later?"
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Wed Oct 16, 2002 5:03 am

I work at a car wash on the weekends, and I really have to hold it in, otherwise I'd go off on almost every other customer.

-"Is the car done?" This one happens ALL THE TIME. When we are finished with a car, either my partner or myself raise our hand to let the customer know their car was ready. There will be people that are staring at us, then a minute or so later after fierce waving. What I want to say, "No, you dumbass, we're taking a break and we were just stretching"

-"How much should I tip?" You mean to tell me that you've NEVER been in a situation, like in a sit-down restaurant, where you had to give a tip? Do really expect me to say "Just a buck" or "No tip necessary"? You SHOULD tip $100 or more just because you're an idiot. But, I just say "Whatever you feel is appropriate" to lay the choice back on them.

-Heard (thankfully) only once, "Where is a self service car wash around here?" Jesus, you have some nerve coming to a full service car wash and asking us where the competition is. Do you go to a McDonalds and ask where the nearest Burger King is? I just told that lady to go around to the back and the greeter will let you know.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Wed Oct 16, 2002 5:05 am

Maybe he was meant Long Island City? Still, very nice sending him all the way to Montauk, I probably would have sent him to Greenport myself, think it would be a bit tougher to get back from there since the trains probably run less frequently.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Wed Oct 16, 2002 6:55 am

My brother in law is a supervisor with the Washington State Highway Deptarment. He had a call from a guy complaining about a "Deer Crossing" sign that was on the road in front of his house. Seems the deer kept getting hit out there and he wanted them to move the sign so they would cross somewhere else.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Wed Oct 16, 2002 7:45 am

Ahh...the LIRR...  Smile
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Thu Oct 17, 2002 12:37 am

My all time favorite was when I was delivering pizzas. I walked up to the door, rang the doorbell and the lady answered.

Me: Your total comes to $--.--.
Lady: Did you put anchovies on it?
Me: Im showing its only pepperoni.
Lady: Yeah thats what I ordered, I just wanted to make sure.

What the hell. Come on now, do you think we are just going to randomly throw some anchovies on your pepperoni pizza, or on Tuesdays some banana peppers.

The customers I loved the most are the ones who complain when we deliver the pizza quicker then 45 minutes to an hour. We always say 45mins to an hour even if its slow. I have had people say "I thought you said it was going to be 45 minutes to an hour?" I was so tempted to say "I could go make my other deliveries then come back."

Like my friend who used to work for AMEX, she revised to AMEX slogan "Never leave home without it" to "Some people should never leave home".

RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Thu Oct 17, 2002 1:07 am

Ooh, I forgot one...(from my days working at Disney World).......guest: "I'm at Universal Studios, right?" response,trying to keep from breaking out laughing at them: "No, you are at Disney-MGM Studios".....I actually heard ones like that rather often!!!!!!

Great responses guys, keep them coming! Big grin
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Thu Oct 17, 2002 2:08 am

When I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, some woman came up to me and said, "These jeans are dirty! What did you guys do with the package, drop them in the mud?"--of course at AF we have a line of jeans that come pre-dirtied, and have a brownish tint to them. Another woman came to return some jeans and her problem was that they have holes in them, something else that our jeans come with.
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Thu Oct 17, 2002 3:17 am

VirginLover you said it....the LIRR!

My personal favorite was the couple having sex on the train a few weeks ago. I'd like to see that on the 7:25 out of Stewart Manor!

I night at the airport...

Woman (wearing her inflatable neck pillow!)....'Where is the airplane that is supposed to be taking us to Glasgow?'

Me (trying desperately not to laugh at the neck pillow)...'It's on it's way down from BOS and will be here shortly'

Woman...'Well then how long will we be delayed?'

Me...'We should be right on time but maybe a minute or two late but no more.'

Woman...'You mean the airplane is going right back out?'


Woman...'But doesn't it need time to rest?'

Second favorite story...during a snowstorm I had just come up from the ramp and was covered in snow. A woman stopped me to ask what time her flight was leaving and I answered that I didn't know because the weather was so bad.

She insisted that it wasn't snowing even as I was brushing enough snow off of my coat to make a snowman!

I love passengers!!!!!!


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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Thu Oct 17, 2002 4:43 am

Here at the airport in Dayton we have flat screen tv's that display flight information for the passengers. ARRIVAL info is on the top side of the screen and DEPARTURE info is on the bottom of the screen. So we(C8) have an inbound at 4:45PM and a departure at 5:10PM. People will walk up and ask if they can take the 4:45PM flight out! This happens at least once a day.

Chris  Smile
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Fri Oct 18, 2002 10:14 am

I work in a retirement complex in dining services on the weekends for extra bucks and we just had our dining hall renovated 6 months ago.

Anyways, the first couple of weeks the residents were asking how to get out of the dining room dining facility. I said "right that way mam..."

Now its been like half a year and I still have residents coming up every weekend asking how to get out of the dining hall when there is only one exit! These people are SLOW!

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Fri Oct 18, 2002 10:31 am

Not customers but.......

I met a mate in a Cinima and he asked 'What you doing in here?'
My nan thinks Micrsoft Windows are a double glazing company
When working in an off-licence a man use to come in and buy cigarettes, he would only buy the ones with the slogans 'smoking when pregnant harms your baby'. He believed that that packet only applies to women therefore they are safe.
When being pulled over by the Police the officer asked 'are you the driver of this vehicle'

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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Fri Oct 18, 2002 5:10 pm

"What currency do y'all take up here?" At a Starbucks in Vancouver.
"Trying is the first step towards failure" -Homer Simpson
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RE: Dumbest Things Customers Has Asked You

Fri Oct 18, 2002 5:31 pm

These are not to me personnaly, but they are quotes from TRAVEL AGENTS to our call centre reservations staff:

Travel Agent: "Can you give me a price for a ticket going LHR-JFK-LAX Surface HNL-SFO-LHR"?
Call Centre: "OK, how are they going to get from LAX to HNL?"
TA: "Drive"
CC: "Drive?"
TA: "Yes, across the blue country!"

The other one, after being given a price for LHR-LAX-LHR on Air New Zealand:
"Does that go via Auckland?"

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