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RE: I Have A Placenta In My Bait Freezer

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 8:50 pm
by cytz_pilot

Quoting Luv2fly (Reply 49):
I'm not sure I would ever admit that to anyone.

90% of our acquaintances think we're freaks already.  dopey 

RE: I Have A Placenta In My Bait Freezer

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 9:05 pm
by jafa39

Quoting JAGflyer (Reply 45):
Three things make me question your sanity...

1) You actually took the thing home. Why?

Because Pixie and The Boy wanted to plant it under a tree......

Quoting JAGflyer (Reply 45):
2) You "found" it in the trunk. Usually you would be aware of these things? Most people don't usually leave something like this in the car for later use.

Birth was in the hospital and we then took Pixie to a "Birthing Centre" for 4 days of relaxation and advice, The Boy put it in the boot and we left him at the centre with Pixie....later that day, I opened the boot to put the lawnmower in there and eeeeuuuuuwwww, guess what I found!!!

Quoting JAGflyer (Reply 45):
3) You put in the freezer for later usage?

Well, they might get upset if I binned it (would that make me Jafa Bin Placenta???) so working on the assumption they don't keep too well at room temperature.......  Wink

Quoting JAGflyer (Reply 45):
Why the hell would you take this thing home and put it in your freezer?

See above

Quoting JAGflyer (Reply 45):
Do you have any other human parts in there too? Maybe fingers, hands, heads? arms?

Not sure, lots of squid and mullet etc but no human parts....yet  Smile

Quoting AndesSMF (Reply 47):
I thought the hormones were still too young. How did you get to be a grandpa 3X over at such young age?

I have 2 step kids.....they have 3 between them....OMG!!!! I am a Grandpa for the 4th time!!!!!

Quoting AndesSMF (Reply 47):
Do you have any grandkids that love to go fishing, yet?

Will have soon, they just gotta grow a little first  Wink

Quoting AndesSMF (Reply 47):
(All Hail the Council in its wisdom!!)

The Grand Council is Mighty and bestows its blessings upon you my son  Smile