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Re: Muslim Cleric Killed in Queens

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:45 pm
by pvjin
In a group of 10 minorities, 4 will be involved with violent gun crime. In a group of 100 whites, 35 will be involved with violent gun crime.

"Minorities" aren't homogeneous group. What about a group of 10 blacks versus a group of 10 whites? Based on my understanding the difference should be much, much larger as African Americans in the US have much lower average socioeconomic status than some other minorities, like people of Asiatic origin. Low socioeconomic status strongly correlates with more crime everywhere in the world.

And, yes, it was Whites who decided that Blacks should be treated as property. And some still do. *cough*Trump supporters*cough*

Not just whites but Arabs too, they controlled the slave trade of Black Africans nearly thousand years before European colonialists.

Though I should add that my white Finnish ancestors never played any part in the slave trade, so if you want to raise some kind of collective guilt please put it on western Europeans and Americans only, thanks!

In any case I'm very glad that in my country we aren't as obsessed with race as you Americans are. We recognize that what truly matters is culture (and to lesser degree ethnicity which is typically linked to culture), not people's genetics. #Blacklivesmatter and other SJW activists that are overly obsessed with race are the ones keeping racism alive nowadays, not KKK or whatever insignificant minority hate group.